Let’s Get Closer with Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is also known as Cendrawasih belongs to Paradisaeidae family from Passeriformes ordo. They are found in East Indonesia, Torres Papua New Guinea, and East Australia. The King size is 50 grams and 15 centimeters, and adult Cendrawasih black sickle beak is 110 centimeters and Cendrawasih crestel-roll on 430 grams. Here’s a view things that make you closer with the Bird of Paradise.

Papuans often wear Cendrawasih feathers for their clothes and customs, and since view centuries ago it was important to make women’s hat in Europe. The hunted for looking their further was impact for them population which now is threat to extinct. Also, breaking their habitat cause illegal logging make it worst. Hunting of Cendrawasih was really booming in the end 19 centuries and the early 20 centuries. But now, Cendrawasih is protected and take only for ceremony of local tribe.

Cendrawasih has spread zone in rainy forest tropic, lowland forest, hills and mountains of the southern of the island of Irian, from sea level to an altitude of 1.500 meters. Cendrawasih is a type of polygamy animal. The male will lure the couple with dance rituals that show off their beautiful feathers. They are also belongs to sing bird. The adult has red further, orange and the combination of the two on his stomach. And for his throat there are dark green, and in his chest its color is brown. His tail is like two black ropes. The female is smaller than the male with brown face and doesn’t have ornament feathers. The name of this species is an honor of his founder from Genoa, Italy named Francis Raggi. Cendrawasih is national fauna of Papua New Guinea.

Their Kind

Here will explaining some kind of Cendrawasih:

  • Lesser Bird of Paradise

The length is around 32 centimeters. The front of their body is red and the back is yellow. The female has brown head and white chest. And the male has green area on his throat and a couple white long tailed. They are eating insect and fruit.

  • Raggiana Bird of Paradise

The original of south-east the island of the Irian has 34 centimeters length. They have red-grey feather, the foot are brown and yellow eyes. The female is smaller and brown feather, and the male has yellow crown and green feather on his throat.

  • Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

They have 3 times longer tailed from their long body, almost 32 centimeters. The female is brown and the male is black-green. Unfortunately, this bird belongs to animal rare in Indonesia.

  • Blue Bird of Paradise

When he grows, they can be 31 centimeters. Generally they have black body, brown foot, and dark brown eye. The male has blue wings and called as blue bird.

  • Red Bird of Paradise

This bird is from Raja Ampat (Papua). It has 33 centimeters lengths. The female is smaller than the male. The feathers are red, yellow beak, and there are green feathers above his eyes. On his back there are iconic couple tails. They are usually eating for arthropod and fruit.

  • King of Saxony Bird of Paradise

It has 22 centimeters but has special feathers for 41 centimeters to hook up the female. The body is black, grey foot, and yellow eye. The female is 19 centimeters and they can find in Jayawijaya Mountain.

  • Wilson’s Bird of Paradise

This Indonesia’s endemic Cendrawasih has 21 centimeters length. The female is smaller and the male has black body, cross ref-yellow neck, blue foot, blue beak, and a couple purple tails. Like other Cendrawasih he eats insect and fruits.

  • Goldie’s Bird of Paradise

The endemic of Papua New Guinea has 33 centimeters lengths. It has brown-olive feathers. The male has mouth, beak, and foot which all are grey and their chest is blue. It has a couple long tails and also it eats for fruits.

  • Magnificent Bird of Paradise

It has 26 centimeters lengths but also has complex feathers. The female has brown body and cream egg colors, and the male has green chest, yellow wings, yellow neck, and blue foot. A couple of their rolled tails its color blue-green. They spread out on hills and Papua New Guinea’s forest and its land.

  • Vitoria’s Riflebird

Yidinjian call it as Duwuduwu. It is endemic fauna of Queensland, Australia. It has 23-25 centimeters lengths. The male has purple shiny feather, the lower chest is silver and blue-green head. The female has brown on its low body and pale eyebrow. They are eating for insect and fruit for its tree. They are usually can open the skin of fruit with that claw and beak.

  • Princess Stephanie’s Astrapia

Carl Hunstein found this bird in 1884. The name was from Princess Stephanie from Belgium. This bird is endemic of middle-east of Papua New Guinea. It has 37 centimeters lengths. The head is mixed of purple-green-blue, and the female has mixed of deep brown-black-blue head.

  • Twelve-wired Bird of Paradise

It has 33 centimeters lengths. The male is red and has black beak, and the female is brown-black. The foot are pink has powerful and so big. From behind, the male has 12 black filaments like wares and back rolled.

  • Paradise Crow

It has 34 centimeters and black smooth feather. It is also has black beak and the voice like barking dog. Basically both male and female is similar but always the female is smaller. They are endemic of lowland forest of North Maluku, Indonesia.

  • Glossy-mantled Manucode

This bird is 42 centimeters, commonly moving alone or as a couple. They have green-purple-blue shiny feather, black beak, red eye, and long tail. Whole of their life spend in branch for looking food. Like another kind, it likes arthropod and fruits.

  • Jobi Manucode

This bird is similar like with crow. As the name, it spreads in lowland forest of Pulau Jodi and area of Papua New Guinea. It has 34 centimeters lengths. Both of the male and female is similar and the female is smaller and like dull.

  • Crinkle-collared Manucode

It has 36 centimeters lengths and also as housemate of hill forest and lowland in Papua New Guinea and Pulau Misool, West Papua. Its color is blue-green with blue-black shiny. The eyes is red, the tail is long, with green chest. The female is smaller and less purple touch.

  • Superb Bird of Paradise

This bird has 26 centimeters. The male is black and the female is brown. The female population is low, but they are very selective when choosing the male. After rejecting 15-20 males, the female accept to mate with one chosen male. The birds are usually found in all rainy forest of Papua New Guinea and they like to dance for lure her partner.

  • King Bird of Paradise

It has red feather along his body, with black foot and yellow beak. The tail is not long but has a couple like ropes which has like blue doughnut in the end.

  • Magnificent riflebird

This bird has black feather all along the body and blue feather on its chest with black foot. It has long black beak too.

  • Semioptera wallaci

Both of the face and the foot are orange. The feather is blue and green on that chest. They are look like teen cock.

This bird was also using as mascot in Asian Games 2018 Jakarta-Palembang. Every silver medalist got the doll of them and same as Javanese Rhino, Cendrawasih aslo being star seller in official store of Asian Games 2018. As God’s blessing, we have to contribute for keeping and campaigning the protection of threated endangered floras and faunas. That was a view things that inform you about Cendrawasih or Bird of Paradise.