3 Kinds of Squirrel Traps which is Safe to Use

As rodent species, squirrels become one of the most anticipate creature to invade your property. Yes, I have to admit squirrel makes everyone confused, one side they would make us melt with their cuteness, but in another side, they could bring so much misery – especially for whom they invaded. Of course, we could never generalize every squirrel as bad one, because I am sure we are aware of the fact that they were pet squirrel and wild squirrel, and mostly due the destruction was associated with the wild ones.

There are many species roamed the surface of earth, let’s take examples such as fox squirrels, flying squirrels, eastern grays squirrels, and even ground squirrels (which branched into several other species). Also, some squirrels are called based on their distribution location such as Texas Squirrels, Japanese Squirrels, and California ground squirrels (one of the example of ground species squirrel). In the wildlife, squirrels are build up their nest up on the trees which is most of the time used the tree cavity dens as the nest.

Squirrel nest become important thing for their survival; it provides the protection from predator sight and of course the dangerous extreme temperature during particular seasons. Although originated as wild animals, these days, many people already took this species as pet. But, however, you must obey to the regulations that applied in your local area, because squirrels are classified as exotic animals in many countries. So, there are many tasks you should fulfill due to bring them inside your house.

Therefore, I suggest you to read this to learn basic things before you register yourself as squirrel owners: 3 things you need to know about pet a squirrel. Furthermore, pet squirrel might be very adorable and attractive to watch; they were very active and fun to play with, but unfortunately it’s not the case with wild squirrels. Although it’s not always happened, wild squirrels could invade your property and bring the destruction upon your land; this is the nightmare of all farmer.

Apparently, we can’t separate their behavioral from most of other rodent species: they love to destroy things. Well, although we can’t say that what they have done is completely wrong, because – of course – in their opinion, they were just looking for foods to eat. This might be the reason why so many people – especially the ones who owned gardens and beautiful yards – using traps as the solution of squirrel invasions.

But, however, we need to understand that capturing squirrel doesn’t mean you have to kill those squirrels. Therefore, today we would discuss about 3 kinds of squirrel traps which is safe to used to catch naughty squirrels that try to steal fruits or vegetables from your beloved garden!

Squirrel Invasion

Squirrel invasion become a big deal, especially around Northeast, East Coast, and Midwest area of United States of America. These squirrel apparently would bring so much misery to farmers and people at large because of their destructive habit. They would devour crops and chewing people’s building wires. In short words, it only brings loss than the benefits for people in majority.

Many researchers have come with ideas of how to control squirrels populations, because free-fire is unfortunately out of the table. There reviled two options that still considered: first one is vaccination to prevent rodent sex hormones, second is squirrels contraception-laced. There no further information about the appliance of these two methods, all that people could do is protect their property with manual ways (actually pretty helpful though). Could you guess it? Yes, most people would use traps to press squirrels population around their places.

Luckily, there are many people who cares for squirrels lives so they were decided not using something dangerous like pesticide or worse, kill the creatures – although, there’s some people who considered annihilate is the best option for this particular problem. I hope you’re not one of them. So, these are 3 kinds of squirrel traps which is safe to use.

1. Conibear Duke No.110 Magnum Body Trap

I have to admit that the name is a little bit scary than it should be, but nonetheless, it is one of the safety trap you could use to capture naughty wild squirrels. Duke 110 magnum is a body gripping trap which is made of 4.5 inches jaw spread. This trap become scientist recommendation for people who dealing with rodent (especially squirrel).

However, I must warn you that the set-up of this trap is complicated and at least you need twenty minutes of installation for each traps. But, considering the effectiveness of this trap (also based on people’s experiences) it’s very worth to try. But, although this trap would not kill the squirrel, it considered as powerful trap, so make sure you set it up far away from children and your pet.

2. The Tube Squirrel Trap

The next one is tube squirrel trap; one of the classic type of trap to capture gophers but also squirrels. The trap made of lethal; how it works? The spring would trigger when there’s a squirrel come and enter at least 3 inches in the trap (accumulate that the squirrel reach the middle of the tube), then – puufff – the trap would snap immediately.

The tube trap is sturdy and it weights about six to seven pounds which completed with a spring triggered loop. The size of the trap is about 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches in length. All you should do is push down the spring bar, flip the trigger wire, and put the trigger wire into the hole and the trap is ready.

3. Havahart Two Doors Trap

The last trap of the list is Havahart trap which is designed as the most classic trap we could found. One of the most safety and being recommended by most of the people; the Havahart trap length is about 18 inches. If you look for the larger one, luckily, there’s available a larger version which is designed with 26 inches in length and 7×7 inches opening.

This trap was worked for most of the animals such as weasels, rats, chipmunks, and of course squirrels. Equipped with a very sensitive trigger, no need to worry of the escape targets anymore!