Does Angora Rabbit has The Same Treatment with Angora Cat?

Remember, besides domesticated rabbits (pet) there are wild rabbits that roamed out earth among the wildlife. The distribution of wild rabbits are not limited on the grassland, forest, or woods, but wild rabbits also founded in the dry area such as in the middle of desert, such as the species of Desert Cottontail rabbit. Moreover, these days, people has evolved; not only for companion animal, people raise rabbit as livestock for the fur and meat.

Why people like rabbit meat? A researched reviled that rabbit meat contained with many beneficial substances, even for good of pregnant women. Maybe this is why, there’s significant arise of meat rabbit request around the world. Furthermore, there’s so many different species of rabbits, often time this make you confuse to pick only one species because as we know, every species have their own unique features.

For the examples, Lop rabbit have long ears that droop on the ground; one of the most popular breeds of Lop rabbits are the Holland Lop. Raising rabbit need commitment, especially on how the proper way to treat your rabbit to maintain their physical health. You must know, there’s a lot of illness lurk to attack your rabbit anytime – although there are some which can’t be control such as some of typical cancer. However, the treatment should be applied based on the species of rabbit itself.

The treatment for Flemish Giant rabbit would absolutely different with Holland Lop. Based on this fact, many questions have been asked: does Angora rabbit has the same treatment with Angora cat, considered that they had the same “Angora” name. To answer this, we would suggest you to read our article today ’till the end of it.

Angora Rabbit VS Angora Cat

Does Angora rabbit has the same treatment with Angora cat? Having the same “Angora” name doesn’t influence the treatment they should receive, unless the same fact that both of them have long hair of fur. The treatment application must adjust with the species of the individual – I don’t have to explain that they were both are different animals, aren’t I? So, only based on this fact, you could tell that the treatment of the two of them are different.

However, before we explain the proper treatment for the two of them, we must understand the Angora meaning and the term associated with Angora. So, let us educate ourselves today with new knowledge my friends!


If you search the definition of Angora, all you would get is the explanation such this: the Cambridge Dictionary explained that Angora meaning was the wool or material fabric made by particular animal Angora goat and rabbit’s long and soft hairs. If you only talk about Angora, your subject would lead to the popular Angora wool made by certain animals. But, the lesson we got here is that Angora name associated with animal with a long, silky, soft hairs. The example of Angora animals are, Angora goat, Turkish Angora cat, and Angora rabbit.

The Proper Treatment for Angora Cat

Long haired cat breeds are extremely gorgeous animals. Several famous breeds of long-haired cats are Birman, Persian, and Angora – the fact is that long-haired cats are the most preferable breeds to pet. The long hair would always make your cat look fabulous and elegant among others. But, comes with this beautiful features, you must prepare to give extra cares and treatment for them. Mistreat methods of nursery would lead to hair-loss.

So, to ensure you have given optimal cares for your Angora cat, you should followed these instructions:

  • Give The Best Food for Your Angora Cat

In the wildlife, wild cats have a thick beautiful hair because they ate healthy and nutritious foods all the time. Apply this method to your pet in the house; because cat naturally is carnivorous animal, you should adjusted the foods based on his natural habit. Give your Angora pet a perfect proportion of digestible meat.

  • The Right Fur Treatment

Extraordinary fur make you pay more attention to it. First thing is make sure you do hair treatment regularly. The long hair is easily tangled, prevent this to happen by brushed it regularly. Make sure you do it in the perfect time, for the example, when the cat was rest or relax and also when the cuddling time – these are the perfect time to do the treatment. Most important thing is always brush the hair, do not comb it.

Why, because there’s a high possibility you would pull out your cat’s hair. Otherwise, take your gorgeous cat to the groomer if it’s time to do the full-body groom. To make your cat use to grooming, try to do it as earlier as you can – since they were a kitten, because it would be so much easier for you when they reach adulthood. However, there’s a tool called pluck brushes that help you to do the treatment by yourself in your house.

The Proper Treatment for Angora Rabbit

You must understand several basic nursery of Angora rabbit so you could maintain rabbit’s hair condition. Different than cat, rabbit is live inside the cage or hutch; adapt with this, you must provide a proper cage that fulfill the need of rabbit to jump and walk. Remember, stress is one of the factor of hair-loss on rabbit.

  • Pick The Right Tool to Treat Rabbit’s Hair

Choosing a right tool for rabbit’s treatment would optimize the hair treatment. It is believed that different Angora species required different tool, for the examples: German Angora rabbit should always use clip, and English Angora should use pluck. Here are little tips to clip and pluck your rabbit wool: do not ever clip the belly, face and legs unless the rabbit was matted; clip the area around anus during the mate, leave about a half centimeter of the wool.

Here we come for the pluck tip: you could pluck the wool as soon the wool was loosened in its moult; another way is observed the hair, if its already about 6 to 10 cm, then you could pluck it. Pluck around the sides and back then following by the base of rabbit’s tail.