How to Take Care of Zebra Finch Bird at Home

Zebra finch bird, you may not familiar with finch type. In the fact, this finch type is one of many kind finches which being pet at home. So why people take zebra finch as pet at home and how to take care of it? Let’s check it below.

Before we talk about how to take care of zebra finch bird at home deeply, it is not a problem to put you get closer with this bird. This type is also one all the most hunted finch for birdsong lovers besides Gold and Trucuk finches. Besides their voice, their beautiful feathers is one thing to be considerate why people looking this bird. Their body is dominated with grey-green color with orange touch in their eyes area. Their below body is covered with white and brown leathers with white dots accent over it. Their beak is orange with black strap in the end side. It also has black eyes. And the last is the reason why this finch called as zebra finch. On the tail side is dominated with black and white color which strapped randomly like zebra. Unlike other finch, this type claimed as perfect package with both beautiful leathers and voices. Their beautiful leathers are also support their original skill like good survivor, smart imitator, and easy-benign.

The Steps

Here will explaining to you how to take care of zebra finch bird at home:

  • Started with baby zebra finch

The treatment begins with the easiest way when you try to pet a zebra finch. Well some people assume that treat a pet since he was a baby is easier than treat him when he is adult. There is no wrong with these words, especially in finch bird. But keep it your mind that your decision should be suitable with your necessary. Let’s say you pet a finch cause their voice, so you need to pet him since he was young in order to avoid him with other master voice which will be imitated. But if you pet finch just for enjoying their leather (as we know that zebra finch as unique leathers), you don’t need take it since he was young.

Besides there is no leather in their body, the treatment is harder than you pet an adult. You absolutely need extra time and energy to help him rise. Actually, both of baby or adult finch there are some positive and negative thing you will got. The positive thing when you pet finch since they are baby is you are easier to getting used with him. Even the finch is easy-benign animal to make him getting used with you, it still need a time to do it. This thing you are not found when you pet him as an adult.

  • Leave them from wild finch bird

It is become important thing that you should know to pet zebra finch. It is not meaning to underestimate another type, but in the fact, the zebra finch include pricey-finch list bird cause their special. Let’s say their feathers and tweets are two reasons why people are want this bird. Because their pricey value, people are mostly treat them so special. They don’t want other wild bird ruining their zebra finch during imitation process.

As we know that finch is a good imitator. They will do it better if they can be focus in one model. Let’s imagine if there are many models that they heard. It will be ruined their ear right? So if you are pet zebra finch to enjoy their tweet, you better leave them from wild finch bird. This step can you started with pick a good point to place their cage. Beside to avoiding you finch from too noisy voices, this method can avoid them to escape from their cage. Sometimes they don’t just hear the voice but also learn how to escape by see their ‘colony finch’. It decreases opportunity for them to following their colony during their natural habitual life. And where should I place their cage?

The right point to place their cage to make them closer with you is in the side which often passed by you and your family. It purposes to trigger them to learn something new and also to make them aware that they are now as a pet animal inside home. It makes them to stay in the cage and decrease their want to not escape anymore.

  • Feed them well

Both original and zebra finch has same kind of food that they consume and it is fruit. Soft fruit like banana or papaya is their main food. They are also ate some insects like grasshopper, butterfly, caterpillar, and etc.

  • Change the water commonly

Water is important thing while you treat a bird, so does zebra finch. With using healthy and clean water, zebra finch can rise healthy so your finch will avoided from some diseases. Not only that, their tweet will be louder and more beautiful when he is strong and health. You better prepare new water every morning and evening.

  • Make them getting used to you

Treat them well with good food or nice cage is not enough to decrease their stress level. Even mostly finch is a good survivor it doesn’t mean they are free-stress. Move from one environment to new place it should be not easy for them. Therefore, you need to make them getting used with you to decrease their stress. You absolutely know that stress can kill the animals, isn’t it? Then why you don’t interaction to them commonly as possible? You don’t need to spend your time every long day with them. Just keep in touch in structure. The main thing in this point is how you can show your love so they can trust to you. So even you don’t interact every day, at least they know what you mean. It is enough to make them getting used to you.

Fun fact

  • Zebra finch able to identify smell

Many researchers said that birdsong can’t smell. This assumes develop as result in 1968 research that said that lobus olfactory inside bird’s brain is smaller than other birds. But the recent study which published in Biology Letters Journal said the opposite thing. Birdsong, especially zebra finch is still able to identify smell. E Tobias Krause, a biologist from Germany Bielefeld University do the research that said that even olfactory area in zebra finch is small they still can contribute to smell function. For got this result, Krause did an interesting research.

He cracks open the zebra finch’s egg an then put it in different places. When there are 20-23 days old, every finch infected to randomly some smells which takes by their birth-nests which has function to their grew place after they are crack out. “They turned out that choose the nest from their parental genetic”, said Krause which quoted from New York Times, Monday (9/1/2012). As Krause said, zebra finch may be uses their sense of smell to identify their family. The result is still limited in zebra finch but he guesses that other birdsong are also able to smell. His next research is proved that is their smell skill natural or learning from the environment?