How To Effectively Maximize Duck Egg Production

In poultry industry, rise the duck in a dozen to earn a hundred eggs is pretty familiar to doing. Beside cattle, egg of the duck is one of all main goal why people decided to start this business. We can’t decline that the market of duck eggs is same high by the cattle duck. By processed to any new dishes the requested of duck eggs is increase during the creativity of people of duck eggs process. Not only to use to duck eggs as food, the skin of the eggs also used for any creativity art like paint or some ornament. Interesting, right?

Also, now people who don’t have any poultry to earn the egg don’t need to worry anymore. Some farmers now try to earn reseller to help them sell the egg. As we know egg is so sensitive and can’t be safe for long time. It needs to be selling, processed, or eat as soon as possible before it getting foul. It also time limit but also be the challenges when takes this

Technically, there are so many ways to maximize duck eggs production. Some factors like the parents, quality, heat period, and the environment should support for this production. To make it clear, here are some effectively ways to maximize duck egg production. The farmer of eggs should to know.

  • Choose the duck of egg producer as the duck seed

This is the main thing that you should know at the first step when you start this business. This is the fundamental thing which means that if there is this part, your business is bullshit to be success. Basically, you have to know which one the duck seed that you need to raised to earn egg. Is it cattle or egg duck seed, that must be decided first. You have to make it clear and it can’t be mix each other. Also, make sure the duck is long lasting. If you decide to rise egg duck seed then do it properly until the end. So does the cattle duck, rise it until it cost at all. Different with cattle duck, egg duck seed usually can’t ‘use’ anymore after they are already passed the period of laying duck. Technically duck only laying her egg twice per years, after that they wouldn’t produce anymore. Some of the egg duck seed are local duck like Mojosari duck or Magelang duck, Alabio duck, and Khaki Champbell duck. The production of Mojosari duck can reach 200-220 eggs per year/duck. Magelang duck or also known as necklace duck able to produce 170 eggs per year/duck. Don’t want to lose, Alabio duck also be able to produce much of eggs with 220-250 eggs per year/duck. Also, khaki Champbell which the king of produce egg with 350 eggs per year/duck.

  • Choose the right technic to maximize the production of eggs

There are so many technics which developed to maximize the eggs. Traditionally, you may know the technic that you should place one male duck with three female duck so the process of breeding more effective because the sperm distribution can spread on three females at the same time. Well there is no wrong by that technic and that technic is still used to make the process of breeding getting faster until now. But did you know that this method now is combined by any technology to make it more effective? A technic called GDM combine the ways to breed and some multivitamin and equipment to the duck cage to stimulate the egg. The multivitamin also used to guarantee the quality of the egg so not only the quantity that as the goal but also make it balance with the quality. By this technic, we know that the management that reach all factors proved to more effective than the technic that not integrated each other.

  • Cage choice and management

There are so many types of duck house that usually used by farmer. But now many people develop the design of duck house that can help them keep the quality of the result of the poultry production. The developing that really stand out is in egg duck house design. Did you hear battery duck house? Actually, this design is totally dedicated to egg duck seed. The duck momma will arrange in the high like triangle. The triangle design which help the egg running to the container directly after the duck momma lay it out. Also, it helps the egg still clean and surely didn’t crack. This design also simpler so it is easy to be clean. But unfortunately, this design is can be used to second cage because it only can use after the female duck is already pregnant and waiting for the egg laying out. To rise them up you can use the general cage or another cage except this battery cage. Well it is something loss but look over the feature that offer for us moreover our main goal is earn the egg, it is not a loss to make two difference cages, right?

  • Food management

As we know that breeding is a thing that relatable with the body. The health body would be able to produce more eggs than the sick duck. Don’t see the disease by something that can appeared in surface, something that didn’t appear like stressed also affect to their ability for produce the egg. So, you better monitoring both of their body and mind. The one of all ways that you can use to keep their health mind is by take them to swim.

  • Supplement

As mentioned before that breeding is something relatable with body and now people innovation to increase the producing of egg by using technology, all of them manifested in supplement using. To keep the duck keeps healthy so they can produce the egg, you can give them supplement not only to control the balancing of nutrition but also stimulate their hormone to more producing, moreover the hormone that needed to breeding step. Also, supplement using is the prove that this is the biological technology era that already need to be implementing.

That’s all the ways that you can use to maximize the egg production of duck. Basically, to get the maximum production you can’t use one think or the duck itself. You need to look over factors that can influence the duck to produce the egg. The executor does the duck but it doesn’t mean that we can ignore the factors behind it.

Also, you need to find which one is the right way and the most effective technic to maximize the production. You can find it by once try. You may find it for twice or some tries after, great if you find it by once tried but it surely not everyone like you. May they need the time to really make sure the right way. Some evaluations needed by this part, which is you are not only evaluating the result of the tries but also evaluating the process and plan.

Is it takes additional budget? Well the answer is not always. Except you feel need to change or add something of the poultry budget additional does needed. But if you think that there is no need to be change both of the cage, food, or duck seed, just go ahead to department store to spend the money hahaha.