5 Forbidden Things That Should Not Be Done In Duck Laying Period

Duck momma needs special treatment during pregnancy until it will lay eggs. This special treatment is not only physical behavior but also psychological treatment. Treating them physically might be easy because it’s all the needs of living things such as eating or drinking. What’s more difficult is maintaining their psychic. Duck momma cannot communicate their feelings to us. They can only give a sign that we should be more sensitive to them.

As we know, the stress level of pregnant women will increase when it approaches the day of birth and that also applies to duck momma. The duck momma level stress will increase over time until the laying period come. Duck momma will be more sensitive at this time due to cell upheaval and hormones in her. You need to take care of and be careful to look after them.

There are some things you shouldn’t do with duck momma. Some of these restrictions aim to make them comfortable while maintaining the condition of the duck momma. The bad state of duck momma will also affect the quality of its product. You certainly don’t want to if the quality of your duck eggs is bad, right? The way to avoid this is to follow the following restrictions.

  • Let the duck momma in the same cage before

Separating duck momma when laying time comes is a thing to do. When laying eggs, duck momma will make nest from their base cage as cage place. This will make it difficult for duck momma when there are many duck populations that will prevent them from taking base cage at the same cage. Besides making nest, duck momma will also spread their eggs everywhere. With a large population in one cage, other ducks will be highly likely to step on duck eggs that have been hidden before. Therefore, leaving the momma duck in the same cage with the previous cage is prohibited because it increases the risk of crop failure, especially for duck egg farmers. It is strongly recommended that you have a spare cage for duck momma. This temporary cage is adjusted by your need for duck eggs. If you are a duck egg farmer, it is highly recommended that you make a triangular cage that will automatically deliver your eggs directly in a container. But if you are not a duck egg farmer, you only need to move the momma duck to a safer place that supports its habit when laying eggs.

  • Forcing them to eat

It is normal for the duck momma not to eat for days when laying eggs. You don’t need to worry they will starve. Therefore, it would be very unwise if you add more food to them. You don’t need to give him a lot of food moreover to force it. You only need to provide enough water to supply their energy. Forcing them to eat will only increase their level of stress. In addition, giving too much food will hinder their laying process. The pressing activity that they have to take to remove eggs with bodies that are too large due to overeating will endanger their lives.

  • Forcing them to shut up

It’s also normal for duck momma to make noise when they lay eggs. It is a form of anxiety, a form of pain, and the form of cell changes and hormones that she feels. When the duck momma starts to push, she will make a sound as an expression of pain and how hard it is to take the egg out. Having them shut up using rough methods also only increases their stress level. Then accept their natural voices while laying eggs.

  • Treating them harshly

We may not know what duck momma meant during their laying. Laying egg is indeed a big thing for duck momma, it also has a big impact for the emotional and themselves. Because of that lack of understanding, maybe some of us treat them harshly. Pulling, slamming, kicking, and saying with high notes to duck momma are things you shouldn’t do to her. In any case, you need to treat them well and gently even though you don’t understand how to treat them at all. Violent actions will only endanger the life and eggs of duck momma.

  • Give treatment for their hair loss

It is normal for the duck momma to face hair loss or what we know about molting. Usually, when molting their feathers are used to warm their eggs in the nest. Duck molting will hit the duck momma before and after the laying egg process. Providing treatment for their hair loss can be done when the duck momma is ready or, you don’t even need to do it because the new feathers will grow on their own. Treating feathers during laying eggs will endanger you because you might be attacked by them. Duck momma will be more sensitive when laying eggs, remember right?

By understanding the habits and signs they give, caring for duck momma is not as difficult as you might think. You just need to be sensitive so you can understand it. If you find something unusual, you can find information both on the internet and ask the duck farmers who knows better. You can also communicate to your trusted vet.