Ways To Feed Your Egg Laying Ducks

As many dedicated farmers would think, raising a duck farm of your own is no walk in the park. Farming ducks require all the special love and attention breeders would be able to provide, and each breeder have their own tailored routine on how to raise them. This, of course, depends on each breeders’ individual […]

Tips on How to Raise Your Own Egg-Laying Ducks

In raising your own livestocks, breeders should consider the option of choosing ducks who are able to lay commercial eggs. This is to optimise all parts of the ducks that can be marketed to the public. Egg laying ducks also have a high value in the market for their meat, for their tenderness and taste […]

5 Forbidden Things That Should Not Be Done In Duck Laying Period

Duck momma needs special treatment during pregnancy until it will lay eggs. This special treatment is not only physical behavior but also psychological treatment. Treating them physically might be easy because it’s all the needs of living things such as eating or drinking. What’s more difficult is maintaining their psychic. Duck momma cannot communicate their […]

Common Mistakes in Preparing Duck Laying Process

Laying egg is the time that really waited by laying duck farm. Laying egg is final time for them and it is a highest step during treatment process. After twenty-three days, those pregnant duck will laying egg perfectly. To increase your knowledge about laying duck, hit the best duck seed to rise as duck egg. […]

2 disadvantages of consuming too much duck eggs

Duck egg is one of the most sought after poultry product and lately become a favorite egg for many poultry lovers. Similar to a chicken egg, duck egg is one of the most favorite eggs that become a staple of any kinds of dishes. Eggs are very versatile, delicious, cheap and can be very easy […]

Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs? Here is the answer

Egg is a staple of poultry foods, very versatile, widely variable, delicious, easy to get, and very easy to cook it too. You can boil it, scramble it, poach it in vinegar, fry it, and many more. Egg is one of the most versatile foods that you can easily get, and there are many kinds […]

How To Tell That Your Duck Is Ready To Lay Eggs

All life creature does show symptom if something happened to their body and mind. Both positive and negative that happened to them would have a sign that you could seen of bare. Something like hurt, sick, or even happy feeling will easily see by their behaviour. It also happened when the duck laying egg. Laying […]

How To Effectively Maximize Duck Egg Production

In poultry industry, rise the duck in a dozen to earn a hundred eggs is pretty familiar to doing. Beside cattle, egg of the duck is one of all main goal why people decided to start this business. We can’t decline that the market of duck eggs is same high by the cattle duck. By […]

4 Surprising Benefit Of Taking Duck As Your Pet At Home

Basically pet anything in your home should give you a benefit. Some people may want to be accompanied in home. People who are living alone usually pet something to be friend at home, and so do duck. This animal poultry usually rise in million is popular with some their benefits. As we know animal which […]

6 Easy Guide To Selling Duck Eggs Faster

One of all reason why people raise the duck as poultry is to earn the egg. As we know, duck eggs have their own profitable ear that really has big market in society. Some restaurant not only needs the cattle to duck peking menu but also need the eggs to produce great and tasty cuisine. […]