5 Human Foods That are Safe for Cat

Cat, what an adorable and cute cat God has created for us. Cat might be not a loyal and useful companion like dog, but still cat could be a great companion for you especially after hard day at work/school. As cat has many benefit that dog not have.

A research stated that cat could be a great medicine to relieve your stress. So if you have a hard day at work/school you could simply have a cat and simply pet her let her purrr. Her purring surely will relieve your stress. Writer usually does this after such tiring day. Grabbing her, put her in writer arm, and pet her. Wow the sensation surely relieve all the stress.

Not only that, cat could be useful, especially writer’s cat, Memeng. After Memeng come into writer’s home. There are no mice who dare to invade writer’s house anymore. Writer still remember the day when mice love to invade the house for food. It was such tragedy as writer must get them out solely as mice would cause nothing but disease. Writer must hunt them, put a poison for them, and clean out their body, what a disgusting work that is. Now, things are different as Memeng come conquering writer’s house. No mice once again, dare to invade  writer’s house. As Memeng presence alone is enough to scare them out. Once writer saw Memeng presence threatened a small mice, the mice was terribly scared of Memeng, even though Memeng did do nothing and just smell the mice still the mice is scared. No wonder her presence alone is enough to protect the house.

Also what makes cat different than a dog is, dog does not make their owner to be more discipline than before, as most of dogs are easy to take care of and dog is easy to “buy” dog’s loyalty. Cat however, it is indeed difficult to take care of and it is hard to persuade them to be loyal for us. Even a research stated that cat needs an owner who has self discipline as they will need more attention than dog does. Example, cat act like a king in the house and does not care about what happens around them. Which is why it is hard to make cat to behave. Writer has experience when writer wants to teach Memeng to poop outside the house, in other words “Could you poop in someplace far away from the house?.” Yes she can now, but back then it was such tiring effort to teach her. Back then she prefer to poop around the house especially near the plant pots. Even though writer placed a litter box she still pooped near the pots. Then writer decided to get rid of the pot and she pot near writer’s door. Oh man, what a tiring effort. The last effort to make sure Memeng does not poop near the house, writer decided to use cleansing liquid such as Paxil as the liquid has a specific smell cat does not like thus she will now poop in that area anymore. What an effort right?.

However, cat is indeed adorable for all of us, but have you put your love and effort towards your cat?. Have you feed them properly?. Writer for sure has feed Memeng properly by giving her food 3 times a day. Frequently, writer feed Memeng with cat food such as Whiskas or bulk cat food but sometimes writer forgot restock the food. When writer forgot to restock the food then it is the time for writer to look at the refrigerator and find any edible food for cat. There are thousands of human foods which is edible for cat. Most of the foods are based on protein source. So if you want to be a good owner not only you must feed your cat properly but also you must know what kind of human foods that is edible for you cat in case of emergency. This time animallova would like to give you 5 human foods that are safe for cat.

  • Sardine

A canned sardine, cat surely love it very much. The smell would pick out  her interest and the taste would make her fly away to the heaven of cats. Sardine is easy to obtain, as you can buy it in nearby store, and easy to prepare as you just need to boil it then serve it to your cat through her favorite feeding bowl. Yummy.

  • Egg

Egg , scrambled, sunny side egg, or boiled egg, the cat love em all. Especially when you can combine it with fish oil. Serving them is easy just cook it normally and serve it. However be careful though, serving so much eggs for a cat in a day could make your cat suffers from obessity. As 1 egg for cat is equal 8 eggs for human. So use egg as an emergency food only.

  • Chicken Meat

Chicken meat no matter how you cooked it, cat would love it so much. As the taste would make your cat want it more and more every time you feed it. We recommend you to give a clean, boiled meat for your cat in order to prevent unnecessary agents from entering your cat’s body.

  • Beef Meat

Beef meat could be an option too if you don’t have any other food for your cat. But remember it is better to serve it clean and boiled meat. As it would prevent any unnecessary agents from entering your cat’s body.

  • Cob Fish

Warning, this fish might be cheap and edible for your cat, but we recommend you if you have special breed cat such as persian or anggora we don’t recommend it for them as cob fish would make their fur shed away. Cob fish is a smart and cheap option only for domestic cat.

Lastly, remember cat especially domestic cat has a great sense of smelling. So if you feed them with particular food and she eats it but later on you give her the same food and she refused to eat it, then be wary though the food might be contaminated with hazardous agent such as formalin.

In the end, these food only serve as a emergency food, if you want to make them regular food then you need to prepare them more properly and learn on how to make a homemade cat food. Good luck!.