8 Ways to Get a Finch Used to Your Hands

You feel hesitate to pet a finch but didn’t know where to get it? You want to buy it but it is hard to find animal market? Or you feel it is hard to get a finch used to your hands? Well the easiest way to pet a bird is by catch it by yourself, but some people didn’t want to do it because yeah it is hard to do. Fortunately, if you want to pet a finch, this kind of bird is easy to find. It may hard to catch it, but their habit and easy find location (which is in city forest or home settlement) make it easier to get them. So now let’s move on 8 ways to get a finch used to your hands.

Basically we can use two methods to get a finch used by our hands. Firstly is using bare hand and secondly using trap that we make by our self. But by this chance, we will focus to how get a finch by bare hands. Here we go:

1. If you met a colony of finches, you better choose the baby one

Besides the treatment is relative still easy, you can built the relationship with them and you can be more effortless to make it getting used to you. Also, the baby finch is easy to be train than adult finch. Even baby flinch is not be able to fly high and hard to find, you can choose the medium one as alternative way to have easy level trained finch. It may harder to catch up cause they have a lot of energy by their age, but it guarantee for you who looking for care-easy treatment finch.

2. Just calm down

The bird understands you by your body language, so hysteria or panic movement will make them worried. Just move and talk calmly.

3. Catch their attention

If you them to look at you then catch their attention. You can call them as same as their voice. For example if their sound is ‘kuurr kuurr’ you have to imitate it. Said it with softly sound in order to avoid them from shocked.


4. Get closer with them and then catch them

It is more profitable for you if you can get them from behind. The behind position will make them unaware and also unaware with your coming. So you can catch them easily. Hold the finch softly to not hurt them. If the finch is still rebel, wrap it with towel or pillow cover. If the finch is already in your hands, you have to protect their head and foot without make them feel uncomfortable or closed their respiration. Towel can help you protect the finch without need to push it harder. Close their face also will decrease of stress level that can threat them. Therefore, make sure the towel can make the finch still breathing fine.

5. After you catch the finch, spray the water toward your finch

Water will make your finch become heavy and can’t make them fly. You may panic see your bird is panic and moving randomly and also break their peak. Don’t you panic at this situation because it is their natural responses when it faces this method. Catch the bird as you can to make them safe in your hand. You can ask to your family or friends who already get used to hold a bird. Also, you can use pillow cover to hold them. The most important thing is the water shouldn’t be too low. If the finch is not too wet, so the water just scared them. Ask your friend to move split up to monitoring the bird. And the night time usually as nice time to catch the finch cause they are too tired.

6. Make a beautiful interesting cage and place it in right point

To make your finch feel comfortable, try to make beautiful interesting cage for them. The cage should be near with gathering point in your home but also far from window. As mentioned before that finch bird is a good observer, so it is important for you to choose the right side to place their cage. Don’t place their cage in the terrace home. Why? When your finch see the wild bird, it may be makes them to imitate it. It will triggered them to escape and won’t to obey your said.

The right point to place their cage to make them closer with you is in the side which often passed with you and your family. This method can make your finch getting used with human and of course with you. Beside to make your finch is getting used to you the right place picking will help your finch learn some voice quickly. It is not effective enough to place your finch outside your home with noisy position.

7. Take care of them

Well this is mainly thing that you want to started pet some animals in your home. After you get a pet, impossible to let them just like that right? So we need to treat them well. Back to the natural-behavior of finch which is a good imitator, you must aware that good imitator also has good observation. Therefore, show your truly love and care will open up their mind that you are good person and make sure they are assume that you can using as friend.

You must tell them that you are not hurt them by showing your care and love to them. You can start it by feed and bath them well, and don’t forget to touch them commonly. Clean up their poop commonly in the morning and evening and change their water also can be your alternative way to get closer with them. And the most important, you still can take care and also get closer to them at the same time. It is more effective right?

8. Entertain them

Unlike other pet, to take a bird to play is absolutely different. You can’t take them to jogging with you in city forest, you can’t buy them toy to entertain them, and you can’t take them out just to dance with them. Nope. It is actually not. So how you can play with them? Well it is easy. You have to remember your purpose to pet a finch is as alternative way to have low-budget birdsong. So why you are not make them singing and heard their tweet? And, you are also remembered that the fact is they are good-imitator. Then, why you are not entertained them to with sound stimmulator? They will like it, right?

How we can do it? Firstly, Choose one role model bird voice then let your finch heard it. Secondly, put the role model beside your finch. During the time, your finch will able to imitate it and started to tweeting as same as what they are heard. If you don’t have other bird which uses as role model you can download it from internet and equalize it with your finch. You can play it under the cage.