9 Long-haired Cat Breeds with Their Lovely Characteristics

Do you think a cat with silky and luscious fur is more lovely? When the cat has extra-long hair, some people may find it more to love. Many breeds have long and short-hair versions, however, the cats with longer and more abundance of fur will hold special appeal for their glamour looks. Some cat breeds are also perfect to be kept at home as pets. Get the most popular breeds in the world.

Most people will think of “Persian” cat when they think of long-hair cat breeds. However, Persian is not the only one. There are some other cat breeds who offer a variety of personality characteristics with their luscious long fur. Let’s find out more about these 9 long-haired cat breeds and the characteristics which make them extra special.

  • Persian

Just as being told before, people will think of Persian as the only cat breed which has long hair. Persian is known to be originated from Turkish Angora cats which crossed with other long-haired cat breeds, such as from Persia, Afghanistan, Burma, China, and Russia.

The Persian cat is well-known for its silky white coat, however, there is another variety of colours too. If you wish to have Persian cat at home, make sure you read this misunderstanding in treating Persian cat you must know.

  • Himalayan

Himalayan cats are known to have sweet, affectionate, and mild-tempered characteristics. They enjoy calm and quiet environments. The Himalayans also tend to have lighter colour of body with a darker part on the face with tail fur.

The Himalayans may look similar to Persian cats, as they both have large and round head, short ears, and a short nose. They can also have blue eyes!

  • Japanese Bobtail

Besides being a long-haired cat breed, Japanese Bobtail is also known as a playful, highly social and mischievous cat breed. They also enjoy playing fetch just like dogs.

They may live an average of 15 to 18 years. Regarding to their physical appearance, Japanese Bobtails have medium size body which rarely weigh more than 10 pounds. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Japanese Bobtail is also one of the oldest cat breeds and many people believed this cat breed will bring good luck and prosperity.

  • Siberian

Some people believe that the grand Siberian is the mother of all long-haired cat breeds. They have long, thick, and protective coat. This feature provides a longstanding trait attributed to the climate of their homeland in Russia.

Siberian cats are very friendly and affectionate. They will likely follow you around the house and climbing into your lap when you sit into a chair. They are also known active and enjoy playing fetch as well as learning tricks.

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  • Turkish Angora

This long-haired cat breed is a medium and large cat breed. Turkish Angora was domesticated as early as the 17th century in the Ankara region or Turkey. Turkish Angora is also known as playful, affectionate, and loyal.

If you wish to have one, there is one thing you should pay attention to. This cat breed requires a fair amount of grooming. They also do shed a good amount.

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  • Ragdoll

Ragdolls are medium-sized cat breeds. They have silky fur, and lighter colours and shadings. They have very affectionate, smart, and playful characteristics. They love and enjoy cuddling in your laps and snuggling in your bed.

They also love being picked up and held. This cat breed is able to get along with all the family members as they have lovable personalities. They make great pets for families!

  • Norwegian Forest

Norwegian Forest cats weigh up to 16 pounds. They enjoy jumping around and exploring the house. They are friendly with family members, but less with guests.

This cat breed doesn’t need much attention from the owners as they are content to entertain themselves. They are also able to stay in the same room as their owners and other cats and dogs too.

  • Ragamuffin

These beautiful and extra-large cats can weigh up to 20 pounds. Despite their big size, they are actually gentle with loving and sweet personalities. They can get along wit other cats, as well as dogs, and have calm personalities. That’s why they are great as family pets.

Ragamuffin cats have several colours, starting from white and black to chocolate and cinnamon. They have a variety of patterns too.

  • Manx

Manx cats can be found with both long and short hair. They also have a variety of colours and patterns. The most noticeable characteristic of Manx cats is their lack of tail.

They are smart, as they often pick up on tricks and play fetch. They also enjoy following their humans around the house as much as they enjoy snuggling up next to you on the sofa.

This cat breed needs lots of attention so they shouldn’t be left alone for a long period of time.

If you plan to have long-haired cats at home, you can follow these tips make your cats fur shiny, soft and smooth.