25 Reasons Your Dog is Suddenly Lethargic and Weak – Look closely!

In general, dogs like to eat a lot and are energetic. But there are also weak dogs, and we have to know how to handle a weak dog. What are the cause your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak? What needs to be done if your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak? These are important information that you must know. A temporary decrease in appetite can still be considered normal, but if this happens more than 2 days, you should be suspicious and need to know the cause.

Reasons your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak!

1. Psychological factors

The main cause and often experienced by dogs become weak and do not want to eat is due to stress. Stress in dogs can be caused by several factors such as self-change and environmental changes. You need to know about Effective Methods to Treat Depression in Dog.

For example a change of employer, moving house, a new dog in his area and another dog who becomes his friend dies. If your dog experiences this, what needs to be done is to make him relaxed and comfortable by giving him attention and affection. When he is relaxed and calm the dog will return to normal and will not look limp again.

2. Health conditions

Another factor that causes dogs to weaken and do not want to eat is a health condition. Healthy conditions affect the appetite of dogs, especially various disorders involving the digestive organs, such as inflammation of the stomach.

In addition, several diseases that can be the cause of the decline in the appetite of dogs include bacterial infections, hepatitis, kidney disease, pancreatic disorders, cancer, diabetes, respiratory disorders, inflammation of the intestine, diseases caused by parasites such as worms.

If the cause of a dog’s lack of appetite is due to some of the above, consult a veterinarian immediately so that you can diagnose and treat your dog.

3. Medicines

Medications have the effect of reducing appetite in dogs. Some allergy medications such as aspirin, deramaxx carprofen, and naproxen have the effect of reducing appetite for dogs.

4. Infection

One of the reasons your dog is lethargic and weak is because of an infection in your dog’s body. In this case, you need a doctor to check and handle the infection.

5. Parvo Virus

Parvovirus is very dangerous to cause death. You need to know Parvovirus symptoms such as:

  • Lethargy.
  • Vomit.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Stomach ache.

This virus is spread through feces. Take it immediately to the doctor if this virus is the reason why your dog is weak and has no energy. The vet will provide various treatments such as anti-nausea drugs, antibiotics, etc. to save your dog from this virus.

6. Distemper

This is a health problem that is very dangerous for your dog. Distemper in dogs can attack the dog’s organs or the dog’s respiratory tract. Some symptoms of distemper are like:

  • Fever.
  • Sluggish.
  • Liquid comes out of the eyes and nose.
  • A cough.

Not all dogs have the same distemper symptoms. So, a doctor’s action is needed to deal with this. Antibiotics, anticonvulsants, etc. will be given by veterinarians to deal with this problem.

7. Heartworms

This disease can be spread through mosquito bites on your dog. lethargy and weakness, depression, fever, is one of the symptoms indicated by your dog if you have a heartworm disease.

8. Heart disease

Fatigue is an early sign that your dog is experiencing health problems in the heart. These initial symptoms are followed by loss of appetite, coughing, and rapid breathing. Immediately bring to the doctor to get treatments such as heart medications, and others.

9. Liver disease

One of the reasons your dog is suddenly weak because your dog may have liver problems. Whether in a mild or severe stage, there are various treatments that your doctor will give your dog, for example, from treatment to surgery.

10. Hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia is named for a condition where the blood sugar is low. Besides diabetes in dogs, low blood sugar can also be a cause of fatigue that your dog experiences.

In addition, hypoglycemia can also cause seizures. This is one of the warning signs that you must take your dog to the doctor. Your doctor will provide treatment including possible short-term therapy needed by your dog.

11. Old age

Lethargic and weak must also be experienced by older dogs. This is indicated by slowness in do an activity and no enthusiasm in the dog. Because they feel pain throughout their body, it makes sense if they experience lethargic and weak. Read also Benefits of Getting A Puppy With An Older Dog.

12. Malnutrition

Dogs need foods that have high and complete nutrition to keep him excited in do an activity and not weak. However, if you give food that is less nutritious for your dog so that your dog is malnourished, then this can cause your dog to have no energy and weakness. Please read the information about Tips to Help A Malnourished Puppy to Gain Weight.

Other reasons your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak:

  1. Suffering from a tumor.
  2. Experience various health problems.
  3. Have trauma.
  4. Diarrhea.
  5. Snake venom.
  6. Hormone problems.
  7. Anemia.
  8. Have poisoning.
  9. Ticks.
  10. Parasites.
  11. Cancer.
  12. Injury.
  13. Paralysis.

Things you need to do!

You already know the reasons your dog is suddenly lethargic and weak, then the next thing you need to know is how you handle it.

  • Evaluate their eating habits

Reduce giving snacks to the dog because giving a snack to the dog will not eat staple food.

For that reason, stop giving snacks to dogs, especially foods that are not specifically for him. In addition, put leftovers in a place that is not accessible to dogs.

  • Set the meal schedule

Dogs will be easily fed if the time is routine and the same every day. For this reason, make a meal schedule by setting the time regularly.

At first, it will be difficult for the dog, but he will get used to the meal schedule that you have made and understand by itself that at that time he must eat. For tips on training your dog, read about How to Make a Dog Listen to Your Command.

  • Awaken appetite in dogs

The interesting thing is that you need to change the dog’s view of food. Make stimuli so that the hunger wakes up. Although this process is quite difficult, it is very effective in restoring the appetite and eating spirit from your dog.

  • Make sure the eating area is free from interference

Create a calm and uninterrupted eat atmosphere. This is enough to keep your dog concentrating on food in front of him.

If by the above methods, your dog still has no energy and remains weak, immediately take it to the doctor. There are many reasons why your dog can experience lethargy and weakness. To deal with this problem in dogs, then you need to know what the cause is and provide appropriate treatment.

If you feel you cannot know the cause or want to make sure, take your dog to the doctor. Doctors have the equipment, knowledge, and can provide appropriate treatment to overcome lethargic and weak in your dog based on the cause.