How to manage ducks for better eggs production

Duck is a poultry animal which means they can lay an egg for you in a period of time. Most of duck if taken care properly can lay an egg once a day during their mature ages. Daily egg productions could give you a lot of food supply not only just for your family to eat, but you can also sell them. If you have a backyard flock of ducks, and you are planning to make them laying ducks for egg production, then you might need a few tips to start up, manage, and control your egg production. Here, we are going to give you a few tips and directions on how to manage ducks for better eggs production.

The key to increasing eggs productions of ducks flock is by keeping them happy and well fed. Always provides them with nutritious foods daily, provides them with care, make sure to prevent them from being stressed out by anything, and always give a supplement to help boost growth and eggs production.

If you already have laying duck flocks, then you are ready to go for these next steps, but if you still starting from scratch, don’t have any flocks at all then you might need to consider seeing our other article on how to start up duck flocks for eggs productions and how to take care of ducks until mature and can lay eggs for you. If you are ready for steps on how to manage and increase duck eggs production, let’s start it now.

How to increase duck eggs production daily

There are three important points to take care of if you want to have steady, healthy and also great duck eggs production for your backyard flocks or larger scale duck farm production. The first point is feeding your ducks, housing and then lighting. In order to have better eggs production, all of these three points need to be taken care of and you must make sure your duck flocks receive all of these three important things. Now, let’s started on the first point, feeding your duck flocks.

  • Feeding your ducks

The quality of your duck eggs production depends much on their diets. You need to feed your laying ducks regularly. Usually, laying ducks et at least 6 to 8 ounces of feeds every day. The diet consists of at least 8 until 16 percent of protein. Too much protein isn’t good. You also need to let them out of their cage once in a while so they can forage for their own food supplement on their own like crustaceans and little insect.

The key is to make sure you regularly feed your ducks every day. Make sure you feed them every day, as they will need a lot of energy and nutrition for them to lay an egg for you. If you can’t feed them, then try to hire someone who can give them feeds regularly. Your duck diet should consist of pellets mixed with breadcrumbs and also supplements for your duck. You can get pellets and supplements for your duck from nearest poultry supply shop.

Some people also love to feed their ducks with starting crumbs. Starting crumb is a feed for baby duck so they can grow much faster. You mustn’t feed your adult duck with starting crumb since it contains very high protein. Too much protein will make your duck grow too fast, and they can have growing deficiency like angel wings.

  • Housing for your duck flocks

Housing is also very important things you need to consider if you want to have good quality egg productions. There are three factors that need to be fulfilled for good housing for your duck flocks. Good spacing, ventilation, and safe from predators. Keep your duck housing at good spacing, at least 3 square feet per duck. Make sure you have proper ventilation so it will be cool in the day but warm in the night. Most importantly, you need your duck housing to be safe from any kinds of a predator so your duck will be safe.

  • Lighting is also important

Duck egg productions are also affected by lighting. If they get the proper lighting and enough sunlight, they can produce a good quality egg without any problems at all. Make sure to let your duck outside for some time, so they can get sunlight and fresh air. Install ventilation so sunlight and air can come through your duck housing.

If you think that your duck can’t get enough sunlight, like when it is winter or rainy days, you need to provide a substantial amount of artificial light. At least 14 hours of artificial light should be good for your duck. You can use any kinds of lamps as your artificial light for your duck. There are also special lamps you can use to make your duck warm enough during winter or during rainy days.

Special tips to help you increase your duck egg production

The key to increasing your duck egg production is to make sure your egg laying ducks aren’t stressed. The lesser they stressed out, the more egg they can produce and the higher quality eggs they can lay out. To make sure they aren’t stressed out, keep the daily feeding and egg collecting always at the same time and make sure the eggs are collected by the same person so they won’t feel stressed by random guy collecting their eggs. Keeping your duck bedding and housing is also important, make sure to check on your duck nest and bedding daily. Since duck loves to swim, you also need to provide them with a swimming pond. You can give them a small pond or pool so they can happily swim inside them.

To manage and increase the quality of eggs production, you need to make sure your duck is always happy and less stressed out. Make sure to keep them safe from predator and stressing so they can give you the best quality eggs. Now, that’s it on how to manage ducks for better eggs production, If you want more tips and guides on taking care of your poultry, make sure to check out our other article here.