8 Pet Rabbit Which is Friendly Enough for Children

Rabbits are a popular choice for a pet. As we know, rabbits are friendly and relatively easy to take care of so usually they are also a choice for the first pet for children. 

However, not all rabbit breeds are suitable for children. Adorable appearance is a good indicator, but personality is also important to be considered. There are specific traits that have to be in a pet rabbit, such as friendliness and like to be held, petted, or played with. Rabbit breed that tends to be aggressive, cannot be held or touch can be a problem to the children. Larger rabbit breeds are usually gentler and calmer toward human, but it is better if the rabbits are spayed and neutered to prevent any health risk and aggressive behavior. 

If you want to bring a rabbit to your home as your child’s first pet, it is also better for you to consider getting two rabbits for companionship. You may also want the rabbit to have different sexes or neutered or spayed already. Remember that two male rabbits, especially if they are sexually mature, they will fight a lot if you put them in together!

Now, here’s the pet rabbit breed that can be suitable for your children! 

8 Pet Rabbit Which is Friendly Enough for Children

1. Himalayan Rabbit

Himalayan rabbits are one of the most popular choices. They are friendly, curious, and easy-going. Himalayan rabbits are also cuddly because of their sleek appearance, with a white body, a dark nose, and a dark pair of ears. Your children will love to pet and stroke their coat! However, since Himalayan rabbits are super playful, you will need to provide them with lots of attention and toy to keep them active.

2. Sussex Rabbit

Sussex rabbits are also good for your children because they are docile and friendly! They are also surprisingly smart so you can teach them some tricks. However, Sussex rabbits can get very fat quickly so you may want to reduce their treats to prevent them from getting obesity. They might look cute with a rounded body but obesity is not healthy at all!

3. Chinchilla Rabbit

The children will love to pet this type of rabbit not only because of their personalities, but also their appearance. Chinchilla rabbits are pretty and fluffy with their soft fur, and also calm and friendly. No wonder how we all love stroking them! However, as you know, rabbit with longer hair is prone to get matted so the rabbit requires a special hair treatment to prevent it happens.

4. Havana Rabbit

Havana rabbits are easy to bond well with your children. They are gentle and calm. Havana rabbits also look adorable with their short and rounded body, and their short, straight legs. Havana rabbits also have four distinct coat colors like chocolate, black, blue, and broken. It will be nice to let your children choose which one they like and your children surely will love them!

5. French Lop Rabbit

If you are looking for a rabbit breed that is giant, but gentle and still cute, Frech Lop can be the answer. There are so many lop breeds, but the Frech Lop is the largest one. They have a big and giant appearance, but still, look lovely with their floppy ears! French Lop can be a wonderful pet for your children because they are friendly and cuddly!

6. Mini Lop Rabbit

Another lop breeds that good for your children beside the Frech Lop is Mini Lop rabbit. They are the most popular ones with their adorable looks and personalities. Mini Lop are very active and playful. They are also like to cuddle and being pet or held, which is why they are great to be your child’s pet. Mini Lop have a rounded body, large heads, and long floppy ears. They also have a wide variety of colors as well! If you want to have them, make sure you provide them with lots of toys and space to run in their cage since they are very energetic.

7. Harlequin Rabbit

Harlequin rabbits are curious, playful, and energetic as well. Your children will love to play with them. They have very distinctive coats colors and patterns. Harlequin rabbits are also easy to take care of, and just like another active rabbit, let them exercise with plenty of toys and space to run or roam around. They are surely an excellent pet rabbit that will bring joy to your home!

8. Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbits are known for their long fur around their head. They might look fierce, but they are suitable for your child’s pet. They are not only energetic and playful but also affectionate and love to be handled or carried. Again, just like another rabbit with long fur that prone to get matted or tangled, Lionhead rabbits need more grooming and hair care. Remember that matted hair is not only bad for their appearance but also their health! 

That’s all of the pet rabbit breeds that are friendly enough to children. From the adorable and fluffy one to the giant and gentle one. You can choose the most suitable breed to bring home as your children’s first pet!

Letting your children have a pet is a good way to teach them about responsibility. Let your children contribute to preparing the rabbit’s cage. Teach the children to feed their rabbits daily with good, healthy and nutritious food, how to take care of their litter, and let them help you to groom your rabbit if it is needed!

Pet, especially a friendly rabbit can also be a good companion to your children as well! It will be nice to let them bond with each other, right? However, as for the first time, the adults still need to supervise how the children, especially the younger ones, handle the rabbit to make sure they don’t squeeze them too hard or even hurt them.