Nesting Material for Doves: Make them Feel at Home

The first living memory of a bird was start in the nest. Weather they live in the wildlife or being captivated, everything is start from the nest. So, it is important for you as an owner of birds, truly think about the necessities of your pet animals. The more astonished fact of birds is that […]

How To Take Care of Iguana As Pet At Home

Put reptile being a pet is not a great choice for most people. So does iguana. Many people who still underestimate this pet to being as pet because they are feel there is no point special that can feel from iguana beside their scary skin. Iguana itself is a reptile animal. Their scientific name is […]

Life Span of Finches Between In The Wild and Keeping at Home

Old, who is really knew about that? That’s absolutely the secret of God. And you know it’s like dupe. Let me clear. Actually there are no people who clearly know about something old except he counts it since the something exist. For example someone has baby and count the old, he surely know how old […]

How to Take Care of Zebra Finch Bird at Home

Zebra finch bird, you may not familiar with finch type. In the fact, this finch type is one of many kind finches which being pet at home. So why people take zebra finch as pet at home and how to take care of it? Let’s check it below. Before we talk about how to take […]

How To Take Care A Stray Adult Rabbit At Home

Imagine this, one time you’re doing your routines outside and suddenly you find a stray rabbit with no house or food. Bet the first idea that flash in your mind is taking it to your home and take care of it. But then you might think to yourself, how you can take care a stray […]

How to Take Care of Your Pregnant Hamster at Home

If you already sure that your hamster is pregnant by seeing the symptoms or taking the hamster to the vet, then this is the right article for you. Because we will discuss about the next step you have to do after you confirm that your hamster is pregnant. In here we will be talking about […]