Not too Hot, Not too Cold: Guinea Pig Temperature Guide

Guinea pig life requirements are not simply my friend. It might look easy, but if you look closer, there’s a lot of things you need to pay attentions. The first task you need to fulfill once you decided to bring guinea pig home is to create a new habitat for your guinea pig. Just like people, it is impossible isn’t to live inside a house without any furniture and all the household appliances. You need bed, you need sofa or chairs, you need TV, table, fridge, stove, lamp, and etc. So, do it with your pet guinea pigs.

You can’t just provide the cage with all the other equipment that important for your pet. You need to provide bed, water and food container, you need bring toys for their amusement, and you need exercise item to keep them move for their own health benefit. The second task is known how to properly cleaning guinea pig’s environment, and bath your guinea pig. You can’t expect your guinea pig would always be clean although they do lick themselves like cats as “cleaning method”.

You have to bath them fewer time to make sure that your animal isn’t strike by fleas and other bacteria. So, here’s a list of the best shampoos for guinea pig – don’t worry, it’s all safe for your pet. Next, the third one, you need to fulfill nutrient requirement of guinea pig’s body – this is the most important thing of the task. As you know, guinea pigs are herbivorous animals, their dietary habit was similar to rabbits and hamsters. Their primarily diet was hays and grasses, and you could feed them fruits and vegetables as treats.

If you look for the best list of foods to feed guinea pig, I recommend you to read these articles: the best fruits for guinea pig, the best veggies to maintain guinea pig nutrition, and also the foods we must avoid to give guinea pig. One thing you might to keep close in mind, that carbs for guinea pig is not good. Guinea pig’s digestion system isn’t well-development to process a high level of sugar and carbs, so it’s better if you throw away all the foods that contained with high amount of sugar or you could feed them a very little of it occasionally.

Furthermore, after everything is ready, the last task to prepare is control the perfect temperature for guinea pigs. Not too hot, and too cold: guinea pig temperature guide you must follow to make your guinea pig as comfortable as possible within their own environmental!

The Perfect Environment for Guinea Pig

Every creature on earth need the perfect environment to live, neither it’s human, animal and plants – everyone need this. For an example, you can’t force Polar bear to live in Tropical Island; it’s the same as you leave them there to die. We’re appeared on earth with our own specialty; we are developed to adapt with the environment surround us. In case of guinea pig – when we talk about the environment, that’s associate with the housing method.

For housing, every subject is important, the dimension, the size, and all the addition item you would put into the cage affect the temperature inside the cage. Let’s imagine if you only have a small house, let say a studio; then you put all your things inside the studio, if you’re not make the right calculation and put the “more” items than the capacity of the studio, I’m absolutely believe your studio would be heat like an oven. This is because you put things over the proper capacity.

The proper ratio should be applied in guinea pig’s housing calculation. Put everything in accordance with the size of the cage. Do not lure by all the cute accessories that only end up as useless item; put the primarily things that support the daily routine of your guinea pig. This doesn’t mean you can’t decorate the cage as you wish, no you can, but only in consideration. Like the example above, imagine if you live in that such of studio, I think you could end up being stress with all the “fullness” inside.

This could happen to your guinea pig too. Too many thing inside the cage only cause uncomfortable feeling and anxiety that would lead to psychology issue such as stress which lead to another several health problems. So, just put what is important and don’t be too greedy my dear friends. Furthermore, the temperature could be manage and adjust with surrounding area to increase the rate of comfort of guinea pig with their now home.

Temperature Tolerance of Guinea pig

Guinea pigs have their own ideal temperature you need to obey to make sure they live comfortably inside their cage. These are the basic temperature for domesticated guinea pigs: basic temperature is between nine-teen degrees of Celsius to twenty-two degrees of Celsius (sixty-eight degrees of Fahrenheit to seventy-two degrees of Fahrenheit). The minimum limit of the temperature (in case the changes happened) is about fifteen degree of Celsius to eighteen degree of Celsius (fifty-nine degree of Fahrenheit to sixty-four degree of Fahrenheit).

More than the number above, it could be classified as “the extreme” temperature for guinea pigs; they can’t tolerate and adapt with particular situations, but guinea pig handle the cold much better than the high temperature. Therefore, besides placing the cage in shady place, you should also put some toys that could be a hiding place from the sting of the sunlight. Moreover, here are some of the basic requirements to place the cage:

  • Dry Environment: make sure that you place the cage in dry and distant from any kind of contact with water. It’s also to prevent some illness caused by bacteria.
  • Stable Temperature: it is very important, do not place the cage on the room that constantly changes or easily drop or heat.
  • The Bright Room: no one like darkness, included guinea pig. Dark would trigger some anxiety and nervous within guinea pig, so you better not to put the cage in the dark place my friend.
  • The Windy Room: the last is the windy room. Always make sure you don’t put the cage near the window or door. Guinea pigs are delicate animals, they could easily catch cold.

However, this is the end of our article: not too hot, not too cold: guinea pig temperature guide. I hope you enjoy it, and goodbye!