5 Pros of Keeping A Chameleon As Pet

Many people keeps chameleon in their home. As we can see that reptile becomes favorite animal pet for modern people. Many people don’t expect this thing because reptile assumed as wild animal which really hard to be tame.

Beside that thing, many people thing that their scary face isn’t loveable to being cuddle or just touched. Their beautiful exotic color may not enough to cover their scary face. So they comebacks to the general pet animal like cat or dog. As we know that the era is changing. Something that was really hate may be really loved now same as chameleon. Who will expect this animal become favorite pet from reptile?

Chameleon is from lizard family. They have rolled curly tail and their back is curved like bowing. They don’t really long which is they just have 20-25 centimeters length. Even mostly of them has green colored, many kind of them colored as blue, orange, and brown. This animal which known to does camouflage is also an insect eater.

Talk about pet something surely there is some advantage to keep it at home. Beside will be happy because our favorite animal closer with us, we can found some interesting things behind it so does chameleon. So let’s jump at it.


1. Insect Eater

You may don’t know that chameleon is insect eater behind their scary face. They are only ate small-wing insect like fly. Beside it, they are also ate cicadas and grasshopper. Another insect like bumbung caterpillar, hongkong caterpillar, super caterpillar, moth also as their favorite food. Even they love insect like that, don’t try to give them bee. For chameleon baby, even they do eat that kind of foods, cut first into pieces before give it to them. If those insect you hard to find, you can change it with additional food that you can easily met in pet shop. Pet a chameleon will give you a lot of advantage if your home is near from livestock cage like chicken or duck. When the harvest season is coming the flies will be really annoying so chameleon can help you to pressed it by eat them.

2. Exotic uniquely color

Mostly chameleon has green color, but some types of them have beautiful different color such veiled chameleon for example. They had blue dark brown color which combined with yellow or orange. Another example which also will catch your eyes is Jackson Chameleon. Even has same green color with Chameleon garden, Jackson Chameleon has green gradation over their body. It is like mixed of light green, dark green, and in the middle cover up with yellow. Even chameleon will change their color if something happen to them, it can’t cover their beautiful exotic of color combination. Place it in your home will increase your esthetical art of home.

3. Specifically or characteristic appearance

Each chameleon has their own appearance specification. The specification mostly looked from their head beside their color. For example Veiled Chameleon and Jackson Chameleon. As the name, Veiled Chameleon has something like veiled on their head. Their head is looks like using a helmet and it shapes like triangle. And for Jackson Chameleon, they have long horn in their middle forehead which straightly up. They have two horns which stand separately. If you interested with horned chameleon, maybe you will love with this kind. One horn-exotic chameleon also called Meller’s chameleon also has their own beautiful side. So what’s animal which able to give you beautiful dual advantage things like this?

4. No hair

If you have allergy over feather or fur but still want to pet an animal, pet a chameleon will be more advantage for you. You can still pet an animal without feel worry about your allergy. You also don’t need to be worry about the feather that makes your environment dirty or moreover your clothes.

5. Practical side

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to feed them. Their food can you earn by hunt by yourself. Even you forced to buy it, the price isn’t expensive. Chameleon also can be animal to be raise for profit. During their time to be a rising star, many people who look over them. With low budget treatment which included food and cage treatment, you can earn a lot of money while you sell it. Chameleon also productive animal. They able to produce 40-70 eggs per marriage period. So now you can imagine how much profit that you earn isn’t it?

That’s all positive things that you got when pet chameleon in your home. All written above are so objective so it can be different with yours. As long as you got the positive vibe by pet chameleon, you can share it over people around you.