7 Method to Raise and Tame your Siberian Husky’s Puppy

Raising and taming a Siberian husky’s puppy is no different than raise and train a scared small dog, you have to establish that you are the leader and the owner, or someone equal since they just a puppy, as they grow older and well trained, you slowly treat them like your friend, your best man and companion. In order to successfully raise and tame a Siberian husky’s puppy, all you need is give them lots of love, kindness, forgiveness and hours of hand feeding.

Here are 12 methods to raise and tame a Siberian husky Puppy:

1. Love and Show your dog some affection.

Treat him the best you can, never hurt, punish or abandon them. One of the way to show how much you love them is giving them an ear rubs. A dog’s ears are full of nerve endings that send impulses all through the body, triggering the release of endorphins. These hormones act as painkillers and could lead to calmness, these hormones will release when the dogs feels love.

When you give your dog an ear rubs, its naturally show them that you are giving them your affection and they could feel the love from it and automatically tame them.

2. Ensure Good Nutrition.

The start of the lifelong task of caring for an animal is depend on the good food that you give them. Just like any other puppy, a Siberian husky’s puppy require a different nutrition than the older husky, the good method to raise them is to give them the proper food with good nutrition to help their growth. When you give them a good and proper food, they naturally know that you is in charge of the ‘food’ and that automatically tame your puppy. One big controversy concerning canine nutrition is over whether Siberian husky should remain on one dog food or whether they should consume a variety of different foods. Some nutritionists claim that the canine system does better when it stays on one complete food and switching around could be upsetting to the digestive tract. Others, citing the fact that dogs are natural scavengers, believe that dogs enjoy variety and even thrive on it.

3. Have a Good Veterinarian

When you were unsure about unpredictable condition with your puppy, a veterinarian could give you a professional advice. You also should take your puppy on half yearly check-up,  vaccinations, dental check-up and more with your veterinarian. The way to keep your puppy in good health begin with the first visit to the vet. Healthy puppy will make them happy, and resulting a long life span.

4. Training is a Key to a Long and Fulfilled Life.

The most important thing you can do is become your Siberian husky’s puppy leader. This role doesn’t begin when your dog is six months old or when he’s bad; it should be maintained throughout the entire dog training experience. For your puppy to grow into a healthy, balanced dog, you must demonstrate leadership from day one. You can be their leader in many non-threatening, non-aggressive ways. The easiest way to show that you are in charge is to habituate where they walk, don’t let them walk in front of you, always makes them walk right beside you. That way, when you train them, they will obey your commands. Once you have established you leader position, you have to stick with it. On the early time, you will find your Siberian husky is testing your authority but if you remain firm, it will pass quickly.

You should start the training as early as possible. Start from teaching Siberian husky the rules and teaching him the boundaries of your home, so when your Siberian husky gets older, they doesn’t question them. When you start to train your Siberian husky’s puppy, you should remember that training Siberian husky’s puppy should never involve any physical punishment, puppies between 8-10 weeks are extremely sensitive to any painful experiences and if you use physical punishment at this stage you may have a fearful dog forever. If you start your training in early age of your puppy, it will help you to raise your Siberian husky as a well trained dog  that will make you a proud owner.

5. Groom your Puppy at Least one a week.

Grooming is one way of bonding with the dog. Siberian husky have a lot of fur, its common to find their hair in every corner of your home. They also a working dog, so their feet is very important to them. Grooming Siberian husky is one thing you should  do on weekly basis, it’s important for the owner to groom their fur because it will keep up their beautiful fur. Most dogs love the attention, brushing their fur makes them feel good and make you spend more time with your puppy and helping them look their best, it could also fulfil your puppy’s need for affection and can lessen destructive behaviours, it’s one of the good method to raise and tame a Siberian husky’s puppy.

6. Socialize your Puppy as Early as Possible

This will help him be comfortable around other people and animals as well as in public places. Socialize the dog with other friendly dogs and also with people and make sure the dog behaves properly by control of a leash/harness.  The socialization period conditions your puppy to the many different situations he needs to be familiar with and comfortable around. It also prepares him to deal with the new experiences and challenges which inevitably arise throughout life in an appropriate manner. Puppy socialization is the crucial stage where you begin to build the close bond you share with your dog, one that will last forever. Socializing your puppy is a balancing act between the need for your puppy’s education and experience against the necessity of safeguarding him from disease and raise them to be one healthy Siberian husky.

7. Devote at least 30 minutes every day to play and exercise with your dog.

Siberian husky are the kind of pet that won’t be happy snoozing all day inside the house, they have a lot energy inside them, and if they not given the proper time to burn it up they will find their own way to get vigorous exercise and stimulation they need. If you devote at least 30 minutes to play and exercise with your dog, because they are a working dog, they love to be working and moving. Jogging with them is an excellent way to make sure that your dog is getting enough exercise and both of you will be much happier.

These 7 methods will help you grant the boon of a good life to your Siberian husky’s puppy, a dog that leads a well-balanced life hardly ever develops any behavioural problems.  Siberian huskies have fairly long life span, and if successfully raise and tame a Siberian husky’s puppy you can expect your puppy being with you for 12 to 15 years or sometimes longer.