How to Treat Dog Bites on Your Cat with Home Remedies


Since writer has a cat, writer’s house has been a territorial area for her. Memeng guarded the house as a sacred sanctum. She does not want any treat such as rodents, cockcroaches, lizards, mice, frogs or even other cats. She protected the house with all her might. She even spot it on with her pee and poo. Wow, writer feel so protected since writer has Memeng. Now, there are no rodents problem or a mice who dared to into intruding the house anymore. Well writer still need to clean up the poo, pee, or puke sometimes though.

Well back then the house is oftenly invaded by the mice. This mice love to go inside the house, peeing, and stealing food from kitchen. Not only that, it increase the chance of the mice to bring plague inside the house. Also writer’s mom screaming everytime she saw a mice. Mom’s ordered writer to get rid of the mice and yes writer did but it was no piece of cake. Catching the mice is need patient and dedication but when Memeng’s here all the job of hunting the mice is a piece of cakeMemeng presence alone is enough to scare away all of the mice. No mice dared to enter writer’s house now.

However, trouble always come. As defending the territory is Memeng duty, there always a cat who wants to take over. This cat, a black striped big catl,  spied up writer’s house all day. This cat looks like want to invade the house, eat the food, and bang Memeng’s mother. But Memeng will never let it happen. Then, a fight between them is inevitable and avoidable. A fight writer hope to end soon everynight, but it happens anyway sometimes it takes a very long time and sometimes they changed the venue of the battle.

So far, Memeng always been come back from the fight in one shape. No scars no wounds, just back from the fight with a perfect shape. Of course writer is so grateful because of that. Lucky for Memeng and maybe she is a tough little male cat who brave enough to stand a fight with a cat that twice the size of her. Still, writer sometimes lend a backup to Memeng to make the battle shorter.

However, regardless Memeng could win the fight or not, writer has always this paranoia. A paranoia where Memeng suffered a scars or even didn’t make it from the fight. Because you know, once writer saw a cat who badly injured because of a cat fight. The cat got bitten everywhere in her body and even her fur is shedding away because of the fight. This surely make writer decided Memeng to not engage with another cat by keeping her inside the house.

Not only that, because of that paranoia, writer decided to read some first aid and home remedies for taking care wound especially a bite wound that was caused by a cat fight. Which is why in this article animallova How to Treat Dog Bites on Your Cat with Home Remedies.

Identifying the Wound

There are two kind of bite wounds, one of them is treatable in home remedies but one of them need to be handled to a professional vet.

A bite wound that need a vet intensive care is a wound who has deep bite, bleeding, and ,if you have the chance to know, a bite that was caused by a rabies cat. This is indeed dire andt treating her in your house is not exactly a bright idea, which is why if you find your cat suffered this kind of bite wound then bring her to a vet immediately.

A bite wound that could be treated by home remedies is a wound that is not to deep and not causing too much bleeding. This kind of wound is better to be treated at home as not only it helps your cat to be healed from the wound but your cat will feel that you given her so much affections by treating her solely.

Giving the First-Aid

Before you give her the first aid make sure you have prepared first-aid kit for your cat first such as :

  • Clean Water
  • Echinecea or Goldenseal Tincture
  • Salt
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • A Cotton

Then after you make sure you have the first aid, first thing you must do is to clean up the wound using water and Hydrogen Peroxide, be wary of using Hydrogen Peroxide though, don’t put so much drops on the wound.

After that, then mix out clean water, echinacea/goldenseal tincture, and 1/2 teaspoon of salt and rub them in the bite wound. Then make sure you give this mixed healing liquid regularly at least twice a day to fasten up the healing proccess.

Giving The Home Remedies

Home remedies is good for your cat as it would make your cat comfortable thus forgetting her pain and feel the love you have given to her hence make her love you even more. Giving a home remedies for your cat is a simple task but need dedication. All you need to do is to make sure you make her comfortable by giving her a proper bed, regular bath, and give her a proper meal that could fasten up the healing process.

Give her a comfy, soft, and warm bed would help your cat to relax and help her to forget the pain that’s caused by the bite wound. Not only that, a proper bed will also help to fasten up the healing process.

Then take her to a warm bath regularly but don’t be excessive. This will help your cat to relax, kill all the fleas in her body, protecting her fur, and clean up the wound from any dirt. Just remember, if your cat does not like to be bathe then you can forget this option.

Lastly, give her a proper food that contains enough vitamins and nutritions such as sardines or salmon fish. Don’t cooked them raw though, cook them properly and mashed them with some vegetables and pinch of carb through blender and serve them for your cat. This food would help your cat’s body to fasten up the healing process.

Overall it is easy right to give home remedies to bite wound in cat?. You just need to give the wound a first aid, clean it regularly, make your cat comfortable, and give your cat some nutritious food to help up with the healing proccess. Just remember, loving a cat needs a dedication, patient, and passion, especially treating her wound, so good luck!.

*Meow away