Cheap Tips To Build A Comfy Iguana Cage

A reason will obstructing you to pet iguana at home is budget. This reason is also feels with iguana farmer who will raise a dozen iguanas. Why this point become so crucial?

As we know to make iguana feel comfy and safe, we need to design their cage as same as their wild life. It is also stimulate your iguana easier while they try to adaptation. Iguana also need large space cage to facilitating their move and their growth. Young iguana can live in the small glass cage but remind that they can growth quickly and glass cage can’t fit their size. They can growth really big and long depends what’s the type you pet. This fact made people think twice to pet this animal.

They surely need big budget to buy big cage. That’s not included if they pet 3 or 4 iguanas. For people who farm iguana as livestock, it should be burdening even the cage is re-useable, isn’t it? Both of farm and general pet, this cage business does so troublesome.

But you don’t need to worry because now you can make your own iguana comfy cage. Beside you can design it by your own, the price to produce it also cheap and can be compared with your space home. That’s should be practical, right?

But some iguana owners does inappropriate things while make their own iguana’s cage. To avoid that thing, here are some cheap tips to build a comfy iguana cage.


Some tips

  • Using wire and acrylic.

The most suggested ingredient to make an iguana cage is honestly wire and glass. But if you worried that glass will be broke both of kicked by iguana or expanded by hot temperature, you can change it with acrylic. The acrylic is basically strong plastic clear. So you still can monitor your iguana behind the cage. Also, the price is cheaper than thick glass.

  • Using the sun as their main light source.

This point should be comparing with your design, is it the cage placed outside or inside home? If you plan to place it inside your home, you can use lamp for replacing the sun as their light source. But if you planned to put it as outside cage, just make a hole on the ceiling will make the sun light entered the cage. But, the cheapest one must be using the sun light.

  • Still using a lamp.

Even you decide to design the outside cage you still need a lamp to make your iguana still warm. That’s because the sun can’t appear every time. When the night comes and entered the rainy season which make every day is cloudy, where we can get the sunlight from? It is surely from the lamp, isn’t it?

  • Make sure the electricity installation is in outside of cage.

After you install a lamp to help iguana keep warm, make sure the electricity installation like cable and switch button is placed outside the cage. That’s to avoiding you iguana to break the installation. Beside it cause the lamp turn off, the electricity will electrocute iguana.

  • Using branch as their perch.

Perch is also available in pet shop. You can but it some for your iguana. As we know that iguana loves to climb and spend their time in the tree. Using branch as their perch must be stronger than using imitate perch, isn’t it? Also, by using branch you can choose the esthetic one and still can be settle it with your iguana size. And the main point is, branch can found for free.

  • The legality.

If you considerate to adopt iguana, you better check the reptile safe program in your country. Many people who buy iguana baby but just realize that they are honestly can’t adopt it. It is related to the animal safe policy which started to apply in every country. So please be more careful with this if you won’t get the punishment.

  • The baby iguana.

Even it is more advantage to pet iguana since he was a baby but generally the best treatment iguana baby is in 75 liters aquarium until they are growth as 46 centimeters. The smaller aquarium will make them feel safer inside their new home. It also helps you to make sure the iguana can find their food and water source.

  • Acommodate.

If you feel to not be able to accommodate the adult live, you better don’t pet it at home. Just let another people who more able to pet it than let the adult iguana killed stressed on your hand.

  • The size and the door.

If you make an outside cage and decided to put it inside your home, make sure that the cage can passed the door.

  • Iguana and the heat.

Don’t too burn the cage even you already design two cool and warm at once in their cage. You better consult it with herpetology about temperature and heater lamp’s size.

  • Don’t using warm stone.

Iguana didn’t like warm which appear from down. They measuring the heat from above using a sensor which placed above his head. By this sensor, iguana will be knew where they need to be dry and why the warm is enough to absorb the nutrition. Heat which came from under the cage will only burn them out.

  • Be selective to the plant.

To design the cage as same as their habitat, you need to put some green plant inside the cage. But not every plant friendly with iguana. Some plant will poisoning iguana so that’s why you need to do some ordinary research to choose the plant inside the cage.

  • Place some thermometers.

Iguana is kind of animal which sensitive with temperature. They can’t live in the place which too cold or too warm. They need 49 C to be dry and need the lower temperature to be rest. Also, when they breeding, the temperature also contributed for their eggs. That’s why measuring the temperature is matter thing to do. To make you easier, place some thermometers in every place which easy to see will be more effective.

  • The air circulation.

Even iguana loves hot weather and need UVA and UVB to help them absorb the nutrition, iguana still need the air. You need to place small fan to avoiding the presence of mushrooms that grow inside the cage. As we know that iguana can’t live far from water and we also place the water inside it. So the spark water which touched the wall of the cage will stimulate the presence of mushroom moreover if the cage is made of wood. Iguana can’t be left to live in a stuffy cage like that.

  • Pillow.

You can put a small pillow which can use by them to reduce the cold weather when the night comes or the rainy season. It helps them to reduce the low temperature. Make sure that the pillow is not covering the water source.