How To Clean Tartar Off From Your Dog’s Teeth

Hello the dog’s lovers, last time we already know about the tips on how to properly clean your dog’s teeth. Now, we will give you another way how to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth? Well, some home remedies are very effective to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth. Otherwise, some medical treatment is used to clean tartar off too. It is for the worse tartar that difficult to clean. Okay, let’s check below here what is the right treatment for your dog.

1. Tartar is from bacteria

Where does a Tartar come from? It is like a human, the dog’s teeth are filled with bacteria. This can lead tartar formed. Time by time while you do not clean his teeth, the bacteria, saliva, and the waste of food together and it becomes tartar. How to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth? It is not only brushing his teeth. It must do some treatment that special to clean it. Sometimes if it becomes worse, you should need help the veterinarian. However, before it happens you can do some things that can avoid this tartar. Okay, let’s see the next point.

2. The danger of tartar

So, what will happen if tartar shows in your dog’s teeth? The first problem is the bad’s breath. Your dog will get this, and also his gum it will change to be red. The red gums it can lead your dog to lose his teeth. Otherwise, another problem is a periodontal disease that can lead the infection of gum and your dog will lose his teeth. Usually, the infection shows with the abscess formation that can continue to others; such as eyes and nose. Well, if the abscess getting to be worse, you should call your vet and take him there. He needs serious attention and treatment from the vet.

3. Daily brushing

How to prevent your dog from tartar? You should clean his teeth daily. Yes, daily brushing is one simple step that you should do if you do not want your dog to get this. Toothpaste with fluoride can help to avoid the tartar build. Make sure you are brushing his teeth daily at least twice a week.  But, it will better if you can do the cleaning teeth every day at least one per day. With this, the tartar doesn’t build up on your dog’s teeth

4. The chew toys

Choose perfect toys for your dog, like chew toys. These toys are very safe for your dog’s teeth and gums. They can chews (every day) and it can keep their mouth always health and clean. The chew toy also can help to remove tartar naturally from the surface of the teeth.  In a pet shop, their much varieties of chew toys that you can choose, one of the most favorite shape for a dog is a bone. The chew toy is very durable to use every day. So, it will safe for your dog.

5. The physical health

Make sure you always check your dog’s condition, it should be always in good condition. Good physical health will help him to prevent infection, how? The proper nutrition and physical exercise, it can lead to good physical health. Check in here, does the food are good and suitable for your dog? Let’s see on the best dog food for dogs with skin allergies.

6. Dental Sprays

Well, if the tartar shows on your dog’s teeth you can try this first way, the dental sprays or gel for doggy dental care. It always effectively to reduce the tartar build up and also reduce the dental plaque. The other benefit it also helps to reduce the bad dog breathing. Choose a dental spray or gel that made from essential oils which can clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth.

7. Give him an ozonated water

You can buy an ozonated water or you can create this by buying an ozone maker. Give this daily to your dog as drinking water, and use it too to flush his mouth after brushing. Why should give your dog an ozonated water? It is because the ozonated water can kill and remove the bacteria and virus that can lead the dental plaque and tartar build up. Another choice, you can buy an ozonated oil that has powerful antibacterial properties than ozonated water. The taste is not great but it is very effective.

8. The DIY eggshell toothpaste 

Let’s make your own toothpaste, the eggshell toothpaste it is so easy to make and it can help prevent and even repair any cavities on your dog. How to make this DIY toothpaste? First, gather all the ingredients; a quarter of eggshell or calcium magnesium tablets (ground up), 1 – 3 tablespoons of coconut oils, 1 tablespoon or less of baking soda, and some drops of peppermint essential oil. How to make it? In here, if you are using eggshells, quick rinse it and then bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Grind up the eggshells or you can use the coffee grinder. For the tablets, you can use a food processor to grind up.  Mix it all ingredients in a small bowl; eggshell powder, coconut oil, baking soda, and the essential oils, done. Store it in a small jar, use it daily to cleaning his teeth.

9. Coconut oil

The most natural antibacterial for your dog’s teeth and gum, it is coconut oil. Place in a small bowl, take it some with your finger through wrap it around your dog’s teeth and gums. Another choice, you can also use the bee propolis. It is sticky than coconut oil but it can help reduce over areas of the dog’s teeth that look really bad. The bee propolis contains antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antiviral that can reduce the abscess.

10. The correct food 

You can make a bone broth for your dog, feed him with this several times in a week. So, why you should make bone broth? A bone broth has full of minerals that can help strengthen teeth and gums. It is one of the correct food and the best of the food feeding for your dog. Besides feed them with a bone broth, you can give him with other prebiotics food  such as; fermented veggies, raw goat milk, and kefir,

Hopefully, the above on how to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth may have much of benefit for you. With these treatments, you know what is the right treatment to clean tartar off from your dog’s teeth. For more other information about the dog’s tips, you can see it here; how to avoid beach hazards on your doghow to handle with your dog’s first night at homethe best ways to make a dog gets along with other dogs peacefully, and also some ways to stop your dog from running away.