How To Recognize Estrus Disorders In Cow

Keep our livestock to stay healthy is our duty. Beside as effort to earn profit, the healthy livestock will quality guaranteed and buyer will always put on you on the first. Basically there are so many animals would become livestock such as cow, pig, camel, horse, and etc. But as generally some animals like cow, pig, and horse are commonly similar as being livestock. If you are a farmer especially cow farmer, there are some problems that you surely face during treat your livestock moreover on their reproduction thing. Your livestock surely ever infected by a disease called estrus disorder.

Estrus disorder is a basically some problem when your cow entered heat period. Estrus is a synonym over heat period which as we know that heat period is the time when the cow starts to marriage and begin to breeding process. The estrus cycle over cow is the process when the eggs in female are ready to fertilization. Basically this period is running for 21 days. But depend of the estrus cycle, here the category:

  • Poliestrus animal like cow, pig, and rodensia has periodical estrus every year.
  • Monoestrus animal like dog has estrus cycle with year periodical.
  • Poestrus season animal like horse, cat, lamb, and goat has estrus at certain times only.

Here are some symptoms of estrus cycle. Basically all written below is something happen in female cow:

  • Feeling not calm. The female cow would so nervous. She moves anywhere and can’t stay quite.
  • Low apetite. She usually didn’t want to eat and keep running anywhere. Really not calm.
  • Looking for male. Why she moving around and keep running is because of she is looking for a male.
  • Try to stand another female but silent when she stands by both of male or another female. If she doesn’t got a male, she tries to ride another female but keep silent and stay when rides by another male or female.
  • The vulva is swollen. If you put your attention over her vulva, it would be swollen, getting red, and had mucus (transparent mucus).

When your cow is detected to estrus, here are some disorders that may be appeared:

Anestrus is something when the female cow is not showing estrus symptom for a long time. Here are some reasons why there is no estrus symptom over female cow.

  • There is no ovary activity. Well this symptom usually begin with the female cow didn’t get her menstruation period for long time. As we know menstruation is one of ovary activity and one of all symptoms and the cow can also menstruation too not only like female dog. So when you realize that your cow isn’t menstruation yet, you must be careful over here because it would be a sign that your female cow had estrus disorder.
  • Undetected ovary. Well this cause is pretty similar with first point. When your female cow’s ovary is not had an activity, it would be automatically undetected.
  • Hormonal disorder. That’s should be related because if we talk about ovary, menstrual, and heat period, there are so relatable with hormone and cells. The female cow that has something unusual, it must be has problem with that hormone.
  • And the hormonal system usually got by their parents. As we know blood connection usually transferred something. It would be negative or positive things. The negatives are disease, un-normal hormone, and broken cells. And the positive is like healthy, immune, and quality.
  • Lack of nutrition. The farmer can be still confrontation on this point. If you want quality livestock make sure that you fulfill their nutrition well. Nutrition is really needed by all live-creatures, not only by human but also your livestock. You will face some problem if you didn’t fill it, such as this disorder.

Subestrus is a condition when the female cow which shows heat but only on some times. But different with anestrus, on the subestrus female cow had ovulation over their ovary. So it is like premature ejaculation which is usually happen in human. Here are some reasons why female cow had this problem:

  • Lack of estrogen. Well estrogen is the main player on the marriage and breeding thing. Estrogen is the sexual hormone that own by female. It also controlled when they want to has sexual contact or not. That thing also contribute over fertilization process and you can imagine what would happen if the female cow lack the estrogen. The breeding process wouldn’t be success, right?
  • Lack of weight. The one thing that affects fertility on animals is the weight. The ideal weight is also contributed over their estrogen because the ovary can work as well. So noted for you are farmer, before you decide to breed the cow, make sure that the weight is enough.

Silent estrus. Silent estrus is the condition which the female cow is in estrus but it’s really silent so you can’t detect it. Here are some reasons why silent estrus would happen.

  • Genetic factors. As mentioned before that if we talk about genetic, well it is a blood connected problem. The parents can give their child some positive and negative thing because of the connection. The positive is like quality, immune, health, and etc. And the negative is like cells and hormone problem.
  • Feed deficiency. As we know that the main source of nutrition is by food. Food that ate by cow surely contained nutrition. But what would happen if the nutrition didn’t absorb well by the cow and it is out as poop? Well the one problem is silent estrus.
  • Bad livestock management. If you have livestock, please be commitment with that. Treat yours well and make sure the quality. Food management, cage management, and air circulation should be well and supported their growth well.
  • Bad physic condition. A tip for you who still beginner on livestock thing, this is the main thing how important to be selective when you choose a cow to be rise up. Make sure the cow is healthy, good quality, and the main thing is fertile. How you can raise your livestock if your weapon isn’t fertile? So think twice.

That’s all the way how to recognize estrus disorders in cow. Basically estrus disorders had 3 main points which has their own differences symptom. The cause are also different and it surely different aid to heal it. It is also noted for you who a livestock farmer for become more selective and focus on quality not just quantity because honestly dozen or a hundred low quality cow never comes profit for you.