10 Ways To Treat Sudden Paralysis In Rabbits

Sudden paralysis in rabbit, what is it? It is a condition that the hind leg of the rabbit is weak. Your rabbit cannot jump or walk. This is a serious condition, well what are the ways to treat sudden paralysis in rabbit? Below here are the ways to treat sudden paralysis in rabbit. Read it carefully.

1. The general symptoms of sudden paralysis

What signs of rabbits are paralyzed? There are several rabbit paralysis signs that can be seen. First, the rabbit loses balance control, both the front and back legs. Next, one of the rabbit’s legs looked trembling. Rabbits also experience pain in their backs. Even rabbit grind his teeth and it sounds very quick and clear. Grinding teeth are one of aggressive behavior of rabbit, for more information you could see it on here some of the aggressive behavior of rabbit

2. It is an infection

Paralysis in the legs of a rabbit can also be caused by several factors such as; parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections. Then how do you treat rabbit paralysis caused by parasites? If your rabbit looks weak, and when you hold a part of his spine he feels pain. Immediately bring him to the nearest veterinarian. Your vet will handle it quickly. Usually, if a rabbit has a fungal infection, the veterinarian will give an antibiotic or antifungal medication that is adjusted to the rabbit’s condition. Well, the antibiotics or antifungal drugs will be prescribed and you as the rabbit owners are should take this recipe. What are the aims of antibiotics or anti-fungal drugs? This medicine is useful to cure infections and prevent recurrent fungal infections.

3. Several of toxins

Besides caused by an infection paralysis can also occur caused by several toxins, both natural toxins and artificial chemical toxins (by the human). To cure this toxin it also needs to be handled by a professional veterinarian, just like the previous cause. How to cure toxins of the rabbit’s body? To remove toxins from the rabbit’s body, the veterinarian usually removes them by force, the veterinarian will cure your rabbit with vitamin E, activated charcoal and gastric lavage. With this, the rabbit will vomit and the toxins will come out of their stomach.

4. Your rabbit is in trauma

Furthermore, trauma can also be a cause of paralysis of the rabbit. How can? Jumping is one of the aggressive behavior that carried out by either male or female rabbits. In here, if they do jumps and their movements are irregular, then this could be the reason rabbits experience sudden paralysis because this has damaged the nerves. So, here with their own behavior, this irregular jump causes their own back broken. What should we do if our rabbit being fearful because of trauma? There are some easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit, here.

5. Calcium Deficiency

Next of the ways to treat sudden paralysis in rabbits is the lack of calcium. How can? Yes, it could be. Calcium deficiency can occur in rabbits, this is because he does not have enough nutrients. Usually, this calcium deficiency is caused by the mother rabbit also experiencing calcium deficiency. This can be seen since the rabbit is 1.5 months old. Then how do you treat rabbits that have calcium deficiency? You can provide vitamin rabbits that contain calcium. In addition to giving vitamins, giving food to rabbits must also be considered. Give rabbits fresh foods that contain calcium, such as carrots, spinach, and papaya leaves. As time passed, sudden paralysis in rabbits could heal.

5. Rabbits are dehydrated

Paralysis occurs in rabbits there are lots of reasons, one of them is dehydrated rabbits. Try checking, do you always replace your rabbit drinking water every day? What drinking water do you give your rabbit with fresh drinking water? Note this, never give your rabbit with dew water for their drinking water. Dew water is not good for rabbit health. It can cause diarrhea in rabbits. What are the home remedies for diarrhea in rabbits? Give them a water with a teaspoon of salt. Then it could help your rabbit.

6. Less of fats

Excess fat in rabbits is not good for their health. Rabbits can have many diseases; heart, diabetes even rabbits can’t jump because of too much fat on their body. However, it turns out that lack of fat can also endanger the health of rabbits. Rabbits can experience paralysis. Why is fat really needed of the rabbit’s body? Fat is a vehicle for transporting vitamin D throughout the rabbit’s body. Without enough fat, vitamin D cannot dissolve properly in the rabbit’s body. How to treat it? Be sure to calculate the fat content in the food, before you give it to your rabbit. With this, the rabbit will not experience lack or excess fat in his body.

7. The decreasing of appetite

Still, in the ways to treat sudden paralysis in rabbits, the decreasing of their appetite is one of common that your rabbit will get sudden paralysis. The rabbit loses appetite at all this time. It means he does not fill his body with nutrients. What can we do to make the rabbit’s appetite increasing? You can give your rabbit with vitamins, drops few of vitamins and then mix it with their drinking water. It is not long after that, the rabbit will get his appetite back. Well, how to trim your pet rabbit’s teeth? Give your rabbit chew stick, it can trim your rabbit’s teeth.

8. Keep their cage always clean

How to make your rabbit relax? Well, clean their cage in two times a week. All animals do love clean. Rabbit needs their cage clean too. However, the dirty cage can cause many diseases to our rabbit, one of them they could get the fungal disease. How to make the clean dry and clean? Make sure while you clean their cage, please spray on the corner of the cage with disinfectant. All germs and fungi will die with this. It also, make sure the cage is exposed to direct sunlight. When night falls, you can turn on a small light near the cage so that the cage is not exposed to fungi and bacteria

9. How to recovery  your rabbit

How do you recover a paralysis rabbit? Some cases of paralyzed rabbits can suddenly be recovered easily and rabbits can return to normal, rabbits can jump again. But there are some cases of rabbits that do not recover up to 100 percent. Then how to take care of a paralyzed bunny and they can’t jump again? First rabbits need special beds and low litter boxes in their cages. Second, there are some common signs of disruption when the rabbit is paralyzed; urinary scald, sore hocks, and pressure sores.

Hopefully, these 10 ways to treat sudden paralysis in rabbits could help you. So, treat your rabbit with well, and know how to treat sudden paralysis rabbits with different all conditions. Good luck.