10 Aggressive Behavior Of Rabbit You Should Know

Well, if a cat express their feeling with say ” miaw”, otherwise the rabbit express it with show their behaviour. This behaviour makes rabbit becomes aggressive. So, below here some aggressive behaviour of rabbit you should know and how to face it with their behaviour. Let’s check these out.

1. Go jumping up and down

Have you ever seen a rabbit jump? Absolutely yes. Then, how often do rabbits jump? Countless. Then why do rabbits like to jump up and down? Rabbits are jumping up and down is a form of expression of enthusiasm and excitement. When jumping, rabbits often move their bodies, wiggling their heads and even stomping and spinning. Sometimes, when we see the bunny jump up and down it feels very happy, is that right? So, when you see your rabbit jum, what should you do next is you should did it too. It’s fun. There are some fun things to do with your rabbit in house , check it and see.

2. Rolling over

Another aggressive behavior from the rabbit is rolling and running back and forth. These aggressive behavior are form of expression of happy, enthusiasm, and also excitement. When you treat your rabbit with his favorite food. How your rabbit will be? He will be very excited and then he approaches you and eat his food. So, let’s check on your bunny, Is he loves to rolling over or running back and forth while he is happy?

3. Teeth grinding

Have you ever heard the sound of “Purrr …” on a cat? Rabbits can do it, but by gritting their teeth. Gritting teeth in rabbits has different meanings. For example, when he feels happy or satisfied, the rabbit will gently grind his teeth. This voice is very small and soft, so you have to make sure to hear it. When will a rabbit make a sound like this? If you touch the spots on the rabbit’s body parts such as; Your rabbit’s head, nose or back will hear this sound. However, if a rabbit grinds his teeth in a frequency that often it can be a sign that your rabbit is sick. So, if you hear loud and frequent of gritting their teeth, you should immediately go to the vet. Make sure, your rabbit is allright. How to tame a fearful rabbit? These are the answers some easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit belongs in here.

4. Growling

Could a rabbit growling? Sure, he can. When the rabbit do growling? Well, when your rabbit is growling, he is mad or stress. There is somebody entering his territory. However, sometimes the aggressive behaviour of rabbit we could not expected, when he is mad or angry he can attack anyone and anytime. So, what we should do when our rabbit is angry? Immediately, separated your bunny with the others. Take him in another cage and give your rabbit time to relaxed. Feed him with his favorite foods. Besides, sometimes a rabbit do growling when he sees a female rabbit. It is a signal for he to mates her.

5. Chinning

Chinning is the behaviour of rabbits wiping his chin to an object or a place that this place or object is his mine. Besides, the rabbit also do this, he likes to poop in his food bowl. This aggressive behaviour is a form of a sign that this food bowl is his mine. But, as the good owner, we should keep all is clean. So, when your rabbit is poop on their food bowl. You should clean it and drird it well. Do not let your bunny eat his poop.

6. Digging a hole

The next of aggressive behaviour of rabbit you should know, rabbit loves to digging a hole, why? First, your rabbit loves to digging something, it means your rabbit need your attention. However, while you have a female rabbit and your rabbit is pregnant, so it is clear that your female rabbit do digging a hole is to birthing her baby. Rabbit loves to birthing inside a hole, what is the reason? It keeps the mother safe and also the babies. The mother could keep her babies alone and they will growth faster. So, how to solve aggressive behavior in your rabbit? Well, digging a hole is one of aggressive behaviour rabbit that always done by female rabbit.

7. Stands on his feet

Could you ever see a rabbit stands on his feet? What are you thinking about this? Yes you are right, the rabbit stands on his feet because your rabbit needs a clear sight and better around to his territorial. This actually happen while the rabbit hear a weird sound and then the rabbit tries to know, what is it sound, what’s the matter? So, the rabbit do stands on his feet to make his body taller than before. Usually it followed by the rabbit’s ear movement straight and looks like an antenna.

8. Their body is flat

This one aggressive behaviour of rabbit you should know is really funny, how come? Their body turns flat. What happen he changes their body into this shape? Well, there are some reasons they change their body into this. First, when they are in a worse situation and it makes he fears. So, he thinks when he turns his body to flat, the enemy can not recognize him (camouflage). Next, the rabbit is obey and respect you or with leaders in that territorial. And the last reason is a jokes, the rabbit think if he do this, flatting his body, the other can not se him. So, that when you see your rabbit flatting his body, just pretend you did not see it, okay.

9. Sitting at the corner

Why he loves sitting at the corner? While you see he is sitting at the corner. So, it means your rabbit feel safe. He does this, it is keep away from predator. When your rabbit is sitting at the corner and back to the wall, the predator will not be able to catch it. In this case, your rabbit will be in shock. Well, how to calm a rabbit in shock? Hold your bunny, covered it with blanked and rub it gently.

10. Spray the pee

The last of aggressive behavior of rabbit you should know is spray the pee. What is mean spray the pee? Well, when a rabbit feels fear in a thing, some rabbits do this. He sprayed his pee on you. So, what you should do next if your rabbit sprayed his pee on you? Make sure his pee not hit your eyes. The pee of rabbit could irritating your eyes. If your eyes hitten by his pee, make move to wash your face and give some eye dropes to your eyes. If your eyes still irritating, please go to your doctor. What about the rabbit? How to do litter training for your rabbit? Spray the pee is a bad behavior rabbit that always done by a rabbit in 10 weeks to six months old.

Hopefully, the above on 10 aggressive behavior of rabbit you should know could be useful for you. With 10 aggressive behavior of rabbit you should know, you will know what are their common aggressive behaviour and how to fix it if they have some bad behaviour like as above. So, train your rabbit as well. Good luck.