Is It Safe To Keep A Dog Outside In Rainy Season?

Is it safe to keep a dog outside in rainy season? That is a very common question for every dog’s owner when we are entered the rainy season. Dr. Sarah Tauber, a veterinarian from DoveLewis Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital in Portland, Oregon said: it is best, in general, to take a breaks outside during heavy rain and save the outdoor play in the better weather.

Even though dog routine a lot simpler than human (the owner), but, still, they have some routine that should be fulfilled no matter what weather we are on in. And yes, the rain is one of the common situation that will disturb the regular daily routine, and yes, basically – it’s quite annoying. Rains never spare neither human nor animal.

One example of many activities that would be disrupted is a walk. Your dog needs to be walked every single day, it is part of their regular daily routine and it is a must. Walk known as the habit that would keep your dog’s healthy state stable in physically and mentally.

But what if the weather being uncooperative? Should we skip the walk or keep doing it in the rain? We are going to learn about it now: is it safe to keep a dog outside in rainy season?

Almost every veterinarian thinks and agree that there’s nothing wrong with walking your dog in the rain, as long as you keep precautions to your dog. Some dogs such retrievers and some other breeds do love the rain, because these dogs are used to water, but there are some dogs not used to it –  hate it, avoid it, and will try to skip the walk.

If it rains and you feel that the temperatures is drop (cold), and still decided to take your dog on a walk, you should give them a proper protection to keep them from rain as much as possible, you must keep them warm. Always pay attention that your dog is warm enough even though the temperature outside is drop.

The easier way to make it painless for your dog  when you walk them in the rainy weather is to looking for the covered area, place, or side road which is has many shelters that will block the rain for both of you. If you can’t find it, you simply could persuade you dog to take a walk in the area that has trees to protect them from rain. It’s gonna limit the amount that you and your dog have to endure.

But there is the most safest way to protect your dog from the rain is to wear the the raincoat. Also, you could use the umbrella while both of you enjoying the walk. So, it is fine and okay if you keep this routine during the rainy season, as long you could be responsible to your dog. But, there is some dangerous aspect, that you have to consider if you want to walk and let your dog outside during the rain.

Low Visibility

The low visibility is something that you should consider to not let your dog outside during the rain. This perspective is more concerning in human mistake. The rain – when it’s comes down – it could block the viewing of the drivers. The point is, the drivers whose cannot see well while their driving, could be the major safety risk for the dogs.

Dr. Michelle Danna, practice manager and medical director of Boston Street Animal Hospital, in Baltimore said that there is high possibility that dogs might get spooked by the heavy rain and thunder or lightning, this could make them run out into the street, which is – you could make a guess – this is not a good story line for the driver and the dog.

The dog and the driver safety in low visibility is main point why walk and playing outside during the rain should be discouraged. If it just a light rain, perhaps you could take a walk around your neighborhood, and view blocks from your house. But if it the heavy one, you should consider in twice before you take a walk.


What about lightning? Yeah, you should consider it twice or there is a possibility that you and your dog – both of you – could be the victim of lightning strike. That is very unpleasant thing. It is rare, yeah, but don’t ever underestimate the mother nature power, my friends. Not only frightening your dog and make them jump on the street, it could strike the two of you.

Danna said, any metal might be attract the lightning, even the harmless umbrella. If you hear and see a lightning and thunder, it is recommended for you to seek shelter as soon as possible. Also you should avoiding the trees and the high point along the way as best as you could.

If by any chance that your dog has a name tag and it’s from a metal one, perhaps getting rid it off is the good thing. The chance that your dog gonna jump and run into the street is very high, so it is the best and very wise move if you just stay inside. The safety of you dog and yourself should be number one priority.


It is very cute right to see your dog enjoying playing and splash the puddles? But do you know, the second your dog having contact with it, it could introduce them with a lot of variety dangerous bacteria. Dr. Tauber continued, there are bacteria such leptospirosis, giardia and both of them is the caused of infectious and dangerous diseases.

You should never forget to get your dog vaccinated if your dog is the one that very enjoying the rain and often to make a lap on the puddles or other standing water. You could offer plenty of water to your dog before going outside, this aim to discourage your dog by any chance, drinking water from other sources.