4 Answers about Mother Cat that Acting Weird after Giving Birth

A mother cat or you can call as a “queen” to be totally taking care of her children for the first weeks after delivery. Although it looks normal and pleasant, you should still pay attention and understand the usual and unusual behaviors of a mother cat especially after giving birth. If you see something is wrong in your cat behaviors, you will know and understand what you should do for helping her. You should observe the new mother regularly to make sure her condition.

Mother cat is endearing, beautiful, enchanting, even confusing. One moment she looks so happy spending time with her kittens. She moves, feeds, hugs them, however, other times they seems to ignore even she can reject her kittens. Her instinct tells her to protect their kittens, so she can make some of weird actions. She suddenly can whine, meow a lot, angry when you touch her, and sticks her bum in the air a lot. In previous time, she never acted like this. As the owner you will be so confused with her changing actions.

Don’t panic with her changing actions. It is very normal for mother cat who has already delivered her kittens. Her changing actions will stay only at first, second week after giving birth. After this phase, she will be going back to normal behavior. Here are 4 answers about mother cat that acting weird after giving birth

1. Aggression towards human

After delivering her kittens, mother cat can be so stressful and full of worries. Even, the gentle, endearing, sweet, and good-natured cat can suddenly become aggressive, hissing, weird and growling maniac when she becomes a mother. You should know and understand that it is a normal condition. Remember, just provide privacy for mother cat. Privacy is an important thing for mother cat. Don’t be paranoid.

Just like human, no matter what a mother cat will protect her babies. If it is her first time, she will be so confused what she should do for protecting them. That’s way she will do everything even extreme thing to keep her babies safe. Your sweetest cat sometimes gets a hard time for understanding her people around even YOU as the owner. She thinks that her people will harm her babies. Therefore, she will be so aggressive towards every person who comes too close her kittens. She may claw, or meow a lot as her rejected expressions. The thing you need to do is only watching your cat and her babies interaction. When mother cat start harm her kittens or does not taking care of her kittens, you should provide yourself to help them. Of course, this behavior is strange for your cat, but trust me it is totally natural and will be disappear soon.

2. Moving her babies

Most cats may move their babies from one place to other places every day. On the other hand, other cats only do it if they feel frightened or disturbed. Once more, privacy is everything for cat (mother cat). As the owner, you should know that moving kittens to different place is normal behavior. In addition, moving kittens will prevent them from predators that is threatening. Any other cats such as domestic cats will do the same thing as well to transfer her babies from her box into other locations.

Therefore, you should provide some boxes in some places which is possible to put their babies. For instance, your cat will find a quiet, private, and peace place. Usually it can be the corner of closet or laundry room, so you can put proper box in there. Remember, your cat is so in love with privacy. Let mother cat move their kittens as much as she wants. She tries to know what her babies need. You just need to keep watch them. If it is potentially dangerous for both, provide yourself as the helper and savior.

3. Calling her babies

The kittens will grow up over time. They will start playing outside, wandering out, and YES you will hear their mother making mewing noises. She may mew a lot as she is finding her babies. She mews to make sure their kittens do not wander too far. Just like human, mother cat also will be so worried if her babies wander too far.

When she calls (mews), it means expecting the time to go home. If they do not, she will be more talkative and making louder calls. Meoww, meeowww, meow, meoowww, meowww…… Don’t think that it is so disturbing. Mewing her kittens loudly is the one of way to protect them from dangers. If mother cat calls loudly and in many times, but the kittens have not appeared themselves yet. You should check whether the babies are trapped or lost in some places.

4. When to intervene and visit the vet

Mother cats have some of problems after giving birth, but some don’t. They always give us the signs for us to know her conditions. Mother cat’s health is important for her. Each day you should monitor and check your cat behaviors. Here are several signs which indicate your cat wrong behaviors:

  • The mother cat ignores her kittens.
  • The mother cat is not nursing her babies.
  • The mother cat is not eating.
  • The mother cat is not grooming her babies.
  • The mother cat acts aggressively to her babies.

If your cat displays these signs, you can start visit the vet to get special treatment, recipe, and so on for your cat. It is better to visit the vet earlier, so you can get regular schedule for checking your mother cat and her babies health. Remember that check up is priority. You should concern about any diseases after mother cat delivered her babies. They are dysgalactia, galactostatis, mastitis, eclampsia, and metritis. It sounds so strange for you as you are not veterinarian. That’s way visiting the vet is a crucial step to prevent any diseases for both of mother cat and her babies.

It is an exciting time for us as the owner when our cat has babies. Before giving birth is a precious time for you taking care your cat as well for after giving birth. On the other hand, if this is your first time having a mother cat, if your cat acts weird after giving birth, you do not to be paranoid and worried. Don’t panic if you are being anew parent or owner for the first time if your cat gave birth. These 4 answers about mother cat that acting weird after giving birth can help you taking care of your mother cat and her kittens.