4 Important Reasons That You Must Take Your Cat To Vet Regularly

Bring your cat to vet regularly is an effort to keep their healthy. Even thought we can do home remedies for them, if we don’t have enough experience to solve it home remedies can make it worst. So, are we bring our cat only when they are sick? It is absolutely nope. You can bring […]

Is It Necessarry To Groom Your Dog At Professional Dog Grooming?

The answer of is it necessary to groom your dog at professional dog grooming is YES and NO. There are times when you need to bring your dog to professional groomer and when you don’t. It depends on many reasons like your dogs type, the circumstance of your house, the weather and how much money […]

Is Garlic Safe For Dogs? Get to Know 6 Facts Here

Is garlic safe for dogs? As a dog lover, you may have heard about this issue. Then, you try to find out about the right answer. A lot of positive and negative information you get about garlic for dogs. Some say that garlic can kill dogs. On the other hand, some argue that garlic is […]

7 Important Facts of Rabbits Before You Decide to Pet Them

Nowadays many people urge to have a pet at home. Many reasons follow with these trends. Certain people look for the entertainment whiles the others for the beneficial of earning money from the pets. Whatever your reasons are you need to explore the few important facts of rabbits before you decide to pet them. Even […]

How to Tell That Your Rabbit’s Pee and Poop Normal?

Now you have set everything on the track, right? You get your pet at home now. During your excitement of having new feline feather bunny friends, it is good to keep an eye for any aspect that might come along with their new journey in your house. Anyway, have you named them? Yes of course […]

20 Warning Signs That You Must Take Your Dog to The Vet – Immediate Handling

Symptoms of the disease in dogs can vary, ranging from mild to severe and requires medical treatment. Some of the symptoms that a dog has may indicate a disease, but it is not a severe type of disease and does not require immediate treatment. Other symptoms such as loss of consciousness, seizures, difficulty breathing or […]

How to take care of fighting rooster

Being a farmer is not far like parents. When you have some pets to rise and live together, are not far different like when you have children to raise as well. Sometimes not all the good things run in harmony. An obstacle is something that gets along the way every day. Sometimes is not easy […]

How to take care of a sick chicken

When you have a flock of chicken it will lead you to learn more about it deeper. You will figure out how they giving a birth, how they grow, how they act, even their characteristic every single day. Things that you never imagine before. As you know, every living creature has a limitation. It will […]