What is The Process of Chameleon Changing Color?

Who does people falling in love with chameleon by their color? It may be million people love their color. Chameleon will change their color by something that triggered them. That’s also makes chameleon so unique with that magically ability. As we know that chameleon will change their color as same as where they live or stay. That’s they do to protect them self from predators.

Even they can change their color, but in the fact Chameleon can’t be change into one color specifically. They can change it every 20 seconds as they want.

To make you have more information about changing color process, here the steps of their changing.

1. Started with chromataphores

How come chameleon can change their color? That’s because they have chromataphores cells which is place on their base skin. This cells are so sensitive with light, temperature, or moreover mood the chemeleon. These chromataphores placed in between two layers which contained color pigments. The up pigments are red and yellow, and the below pigments are blue and white. By these pigments, chameleon being able to change their color.

2. Triggered process

When the trigger comes, the chameleon’s brain will send a message to chromataphores. After that the message will be translate as command. The command will makes the chomataphores will be bigger or smaller. During this time, the pigment will be blended and it makes the chameleon turning into colorful. But if you look he turns into one color specific, that’s because there is chromataphores which become dominant.

3. Color changing

The colors around chameleon will spread a light. Those lights will be catch by chromataphores which is really sensitive and triggered reaction both of upper or lower pigment.

The sun light is also contributed to this process. The sun will be determined the dominant color of chameleon. As we know from information above that changing color or chameleon is inside process which involving hormone and cells, so whatever which happen inside chameleon also impact for their color. The hormone things that will be impact are also their mood. As we know that mood and feeling are also caused by hormone reaction. There are hormones which make sad or happy. Those hormones which more dominant will be determine their mood. The chameleon’s mood will be tells you by their colors.

Beside their mood, another hormone reaction which makes them changer their color is also disease. If there is strange cell which contained virus or bacteria, it would be give reaction to their chromataphores.

Basically this chromataphores has many different name based on chameleon’s species. For example on Panther Chameleon, the chromataphores called by iridophore. But the function is as same as color pigment cell.

So the conclusion about what is the process of chameleon changing color is basically their hormones or cells reaction over something. The something can be danger, happy, sad, or disease. Both male of female chameleon has this cell even they has different body color.