Is It Necessarry To Groom Your Dog At Professional Dog Grooming?

The answer of is it necessary to groom your dog at professional dog grooming is YES and NO.

There are times when you need to bring your dog to professional groomer and when you don’t. It depends on many reasons like your dogs type, the circumstance of your house, the weather and how much money will you spend for the dog. You might want to read it first 10 Facts Worth To Know About Dog Grooming For Beginners

When you need to go at professional dog grooming:

1. When your dog has long hair and has double layer coats

You need to groom your dog at professional dog groomer when your dog is medium or big and if your dog’s hair is long and has double coats. There are some popular dog clippers out there which promise you easy grooming but still, you might find it very hard to do in real life. Dirty and matted hair aren’t easy to clean especially the undercoat. It requires precision.

Grooming those kind of dogs needs dedicated time and efforts which not all dogs owners have. Besides, cutting of dogs hair is challenging, you can end up giving your dogs silly haircut. You can find 10 Healthy Reasons To Regularly Groom Your Dog

2. When your dogs live in hot and humid weather

Area with hot and humid weather contributes the speed of bacteria growth on your dogs body, so they need to go to the vet more often than dogs which live in colder area.

3. When your dog play in the watery soil or mud very often.

The risk to get matted hair is higher if your dogs are very active dogs which prefer to play outside for hours, especially in the mud and watery soil. And cleaning those mess are not as easy as it sounds so you need those pros in the vet. Come to the vet once every two months to get nice regular grooming for only about $60 including the tips according to the size of the dog. This article will show you about Methods To Keep Your Dog Dry In The Rain

4. When you don’t have the time to do it by yourself

One of the most obvious reasons why you need those professional groomers is when you don’t have the time to groom it by yourself. The consequence is that you must spent some more dollars to make someone do it for you.

Some dogs even have extreme nails grow like they grow inward facing their paw pads and it’s dangerous. The problem is when it is very hard to trim them without hurting the dog so you need professional help. Plus, you will need timetable to schedule to trim it regularly so you won’t forget and hurt their cute paws.

5. When your dogs don’t cooperate that much.

It’s not you, it’s the dog! If your dogs are not easy to handle, your DIY grooming session would take many time and effort. And when you had enough and couldn’t take it anymore, you would likely give up and just left the dogs either had bad haircut or unfinished manicure.

Some dog owners don’t even like to do some tasks such as brushing the dog’s hair because they are allergic to fur or some other reasons. Some may can’t stand of their dog worst behavior when handheld.

There are also times when you really questions that is it necessary to groom your dog at professional dog grooming and here are some reasons when you don’t have to.

When you don’t need to go at professional dog grooming:

1. When your dogs have short fur and only single layer coat.

Smaller and shorter hair dogs are more easy to groom since there are less space to clean and the hair are more like fur which are more visible and less risky to get matted. Single layer coat dogs sometime don’t require regular haircut so this must be easier to handle. Here is another article about Easy guide to take care of dog at home for beginners.

2. When your dog live in colder weather area.

Colder area don’t make your dogs sweat unless they are very energetic dogs. Thus, the spread of bacteria on the dogs body are slower than the dogs who live in hot humid area so they will need groom less often. Here is an article about 8 Natural Ways To Make Your Dog Smells Good All Day you might need to know.

3. When your dog play inside the house more often.

Dog experts say that dogs are better indoors since they are domestic pet who need so much attention. They may choose to keep themselves indoors because they don’t want to wait for their owner outside alone. Some dogs are stay at home because it is a rainy season, or simply extremely hot outside. Those dogs which stay indoors doesn’t need in-depth grooming in the vet.

4. When you don’t have extra money for the dogs.

You might want to bring your dog to the vet but you just don’t have the money because you have spent them on other things like the nutritious dog foods, cages, toys and shampoos so you decide to take care of them by yourself. Don’t feel bad about not taking your dogs to the vet because it is not always necessary.

5. When you have the time and ability to groom them yourselves.

You don’t have to go the vet if you are a vet yourself, or at least you have the skill! Save some dollars and spent more intimate time with your lovely dogs. Or, that is your dogs which are naturally easy to groom so you don’t have to visit the vet very often. Some dogs which are quite easy to groom are the American Pit-bull Terrier, Beagle, Boxer, Chihuahua, and the Greyhound.

Learn more about your dog by reading, asking the vets, and have discussions with other dog owners so you can get proper information of how and why your dogs need to be groomed. Hope they help you so you are no longer asking yourself that is it necessary to groom your dog at professional dog grooming.

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