How To Tell That Your Duck Is Ready To Lay Eggs

All life creature does show symptom if something happened to their body and mind. Both positive and negative that happened to them would have a sign that you could seen of bare. Something like hurt, sick, or even happy feeling will easily see by their behaviour. It also happened when the duck laying egg.

Laying egg is the end of breeding process that happen to duck. Both of peking, egg, and cattle goal of duck poultry, this period has to passed to make the duck can continue their reproduction. The old duck would produce the new one. The young would replace the old and that’s continue until in the end of the time.

For people who still beginner in duck poultry, it may hard to know when the duck wants to laying egg. Short experience and low knowledge may cause why they feeling so hard to know the symptom. To treat duck breeding both to selling the egg or to crack out to reach baby duck also has their own characteristic treatment, and it is different each other. For you who have egg orientation, the symptom that appeared when the duck wants to laying egg should know faster to avoid the duck cracked and loss the egg. For the farmers who wants to reach peking or cattle, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the symptom of laying egg faster because it can crack naturally. You just need to make sure that the egg is safe, clean, and healthy. If there is an egg that seems like won’t able to cracked themselves, on this point you need to take an action to help them. duck-laying-egg

Generally, whatever the goal that you want to reach of breeding the duck, they would have same symptom that tells you that they want to laying egg. Here are their ways.

  • Hair fall

It more properly if it called it feathers than hair but it is totally hair. Hair here means soft feathers that will fall will tells you that laying eggs process is no longer far anymore. Basically, this soft feather that falls or maybe put off by themselves is used for the base of the egg place so the egg is still warm and safe. You must know the different of this symptom because this is not automatically telling you that your duck wants to laying egg. If your duck surely pregnant before then it is surely laying egg. But if the duck isn’t pregnant or even not heat, then this hair falls surely meaning of stressed out. Bad food also causes this hair falls. So, before you assume that this hair fall is the symptom of laying egg, just make sure the pregnant symptoms is in the duck.

  • Low appetite but they don’t sick

It is normally happened when the female duck wants to laying egg not only happened for duck but also every momma that wants to breeding both laying egg or giving birth. Naturally food changes will happen as the respond of transition over their body. Even they are low appetite they are still good and health. They don’t passive or shows something that tells you they need a help because it is surely normal. In the duck, low appetite before laying egg helps them to make the laying egg process easier because there is fat consume that can hard the process so the duck knows what’s good for them.

  • Fake breeding

For the farmer who oriented to duck eggs they are usually not pet the male duck. After breeding process, the female duck would place in different cage or maybe they have male duck for rent but wherever the male come from, the female will automatically move to another cage after breeding process passed. The female duck usually placed together with another female ducks until laying egg. When the female duck place together, fake breeding would happen because their instinct said they are ready to breeding but there is no male duck so they breed each other. It is of course fake and not affect anything. This symptom will strongly tell you that your duck will laying egg soon.

  • Noisy

The duck momma would make a sound especially in the night. There is no research yet that can explain why this is happened but you can strongly guess that it causes of hormone changing that caused by pregnancy. After make a sound, another duck will follow and the cage getting noisy. Well it may just a communication like talk each other.

  • Digging the ground or the base cage

This is naturally happened when the female animal is ready to laying egg. They are digging the ground to make a place that used for save the eggs. Ground also helps the eggs still warm so the egg not cold and keep alive. If you use stage cage which the base isn’t touched the ground directly, digging process is still happened and they just dig the base cage. That’s why you need to choose safe material for base cage, so when they dig it, their foot isn’t hurt or the base cage isn’t break. When the base is break because of digging process and it makes a hole moreover if you use stage cage, it would danger for your duck because the duck can be fall in the ground directly. So, be careful.

That’s all the duck’s ways to tell you when they want to laying egg. Basically, the duck would more anxious than before. All mentioned above is normal because laying out is process making out something of their body so it is normal if they feel strange or behave changed.

To make you easy to monitor the duck momma, you better place it in difference cage so the egg would point on one cage at the same time. Beside makes you easy to monitor them, picking egg process would be more effective dan faster. Have additional cage that specially use when the duck wants to laying egg also would be more profitable moreover if you rise duck for dozen.