11 Main Causes Of Infertility In Cattle Reproduction

Working in the livestock is a wonderful experience which not everyone can do. Treat animal livestock isn’t easy. Even it comes of one same type but still there are some differences between one and another. Let’s say you are farmer of cow livestock. Even you treat the same cows on a cage you will find that there is difference between one cow with another. That shows us that even they are same, their ability and characters are different. Make sure that you are not generalized all of them into one conclusion.

Like another livestock, you would face some problems when you take care of it. One of all that problems is reproduction. As we know that the main purpose you raise cattle in livestock is to earn profit. The first thing that you need when you try to raise them into dozen is a fertile animal.cow-child

Basically you can choose your own animal to be livestock such as pig, cow, horse, cat, camel, and etc. But by here we will focus on cow reproduction problem. Cow is also known as popular animal to be livestock. People are usually uses their meat, skin, and energy to earn profit or just work something. Cow also risky to infect reproduction problem because many people wants to raise them in million and the competition is getting high. So it is important to be the first position to raise it as much as you can.

Here are some causes of reproduction problem that usually happen in cow. The cause can cause of disorder that happen inside of the body but also can caused by some diseases.

  • Brucellosis. Brucellosis is a bacteria disease which usually infected cow, buffalo, goat, lamb, and pig. This disease can be infected to human or zoonosis. On female cow, this disease is usually causes abortion and placental retention that cause unsuccessful fertilization process. Even the death risk is so small, this disease also affect loss especially for livestock business which make their animal can’t breeding well. Unfortunately, this cause of disease would be permanently happen.
  • Repeat Breeder. Repeat breeder is a condition when female cow is not pregnant even already married twice or more. It is the sign of infertility. This thing usually caused of unsuccessful fertilization process which cause of some problem inside of female cow. It is also cause of dead embryo which can be growth before but it suddenly dead. The unsuccessful of fertilization process usually affected by the abnormal cells. Both of eggs and sperm can be abnormal and that’s abnormal problem can caused by their nutrition, genetic, or another disease.
  • Ovarian Hypofunction. Ovarian hypofunction is a condition where there is no follicle growth and the corpus luteum in the ovary which characterized by a slippery ovary surface. Ovarian hypofunction caused by the hypofise gland is unsuccessful to produce FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) which enough to growth and build of follicle in ovary. The female cow which usually infected for this disease shows there is no symptom more of 60 days after giving birth.
  • Corpus luteum. Corpus luteum is a condition when corpus luteum is not regression and stay in ovary for a whole time even the female cow isn’t pregnant. By this situation, corpus luteum is still had a big size and still do its work to produce progesterone. The function of progesterone is to protect the pregnance so the progesterone will inhibit follicle and the ovulation isn’t happen. This situation called anestrus.
  • Endometritis. Endometritis is an inflammation in endometrium that caused by bacteria which inside on uterus via vagina and walked straight into cervix and land in to uterus. This disease also infected by blood. This disease caused premature birth which increases the risk of baby death.
  • Cystic ovary. Cystic ovary is a disease which is commonly happen over cow. Both dairy cows and bee cattle had highly risk to infect by this disease. This disease caused unsuccessful ovulation so the breeding can’t happen.
  • Retensio secundinae. Retensio secundinae is a condition when the membrane of fetus (placenta) is holed inside the womb after birth process both normally or as premature. Normally, the fetus membrane will falls in 3-8 hours post parturition. Besides, retensio secundinae also a condition which the placenta isn’t coming out more than 12 hours post parturition.
  • Prolapsus uteri. Prolapsus uteri are disorders which can happen when the cow or another animal is already parturition. By this disorder, the position of uteri is upside down.
  • Pyometra. Pyometra is a disorder in uterus which signs by accumulation of purulent exudates in the uterus. This situation is also caused by microorganism infection and signs by the cervix which open or close.
  • Distokia. Distokia is a condition when the animal has difficult to birthing. Generally, it is happen to female animal which has the first time to breeding or had the long pregnancy period, the female animal which too fast to marriage, the animal which didn’t like to move, twin birth, and disease in the womb. Distokia can happen because of the mom and the baby. The mom factor that can caused distokia such as unsuccessful breeding that cause by womb like wound, cracked, or upside down or wound in the abdomen so they can’t to catch up. And the baby factor that can cause this such likes deficiency hormone, over big fetus, the fetus position disorder and death fetus in the womb.
  • Vaginitis. Vaginitis is a condition when the vagina had inflammation. The inflammation caused by something like bacteria, virus, fungal, hormone unstable, and allergy. Vaginitis not only attack animal livestock but also attack human. If it cause by bacteria, the vagina would come out the bad smell. It is also not signs any symptom but some of them does had a symptom.

That’s all the main causes of infertility in cattle reproduction. Basically all main causes are categorized into two, disease and disorder. Most of them are disease which makes disorder. And mostly the disease causes by bacteria, virus, and fungal. Basically all we can do to treat our cattle by this problem is to being synergy with vet. If the main problem is in inside their body, well there is no compromise again.