3 Interesting Facts About Female Duck Maturity

Talk about maturity that will be experienced by all living things, both male and female will experience changes that indicate that they have gone through the adult phase. Today’s phase is a normal thing that indicates they are ready to form new individual.

Just as human experience changes both physically and psychologically, duck also experiences the same two aspects of change. Besides that, between female and male duck has different aspects of core change.

If at male duck, the basic change is usually their behavior. Usually they will prefer to approach women. Some types of ducks also experience changes in appearance such as feather color, beak color, and others.

Then, what are the facts of changing maturity in female duck? Here we go.

  • Complex vagina

In wild life, male will compete against each other to get their female, as well as duck. Entering the mating season, male duck will attract the attention of female duck. Female duck has a spiral vagina that they can ‘lock’ at will. If she is impressed with the male duck that trying to marry him, she will give access to open her sex and the sperm from male duck can enter. But if she isn’t impressed with male duck, duck female can lock their vaginal tightness so that male duck sperm cannot enter and the fertilization process will not occur. As we know, duck has a brutal sex life. They can mate throughout the year and produce eggs without stopping. Privileges like this might also be in order to protect or limit the duck’s body given the high level of productivity.

  • Molting

If not mature, female duck will certainly not be able to do molting. Molting is influenced by their instincts where this process is one of the processes that the female duck will undergo after laying eggs and as long as their eggs hatch perfectly. When molting, female duck will lose a lot of hair due to fluctuating hormones that occur in the body. We have explained more about molting in another article.

  • Nesting

Nesting may be a common thing for some people who are looking for information about duck, but nesting is something that is influenced by female duck instincts. Just like molting, nesting will not be by female duck who has not experienced maturity. Their motherly instincts will come out when they are old enough, right? During the process of mating female duck, it may look passive, but they build their own nest without the help of their partner. Some types of duck even have to struggle to build a nest because of their unique habits. Generally, the duck will build a nest on the ground, but some of them build a nest a little above the ground, precisely in the tree.

The process mentioned above is everything that will only be experienced by adult female ducks. Instinct and physical aspects are able to collaborate to control the female duck behavior which signifies maturity. The process of maturity is a normal process. That can have a big impact on the duck itself. Other abilities that they will achieve when they are adults are also like the ability to forage and swim for a long time. Hunting is also a sign of maturity.

Maturity is not a need or a demand, it is a thing that must be experienced. Adulthood cannot be avoided or prevented, perhaps in the transition period there will be problems such as stress but maturity is not merely a matter of pressure and burden of life. Lots of fun things and new experiences that will only be found when maturity is time.

Maturity signifies renewal in an individual. Change will always exist and be real. Change may have a positive and negative impact on an individual, but that does not mean that maturity is seen as a negative thing. Duck may be stressed during maturity, but that’s where they can begin the new stage of life.