How To Train Your Adult Dog Not to Be Scared

Your adult dog, come out from nowhere, suddenly exhibit any changing of gesture and posture whenever he sees normal thing – let’s just say a ball. He will bow his head down to the ground and start hiding from it every time he sees it. Nay, his body language getting worst when someone playing it – he will try to avoid and get away as far as he could – his body start shaking and he moves restlessly in alert. If you find any of these signs on your dog’s behavior, then let me tell you – your dog is scared.

Fearful dogs is quite common problem among any other, and you need to ascertain the cause of it – because there are common dog fears which is proofed become the mastermind of your fearful dog. Fearful is different from shyness – notwithstanding both of it emerge from the fear which grow inside of your dog. Shy dog generally feel the urge of fear on living things such human and animal which tries to have some interaction with them, and this shyness could be reduce by train the shy dog to be more friendly and beginning open their heart for others.

But, fearful dog could be scared even from a normal object surround them, not only the living creatures. They will be scare if you leave them alone at home (in this case, you could train them to be home alone), scare to walk outside, and do other routine – this is much troublesome. I’m sure you won’t see your dog practically, afraid of anything – because it’s very heartbreaking. But, don’t give up! There are some method of training you can use to help your beloved buddy!

First thing first, before we jump into discussion of the method, you really need to build a strong relationship with him. Make him trust you and count on you! With a mature relationship, you’ll never trap in any misconception about keeping dog as a pet at home. If he trusted you, it will lighten up all the training plan you have for them. Literally, he would do anything you say and command, because he knows that you’ll be take care of him and would never do any harm to him.

So, how to train your adult dog not to be scared? Here’s the tips of a proper planing train you could apply to your buddy.

Observe The Caused of Fears

To solve your dog issue, you need a full knowledge of what happen and what the caused of fears which arise on your dog – so, you can give them what they necessary needs. These are the things you should determine:

  • Find The Cause

Observe your dog habitual routine, what changes he has made, or unusual manner he shown over something that he see. After you can determine the trigger, you can make some steps forward to help your dog.

  • Health Check Up

You can ask advice from veterinarian and if it necessary and been suggested, you could do some medicals check up for your dog. Some illness also could trigger such of fears on animals, and it’s a wise move if you make sure that your dog isn’t suffer from any serious illness.

  • Calmness

Always try to calm him down every time these feeling of insecurity and scare arise. Make your dog rely only on you – do not let anyone or anything evict and take this position from you. Your dog must see you as their protector and guardian which is always become his shelter and tower of refuge and strength. When your dog in scare situation, his brains produce this stress hormone called cortisol which is could trigger some serious problem if you let it heap in his body.

That is why, it’s very important of you to assure and give them affection, comfort, also calm his nerve down in every dreadful or tough moment of his life.

Try Simple Method of Training Such Desensitize

1. Make Your Dog Understand

Let’s just choose a ball as the object of fear for your dog. Your dog – whenever they see a ball – they will make only a bad thing assumption  such this ball is a dangerous object, and then begin to cowering toward it. With desensitize method, you will change his perspective – slowly – and then make them create a new assumption about the ball, only this time is a good thought. Show them that the ball is safe and could be enjoyable.

2. Measure The Distance

Begin to measure the safe distance between your dog and the ball which is a comfort distance that your dog fine with it. Try with some distance first, not to close nor far either. If your dog agree and obey you to sit in particular distance while his eyes keep lock on the ball, then the first mission is complete and you could praise him and give him treat as the reward.

3. Make It Closer

The first mission is accomplished, start to make another step forward with a closer distance than before. Move one foot closer to the ball, and make your dog follow you. If your dog keep follow you without any alteration of gesture toward the ball, then this new distance is his new safe distance. This signify some progress that your dog has made, so praise him and give him some treats as his reward.

4. Move Closer Again

If your dog still okay and fine with the distance between him and the ball, then it is worth enough to make another step closer to the object. But, still, keep your eyes upon him, in case his body language begin project some discomfort posture. You could start move one foot closer again, and try to make them copy you. And again, if your dog willingly move one step closer without any pressure, it means your dog is a good leaner. Give him a treat as the reward for being so brave.

5. Make The Ball Look Delicious!

What is that mean? That’s mean you can try to scatter your dog delicious treats around the ball. This is to increase his confidence and also showing him that the ball is safe and would never take his treats or bite him. If your dog – bravely – go move forward to the treat without any mind to avoid the ball, then your mission is success, folks!

With doing such thing, you open a new perspective to your dog that the ball could be very pleasurable. It also increases his interest on the ball, despite being afraid and cowering toward it. So, this is the end of how to train your adult dog not to be scared, see you again pal!