7 Things Your New Rabbit Is Trying To Tell You

Rabbit is like other animal which want to show off their meaning. As the owner or nearest people with rabbit more over the new rabbit, you have to know that some things of new rabbit’s behaviors are to inform you something. It is important for you to know because only with this way you can communicate with your rabbit. You have to auto-sense of every rabbit’s moves to make it easier. It may need more of energy but it also makes you fun to learn new experiences. So you and your rabbit will learn each other to understand each other.

Basically all animals have their special behavior to some means of. It can for sign their territory, mark their own toilet, mark their favorite place, and also show to people what their feel. It is also as their defense mechanism. So it depends to situation and condition. But, how is it with rabbit? Here will explain about 7 things your new rabbit is trying to tell you

  • Rubbing his chin

Have you ever feel you rabbit is rubbing its chin into your feet or body? Or have you ever seen your rabbit is rubbing its chin into their cage or sofa’s feet? Well basically every rabbit did it. But thing you have to know what is the rabbit doing it for? The rabbit is trying to mark its territory by rubbing its chin. It isn’t the only way to mark the territory. They can use their poop or piss to mark their territory. But when your rabbit is rubbing its chin into you, so congratulations! It means that you belong to him. It means that he loves you so much and also said thank you for your loving and caring for them. You better let them do that and don’t try to ruining them because there is not bad meaning about shows the love.

  • Poop on your favorite stuff

Well it is a bad behavior of your rabbit. You may be feels so angry toward them. But have you think why your rabbit poo on your favorite stuff? It means that you already disturb them. It makes them mad and replies for your behavior that hurt them. Not only people who can feel revenge, but also animal. They are really mad on you, but when it can revenges over you they are just poop on your favorite. So what you can do with this situation? Just change your caring over him. Treat him well but still make him comfortable.

  • Spray his piss

You may feel your rabbit is jerk when their spray their piss. But you know why they do that? Well it isn’t only people who can make defense mechanism, but also animal. When they spray their piss into your face when you caring it and place it in front of your face, that’s absolutely mean that you hurt him. May be your caring way is disliked by them, moreover it still new rabbit. He doesn’t know you, and also you don’t know about him. You and your rabbit have to adapting each other. It isn’t recommended for you to caring them directly. You can start it with stroking their body softly. So you better care them when you sure that he already know you and you already know about their habit.

  • Get down into the floor

Your new rabbit surely do the adapting process. We can’t force them to be what we want directly. All the process is step by step. When you rabbit is get down into the floor, it means that he fells scared. It means that he builds defense mechanism especially for something big which moving toward him. You better act like you don’t see him. That’s make your rabbit feels safe. Don’t try to get closer with him when he makes defense because he will attack you. Please, be patient.

  • Snarling his teeth

When your rabbit is snarling his teeth, it means that he feels hurt. In this situation, your rabbit need of your help. You better being the owner who responsive on this situation. He really needs your help as soon as possible. You better bring him into vets.

  • Screaming

Have you heard your rabbit is screaming? If it yes, that was terrible condition. Rabbit is also can scream and it is loud, not safe for your ear. When your rabbit is screaming, it means that he really scares or sick. Same as human, we also scream when look ghost or feeling headache, right? So does with rabbit. When he screams when you lift him, you better put his down quickly. When he screams when you put him on his cage, you better open up the cage.

  • Biting

Every animal is surely biting. But when he bites into the things which is not his food moreover he bites your finger, it means that your rabbit is build his defense. We have to remind that rabbit is an animal-haunted. On his wildlife they are usually catch by predator. To protecting himself, the rabbit is usually bites his enemy. Maybe your treatment is disliked by your rabbit. It causes your rabbit assumed you as his enemy. So he will bite you. But this habitual can be change by your training and introducing. Your new rabbit have to be introducing with his new life as your own. Make him know that all on his around is safe and not will hurt him. Train them to not biting because you are will protect him. You are not his enemy. What you can do with? Of course by your patient and your true love to treat him well. Make he trusts you.

All people are usually said that the process isn’t betrays the result. When we as the owner of rabbit, decided to bring him into our house, we have to know about the risks. We have to try understand and learn each other with our rabbit. We can’t put our rabbit to always follow us, but we have to try to know him. Even though animal and people is different, it doesn’t mean they can’t be friend. Please, don’t place you as the owner but place you as your rabbit’s friend. It may scare him firstly, but if you get used to often interact with him you will make him trust you.

And also, we have to know that everything has a process. Everything you and your rabbit do it isn’t accepted directly. Learn about his behavior and habitual will help you to know the means of you rabbit. Every learning is takes the time, including this process. So your patient will challenge much in this case. You can still angry, you can still mad, but don’t try to hurt your rabbit. If you love him so much, you surely can’t hurt him.

So that’s all the explaining about 7 things your new rabbit is trying to tell you. It must be fun if you bring the new rabbit on your house. Please, treat him well. Hopefully the explaining above will helps you a lot.