Wood Duck Habit in Their Maturity Time

Wood duck is one type of wild duck that has beautiful fur. This duck are included in waterfowl even referred to as one of the most beautiful waterfowl in the world. Did you know that in 1918 this duck had been extinct due to poaching? Thank you to the wildlife management who saved this species from extinction many years ago.

The Wood Duck has 18 inches length. The male has a colorful head with a white throat and a partial neck-ring. The large crest is green. The eye is mostly orange/red. The female has brownish-grey with a darker crown and a broad white eye-ring that tapers to a point in back. Males plumage in winter is similar to female but retains some of the white facial markings.

Just like other types of ducks, Wood duck has special habits that might indicate that they are adults. Not only from increasing weight and height, the desire to marry is also a sign of maturity. Both male and female ducks have special signs of maturity. Usually male ducks will be more vocal to attract the attention of female ducks.

Then, have you curious what kind of Wood Duck habit is when it reaches maturity? Here we go.

  • Divers

This duck is known as the duck diver. Duck diver is duck who are looking for their food under water. Young Wood Duck might look for water on the surface of the water, but adult Wood Duck will look for it under water. Foods under the sea such as small fish are Wood Duck’s favorite foods. Wood Duck is often grouped with Mallard because of their living habit and foraging for food. They also live near the lake and make nests there.

  • Fluctuating when winter comes

Unlike other ducks that begin the process of mating without depending on the season, Wood Duck has a tendency to mate in the winter. They will start paying attention and stalking at female Wood Duck when winter arrives. The courtship of the female is a repeated flick of her bill back over her shoulder to which the male will respond by raising his wings and tail, turning the back of his head to her so that she can see the bright white feathers as he swims away.

  • Their move

When the mating process arrives, Wood Duck’s male will show more protective behavior in female Wood Duck. Even though female Wood Duck is an absolute determinant during the mating season, male Wood Duck will continue to try to make her like. If female Wood Duck is impressed, she will take part in male Wood Duck. This approach is carried out long before the actual mating season arrives. Wood Duck’s male search for his partner is naturally done during the winter. Usually in the fall season they have returned to their original place.

  • Migration

Wood Duck will immigrate when the breeding process comes. Because the process is usually carried out in the fall, Wood Duck will immigrate and arrive at their destination in April. Their journey is like this, after a long winter in the relatively frost-free southern United States, Wood Duck will migrate north to their Canadian breeding ground, arriving there by April. Pair formation may occur on the wintering grounds before or during spring migration, or on the breeding grounds if one of the pair is lost.

Changes will continue to occur during the age of living things. Like human, when born were helpless now are able to walk then run, were able to talk and then sing, were able to think and then make works, so duck too. From the beginning, they can only walk, then they can run and flap their wings. From the beginning, only a baby then now can produce babies. Everything is a change that signifies maturity. Maturity is not only measured in quantity but also quality. The more duck’s ability can be achieved, the better things are related to their maturity.

Maturity is a sure thing to happen. We can’t avoid it or reject it. It will occur naturally in every living thing. What we need to do as human is to facilitate their maturity properly and correctly. Since Wood Duck has experienced extinction, let’s not repeat the extinction for a second time. Protect them while we are all capable and empowered. Hunting is legal, but it will be more legal if we know which one to hunt which needs to be protected.