5 Differences between Siberian Husky and Malamute

Siberian husky and malamute share a lot of characteristics in common. They are both spitz breeds, a type of cold weather dogs bred to work hard, and both of them are smart. Both of these dogs are not only similar in appearance and most definitely could be seen as brothers. Besides, they are also very […]

4 Things That Only Siberian Husky Own

Husky, a wolf-like dog originated from the North. This kind of breed is known for their energy and strength. It is hard not to be captivated with their beauty. Blue or brown eyes come in wolf-shaped dogs. They are very beautiful. Huskies are the breed that can endure to pull sleds for long distance and […]

9 Important Signs Before a Siberian Husky Gives Birth

If you have a pregnant Siberian husky, you must be want to take care of them the best way you can from the moment you know that there are puppies inside her belly. You want to help you pregnant husky by giving them your best support, especially during the labor. Siberian husky’s pregnancy usually last […]

12 Best Advice to Prepare When a New Owner Decide to Pet a Siberian Husky

Siberian husky have unique traits and characteristics that make them different from other breeds. Siberian husky are one of the most popular dog to pet, people just fall in love with their thick fur, gorgeous figures, beautiful eyes and their friendly and loyal personality. Many new owners want to adopt a Siberian husky as their […]

5 Tips to Exercising your Siberian Husky During Summer (To keep Cool)

Siberian husky are known as ‘winter’ dog, their excessive coat make them the perfect breed for the winter. Exercising are part of ‘must do’ for huskies, they are born with a lot of energy and burning them is going to make Husky healthy and happy. Since husky loves the cold weather and exercising is their […]

How to Take Care of Siberian Husky in Such a Hot Weather

Many is wondering if  it’s okay to own a Siberian husky in such a hot weather. Siberian husky are known for a cold climate breed due their thick fur as their coats, but Siberian husky could do just fine in warmer climate, they are born to withstand extreme climate, they could survive in either hot […]