4 Common but Deadly Diseases of Broiler Chickens


Have you wondered how people could eat chicken everyday?. Especially if you have a rooster then you might wonder, “This chicken takes a long time to grow, how they could provide us with fresh chicken meat everyday?.” Well everyday you could see friend chicken merchant refreshen their chicken stock, how’s that possible?. Well it’s because the “magic” of technology that able to help us to create a genetized chicken that able to grow quickly just in 3 month thus it would be easier for us to harvest it everyday hence this chicken called Broiler Chicken.

Broiler chicken is not like any other special breed chicken such as rooster or even black rooster. They just simply have white fur, a very big body, and they have a quick growth for just 3 month or even we witnessed that a broiler chicken could be ready to harvest just in 1 month!. Broiler Chicken was genetized in order to meet up human’s need of chicken meats. Big body of it could provide a very large meat. Also they are easy to take care of which is why it is quite common for you to find slaughterhouse or farmhouse of broiler chicken.

However as easy as it could be, broiler chicken still has a very great chance of being sick. Especially if you are new in this kind of farming thus making you does not know what you must do to be a great broiler farmer. Broiler chicken just like any other livestocks has a common disease that might wipe out your broiler chicken business in a flash then you realized you have bankrupted thus making you depressed and stressed hence traumatized like a dog. So this time, we would like to notify you common but deadly broiler chicken disease that you must aware of which are :

  • Avian Influenza

Avian Influenza is jus a flu but this flu is quite deadly as it suffers your broiler thus making them depressed then one day you will found out all of your broilers in your farm are dead, with no symptoms, with no clue, just died suddenly thus making sudden-death syndrom. Unfortunate for you, you can’t even harvest your dead broilers cause their meat would be deadly and Avian Influenza could infect humans from your broilers meat thus if you ever try to harvest them you will straightly go into jail. So we recommend you to toughen up and burn all of your dead chicken and even get rid of the lived one as it might already infected too. So deadly right?.

This deadly flu is caused by a virus called H5N1. This virus attacked your broiler’s respiratory system. Making them sneeze and coughing frequently. Their eyes and nose would be like a drunk person as it become watery and red. Not only that you will find out your broiler has become lethargic thus losing their appetite. Suddenly death will rain upon your farm.

This virus could simply infected your broilers through their saliva, feces, and even could from air. So that is why Avian Influenza could attacked the entire farm in a flash.

  • Marek’s Disease

This is a cancer of broilers. Well cancer could attack a broilers too. This cancer would make your chicken suffered of lameness and paralysis thus making them blind and labored in breathing. If you let this slip up, your chicken once again would feel stressed up as the blindness and labored breathing make them suffer. From the stress thus your broiler would face a certain death. This cancer was caused by an awful dirty cage and awful ventilation system.

  • Aspergillosis

If you have a damp farm for your broiler chicken then your farm would be a perfect place for fungus to grow. Thus attacking your business and wipe them all out for good. This fungus would commonly caused Aspergillosis or also called pneemonia.

Aspergillosis would make your broilers lost appetite but make them so desperately thirsty and sometimes they will begin gasping then having convulsion. After showing such symptoms your broilers would stressed out then will die in agony.

  • Rotten Gut

If you find that your broiler’s feces is in liquid from then your broiler might be suffered from diarrhea. This diarrhea was caused by bacterial infection who rots the digestive system of your broilers thus rotting it out. Hence making your broiler dehydrated and become lethargic.

Broilers might be got infected by rotten gut disease if their farm is awfully dirty and the owners didn’t care about the cage’s hygene condition.

What should Farmer Do to Prevent Disease?

Once again, prevention is better than treatment. Especially if you are a farmer of broilers. As if your farm got history of any diseases then it will make your farm repuation become questionable thus making your bargaining power decreased in the market. So it is better to prevent such risk then treat it right?. So please note this 2 simple steps that would make your farm become the healthiest farm in your whole village :

Farm Hygene

Cleaning your farm in routine would surely make your flock of broilers could able to avoid any disease. Cleaning your farm in routine surely takes a very hard work and patient but the result would be worth it. You could try cleaning your farm by :

  • Cleaning water and feeding system
    • You could clean your water and feeding system once per flock in order to avoid any biofilm or bacteria that may stuck in your feeding system or water system.
  • Dispose of litter frequently
    • If you have a farm then cleaning broiler’s litter box would need more effort than just having one usual chicken. You need to clean it once a day as chicken would dump almost every feeding time. Not only that you must dispose of the litter carefully for at least 3.2 kilometers from the farm in order to avoid any disease that might infect your broilers.
  • Vitamins
    • Vitamins could stronger your broiler’s immunity so they would have a great immune resistant towards any disease. Thus making your business will become safer than before.
    • Giving vitamins to your broilers is easy as cake. You just simply mix it into water system or feeding box. Then your broilers would just simply drink it or eat it without any hesitation.

Easy as cake does it?. You just need a passion and patient to keep your broilers healthy after all. In the end all of your efforts will save your business thus making your farm more profitable then before. At last, prevention is better than treatment.