3 Easy Methods To Keep Your Dog Dry In The Rain

Dogs is just like the sunshine that bring the light into our lives, make it brighter and full of joyfulness each day. Watch them welcoming us home from our tiring days are such a treasure and pleasant thing – even though the forecast is not always bright and sunny. But seeing their happiness will absolutely recharge our energy.

Even in the rainy season, the cold would not dim their light. Some dogs – without any fears and doubt – willingly would join the rain down and dancing with them, splashing any puddles with their legs playfully in the back yard. And some others prefer to stay quite and stay as far as they could from the rain that pour down – observed it like it is their enemies.

Yes, it is all depends on your dogs, and as the owner – our job is to support, encourage them and be sure that we are giving all their needs properly. Make them as happy, comfortable, and most important is safe as possible. The problem is, if your dogs are the big fans of rain, and you unsure do you have to let them out or playing in the middle of rainy situation?

Because we know a lot dangerous things happen during the rain – especially a lot of diseases. Skin problems, lethargy, itching, and fungal infection that also might attack their skins. Not included any another disease from bacteria and other viruses out there.

Well, if you worry about it, all you need to do is to make sure that your dogs are dry during their enjoyable moment in the rainy season. How is that possible? There is 3 easy methods to keep your dog dry in the rain which is you can implement it in your live – and would relieve you – because you would know that your beloved creature will be safe and sound!

1. Weatherproof The Dog’s House

This is for the owner who owned the dog that you trained to lived in separated place outside the house. Well, commonly people will let their dog to stays inside with them – but in many cases – sometime the condition is does not support this to happened. Because of many reasons included the dog itself or the house or the people.

Sometime the house is too little to let the dog also stay inside. Or, there is family members whose has the allergies to fur or animals. And sometimes, the problem is about the dog itself. It could be that the dog is too big, aggressive, and too obnoxious to let them stay inside – this is of course – for the benefits of everyone, not because we are cruel or something.

With this case, you must take an extra responsibility that must be fulfilled, which is to be sure that you give your dog the proper lodging. If you let your dog lived outside in the doghouse, it is a must waterproof the doghouse. This aim to protect your dog from the extreme weather such the rain, snow, wind, and hot burning sun light.

You could begin with build the ground thick and sturdy enough, so if the ground is wet because of rain, it does not penetrate the actual doghouse floor. And the doghouse walls should be very strong to resist extreme wind or storm, so you don’t have to worry it’s gonna collapse. You also could choose resistant materials that could restrain the possibility of the wet doghouse such plastics material. So, your dog will absolutely safe from the rain and cold temperature.

2. Choose The Covered Area

This for you who want to take your dog walk in the rain. First thing first, it is suggested that you to take a walk only in the light rain condition not in the heavy one. It is to much risk you have to burdened if you decided to take your dog out in the heavy rain situation. So, make sure that you’re going out in the safest condition and situation as possible.

If both of you decided to take a walk in the light rain, make sure you choose the easiest and empty roadway. Don’t choose the area which is practically hard to cross (with a lot of high points), very slippery, and crowded with a lot of transportation.

And if you want to keep your dog as dry as possible, you should consider taking railway which is covered with roofs. You could choose to walk in the stores area, because usually a store always has a canopy and roof that could protect both of you from rain. You also could choose the track which is surrounded with trees. These trees gonna hold back the rain and spared both of you from it.

3. Provide The Rainy Day Items!

The last thing you should know of 3 easy methods to keep your dog dry in the rain – and probably the easier and safest way to guarantee the dry of your dog is provided the rainy day items to them! You could search and buy it via online these days, or simply just by it in the pet store. This is the list of the items that you could provide to your precious one to keep them from the naughty rain.

  • Doggie Raincoat

When the rain comes down – in supposedly the walk time – don’t be afraid, you could wear your pals with the doggie raincoat. The raincoat gonna protect them from contact with the rain and make sure they were dry enough during the walk.

  • Doggie Rain Booties

If you worried about your dog sensitive paws or just worried that they gonna drag some mud or another dirty things from the ground, then you could just buy them these rain waterproof booties. Yes, these booties absolutely gonna protect yo dog from any foreign object that could harm your dog.

  • Doggie Waterproof Blanket

The waterproof blanket used to transport your dog during a rainy day. This blanket could be use indoor and outside, and keep your dog’s belonging (toys, bone, and other stuff) dry.

  • Doggie Soup food

Yes, if don’t know – our dogs also has soup food sell for them. This soup will keep your dog warm after walk in the rain, or simply just to make them warm during the rainy season.

The point is, keep watching your beloved dog and make sure that they are dry enough during the rain. Don’t forget to brush them with towel every time they have been outside, and make sure that they are always warm no matter where they are and doing.