How To Tell That Your Dog Is Really Bored #SuperEasy

Dog is a super-active pet, it will switch into exploring mode and starts to find out its surroundings. It also gets excited easily when finding stuffs that quite attractive. Having a dog also lift up the owner’s stress, and lit up the mood. But do you know that dog also able to get bored? If you don’t know, then you need to read more about this. Dog is similar to us, it gets bored when the same routines are on repeat. But don’t worry, we know how to fix that! Below, you will find out more about how to tell that your dog is really bored. Aside from that, you will learn how to fix that problem as well! Better prepare your attention, because tips and tricks below is really worth it!

Why dog gets bored?

Dog is born with lots of energy inside of its body. It loves to run and dig around its territory. Aside to transfer its excessive energy, its also to avoid it gets bored. Boredom can also occur when your dog has less toys to play with. Or when you give it the same routines over and over. Or, when you don’t let your dog go to a new place to explore. There are more factors about boredom in dog, but those above are the biggest factors. When you notice some unusual behavior like mentioned below, you can consult it to the experts or your vet. Check more in 10 Effective Methods To Treat Depression In Dog aside from the vet!

  • Destructive behavior

Watch for your dog when it chews on your stuffs. Dog tends to chew on things, that’s true. But dog is an obedient pet, it won’t chew on things that doesn’t belong to it. So when your dog starts to chew on your stuffs, you need to pay attention. That behavior is leading into a destructive one. When you notice this, try to separate the chewed stuff from your dog gently. After your dog stops chewing, you can lead your dog for outdoor activities. Or give its favorite chewing toy to prevent your dog to chew on your stuffs. Destructive behavior is a sign that your dog is feeling not pretty good. Not just a sign of boredom, it could be a sign of sadness as well. You can find out more about this behavior in 7 Signs That A Dog Secretly Upset At You.

  • Chasing its tail

As said before, dog tends to have excessive energy flowing inside its body. To make sure it won’t get hyper, dog needs to have routines that help it to transfer the energy. Usually the routines involve some physical activities, like walking or playing in the park. And when you notice that your dog starts to chase its own tail, beware. It’s a clear sign that your dog is in a boredom state. You need to act immediately to prevent worse actions from your dog. You can take your dog for a walk or a quick play-date with other dogs in the neighborhood. Try to have things to do so your dog will stay happy and healthy!

  • Loud barks

Another way of how to tell that your dog is really bored is by barks. Barks tell us a lot about what’s happening to our dog. When your dog gets happy, it barks. Or when it’s sad, it barks. When it’s angry, it barks too. Try to find out the meaning of each barks. It will help you in treating your dog in a proper way. When you hear loud barks from your dog, it could be your dog is angry or bored. You can give either new toy for your dog, or new routine! It usually works since dog loves to do many things we want it to do. Try to make your dog moves around, so it will get less bored than before. You can read more about dog barks in 6 Warning Signs That Your Dog is Depressed.

  • Pitiful whines

Dog whines when something goes wrong. When your dog feels sick, it will let out a series of pitiful whine. Or when your dog is mourning over loss of its beloved objects, it will whine as well. Whine is also a sign that your dog gets into its boredom space. Try to pay more attention to your dog. You can take your dog to the couch and cuddle there. Make sure that your dog feels less lonely. Or you can pick your dog for a quick walk around the block. Your dog needs fresh air too, not just you! 12 Ways to Understand Your Dog’s Wishes will help you in curing those heart-breaking whines.

  • Endless pace

Noticing your dog runs endlessly around the house? Pay attention, peeps. This is a clear sign that your dog is getting into its boredom space and trying to transfer out all of its excessive energy inside its body. You might want to grab its leash and take a quick walk. Or having a play-date with other dogs at the park might work too. Or, you can buy new toy for your dog. Anything to keep them all worked up and doesn’t have any time to gets bored!

  • Picking your stuffs

When you spot your dog is putting everything in the wrong place, take a deep breath. Your dog is trying to ask for your attention! It will try to pick your pillows and put it somewhere outside your bedroom. Or it will pick your shoe and hide it away from you. It’s all about “I’m bored, let’s play!” So, you have to make sure that you pick on every single body language your dog make. It’s really important to keep away your dog from boredom state. A dog in boredom state is very dangerous for you and your family members.

  • Silent mode

When you have a cheerful and jumpy dog, it’s going to be easy for you to notice when your dog gets bored. It will lay around the house, doing nothing. It won’t run to your when you offer its favorite snack. Or it won’t react to you when you wave its favorite toy in front of its face. When you see your dog like this, try your best to grab its attention back. You can try to call it for a walk, and see if its ears perk up. When you see its ears are perking, you can let out a relieved sigh. It means your dog still wants to play and want to let out its boredom away. 25 Reasons Your Dog is Suddenly Lethargic and Weak might be a great help for you for this problem.

That’s some ways of how to tell that your dog is really bored, which is really easy to do. Since dog tells us everything in body language, you only need to pay attention for your dog’s behavior. As long as you know what your dog tells you, it will be easy to spot on what your dog feels at the moment. And of course, it will be easy for you to fix the problems in your dog. Good luck in bonding with your beloved floof buddy!