How to tell that a finch bird is stressed out

Moving from our own natural life become new life environment is surely not an easy thing. We need adaptation and getting used with the situation. So does finch bird. Both come from wildlife and trade market if you put it in your house it means they have to re-adaptation with their new life. They have ability as good survivor to get along with new environment everywhere. Yes they are. But in the fact, not all of them can pass this thing. Not every finch bird can do the same. They have difference capacity and ability. Even their natural skill tell their superior, during the time they will feel something that against their self.

can do the same. They have difference capacity and ability. Even their natural skill tell their superior, during the time they will feel something that against their self.

The situation while your finch bird can’t adaptation well with their environment called stressed out. Basically not only adaptation failure that caused this stressed out. Other situation like weather and lust period for example, also can caused they are stress. There is something inside and outside factors that make it out. About stress caused will written below:

stressed finch bird

  • Your finch bird feels ruined by other animal exist

It can be your dog, cat, mice, and etc. So it is important to make a distance if you pet multiple animals in your home.

  • Sometimes their cage is also makes them feel uncomfortable

It is matter for you to choose right cage that makes them living comfortable inside cage. Don’t need too big one, but the point is enough and makes them comfort.

  • Perch changing is also makes them feel uncomfortable.

You better keep the same perch for them. Change their perch commonly is not right choice.

  • Pollution or smoke

Even some finch bird can’t smell as mammal, their habitat is in the air. When the air is bad, they also ruined.

  • Their cage is just painted so the paint smells ruining them

You better make the cage is free from paint smell before put them inside.

  • Your finch is too often hanged in street which passed by vehicle, factory, and garbage disposal location

Situation uncomfortable like that can also ruining your finch bird moreover they have panic natural behavior. It must be harmful for them.

  • Loud sound came from animal, fireworks, or machine tool also makes them panic and stress

Panic natural behavior will getting worse if they face these things. You better place it in calm place which not too noisy.

  • Food changing which not suitable with them

Sometime you have to change the food with some reason. But whatever their food, make sure that it is clear and safe for them.

  • Wrong technic while you hold your finch bird and makes them trauma

You better leave them in cage if you don’t know how to hold them. It will be so risky is you don’t know how to hold them but keep force it in your hands.

  • Drink water which contaminated bacteria

The cleaning thing must be really your attention. Change their water as common as you can.

  • Poisoned by expired food

You may change their food with any reason. Whatever the reason, please make sure it is clear and safe for them.

  • Your finch bird which rarely trained

Untrained finch bird makes them not getting used with you and it caused stress.

  • The cage is too small

You don’t need pricey or big cage for your finch bird. The point is enough and makes them comfortable.

  • Finch bird which leaving by their couple or leaving died

Well this is very harmful for them. If you find this symptom you better entertain them commonly to decrease their stress level.

  • Far journey

You better leave your finch bird if you planned to have long journey. But if you forced to take it with you, better placed it in the point where anywhere is wind blow.

  • Ignored by their owner

Don’t try to ignore them. If you don’t want to care them, then don’t pet an animal.

  • Too often to hanged with fighter bird type

If you have multiple birds in your home, you better sort them as their type. Don’t make them one between birdsong and fighters, that’s not effective and makes them stress.

  • Mastering too often using same sound of birdsong and the volume is louder than theirs

You need to wiser when you choose the master. Adjust between your finch ability and the master.

  • You too often to hold them

Too often hold them is not right too. Just leave them in cage will makes them rest.

  • You bath them rarely

Bath them besides as your effort to getting used, also help them to decrease their stress. So don’t be lazy anymore okay?

  • Sick

Your finch may sick and stress is their firstly symptom

  • Trauma caused by felt cage or wound

Trauma is mainly caused of stress. You better know the trauma trigger and put it away.

  • Flea attack

That’s why you have to make sure about their cleanliness because flea can attack them suddenly.

What happen when finch bird become stressed out? Actually it is not far with human, finch bird or mostly animal will hurt their self while stress coming. So what we have to do as pet owners to face this thing? Is it enough to minimalizing the trigger of stress? Is it enough to just take them to playing?

Firstly, know the symptom of stress out. Here is some information tells you that your finch bird is stressed out:

1. Pulling out their own feathers

Stressed finch bird as mentioned before will hurt their self. This is a mechanism defense as manifestation to protect their mind. If we can analogy, it same with error in your computer while there is system which can’t accept. It will be crash and some errors find out. Same with finch bird, their manifestation of error is not like error in your computer but by their behavior, one will appeared is pulling out their own feathers. This symptom not only caused by stressing, but also can cause by lust period. To solve this problem, know their old and their marriage period. You have to know when your finch is has to married or not.

2. Crash their self in cage

This symptom is the easiest behave that you can observe from your finch bird. This symptom usually appeared when you put your finch bird in your home at the first. But during the time if this behavior is not getting lost, it means that your finch is stressed out. Why this conclusion appeared? That’s because they can’t adaptation during the time since they move to your home. Even finch bird has naturally panic-behavior, crash them self to their cage is not panic caused by new environment anymore moreover if they did it commonly.

3. Low appetite

Some finch bird moreover didn’t eat all their food. Same as two behaviors before, it is as manifestation what is on their mind. Stressed out is commonly said as something that they can’t say or face.

4. Become wild

As defense mechanism that usually appeared while finch bird face with their trigger stress, they are usually act wild again. This applied both finch bird which already benign and not. For they who already benign they will change into wild again and they who didn’t benign usually wilder than before. That’s all caused stressed out.

5. Too silence

For kind of birdsong like finch, their sound is their mainly thing of them to looking by people. If you find them to silence while they are too noisy before, it surely they are stressed out. This extremely behavioral changing is an impact from stress itself.

6. Too noisy

Basically too noisy or too silence are two things that usually appeared as stress symptom. It depends on the finch itself. There are some finch birds which will too noisy and too silence when they stress. Some of them even scream very loudly hurts your ears.

7. Bite

If your finch is already benign before and you bite by them suddenly, it is strongly means that your finch is stressed out. It would be different story if you put them firstly and you got bite. That’s they are not getting used, not stressed out. Before assumed that your finch bird stressed or not, you better know the symptom well.

8. Blooming their feathers

Some finch bird will bloom their feathers even still want to eat and moving actively while they are stressed out.