How Your Pet Reflects Your Personality

Do you know that whatever animal you choose as pets these animals are the reflection of your personality? Perhaps you would question how your pet reflects your personality? Evidently, there are study by professional researchers of many universities that your pet is the portrait of your own personality character. Therefor, you might hear people called some people as dog person, cat person, reptile people, bird people, or animals people (people whose love all kinds of animals).

This epithet appear with reasons. Each pet describe different pattern of personality which consciously or unconsciously revealed as your reflection. Some scientists from California State University and University of California in East Bay, revealed; during a process to pinpointing all those differences of personality, generate unpredictable fact of owner’s affection for their pets. More than a thousand pet owners are being observed across the countries (United States of America) through some survey about their own pet (in this experiment used cat and dog as the sources).

The survey contained a list of questions about the owner’s personality traits including psychologist test called the big five which are five constructions of conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, and extroversion. The result revealed that every owner who have the greatest affection for their cat and dog pet is rated for the most neurotic people.

A psychology of UC Berkeley, also the leader of the experiment named Mikel Delgado said that the neuroticism in a higher levels are related with the anxious and affection attachment, every person who have a high score on that dimension revealed have a high levels of dependence and affection toward their pet. This fact is good news for the pet, the affect of neuroticism on the owner would change them as a helicopter parents – which is have a deeper awareness for their pet – more sensitive of the need of pet, such knowing when the pet hungry, sick, or just needed some touch.

That’s why, today on how your pet reflects your personality would reveal all the types of owners according to what kind of animals they have as pets. For your note, sixty two percent of U.S has pet’s type (like I mention before, dog person, cat person, reptile person, etc), this result was according to the research of American Pet Products Association. It is true that the choices of pet was affected by the personality of the owner. So, which pet are matching with your personality?

1. The Cat Person

Approximate about thirty three percent of households have chosen the cats as their preference of pet (in United States of America). Moreover, all these household apparently have more than one cat – this result likely was bigger than dog household (we will discuss it later). A cat person more likely prone as more adventurous and creative person.

You, people – as the owners of cat – was revealed have a higher level of anxiety and neuroticism, just exactly like your cat. Notwithstanding, labelled as anxious person – cat owner proved to be more sensitive and dependable, and a good listener. Apparently, all the good materials for a good friend you needed. Wow, congratulation cat person!

2. The Dog Person

Dog apparently was the most popular pet in USA (and I’m sure so does the other countries). Approximate about thirty nine percent of households in USA are chosen dog as their forever companions. This result was not surprising – who would not fall in love with the most loyal pet on earth? Based on a study of University of Texas, people whose prefer the dog companion tend to be more agreeable, conscientious, but extrovert.

Furthermore, the result revealed that dog person as the most fun person to be with compares to other owner of pets. I think this result is agreeable, often we will see a dog will have a little adventure time with their human in beach, they go hiking, even surfing. Dog person prefer to fall into the option as a dog owner because they love being accompany on their social outing. So, to dogs lover – do you already planning the next adventure for your beloved dog?

3. The Bird Person

The number of bird person is different based on the places and the countries. Ordinarily, bird person choose this animal because of their magnificent features – colorful feather form in different shape – who would not adore this creature! Bird person labelled to be more expressive and socially outgoing person, especially for female bird person.

If you want to join the club as the bird parent, it would be generous and better thought to provide another home for the poor shelter-less bird at the bird rescues!

4. The Reptile Person

Perhaps, I personally would never could to join as this club, but it might different on you! It’s still not pretty popular among other pets, but reptile does stole a lot of people heart. Ordinarily, the type of reptile people choose to pet is snake, iguana, or chameleon – which is such a beautiful animal if you want to look it closer.

The reptile person was turn out as the most independent owner among other. This result is reasonable, reckon that reptile didn’t require much attention like other pets. But, unfortunately reptile person also appeared in the lowest score of sense of humor. Don’t worry reptile person, we do still love you and your eccentric pet preference!

4. The Animal Person

Last but not least, yes the animal person! The animal person was chosen a side as people who can pet every animal – never thinking about what kind of animals – they ere type of person who just fall in love to whom they fall (in this case was animal). Duck, dog, iguana, cat, bird – as long as those animals could be keep on a roof, they would keep it.

This type of person was known as the most energetic person, which would always ready to select any kind of animal as long those animals are suitable with their daily routine life.

So, after read all those types of animals person, which one is the closest to your personality?