5 Cons of Keeping Pet Chameleon at Home

When you pet something in your home, you will find both of positive and negative side from yours. It may such like their hard treatment, sensitive or maybe another problem that relatable with their life, so do chameleon. This animal which becomes popular by Tangled movie does really need special treatment when you keep it.

Chameleon is a lizard which can change their color automatically. This animal has rolled curly tail which is really unique and interesting. Even they are from reptile which has scary stereotype, but many people still love them and keep it at home.

Talk about negative side, chameleon does have it. Now let’s move on the list.

1. Sensitive

Chameleon is one of all sensitive animals in the world. They are really sensitive about the crowd. They hate too crowded place and really hate about unbalancing temperature. So you have to place their cage on really comfy and calm place in your home. That place should rarely passed by your family. They are also hate unbalancing temperature. They love humidity and warm temperature so just make sure that you already measure the temperature to be balance. Don’t too hot and don’t too cold. Talk about sensitivity, chameleon also hate to be touched.

So if you want to interact with them don’t touch them too commonly moreover don’t touch their back. Chameleon’s back is sensitive area so if you don’t want them to get mad, don’t touch their back. Also, chameleon don’t like if there is another animal which near of them like another chameleon, cat, or bird so when you place their cage, just make sure that there is only him on that place. So the conclusion is if you looking for animal which to be touch every day, so stabile, and really calm, actually pet a chameleon is big wrong choice.

2. Short lifespan

As we know that chameleon is only live for 5 years. Some of them known to be living for 9 years. Actually during 5 or 9 years is not short time. That’s so really long time but if we back to their sensitive character, the effort to make them living until that time is really hard, right? If we compare it with their sensitive life character, 5 years is really short.

3. Breeding-hard treatment

The hard treat doesn’t stop by their cage placement or interaction, their breeding treatment also hard to do. Even you can ask vet to help you in breeding time, in the fact not every vet want or able to do it. While breeding time and you decided to help them by yourself, you have to prepare 2 breeding places. That is place breeding and incubator.

Beside you have to prepare it, the process takes a long time and you need to move it for many times because they hate to be together. Chameleon is lonely animal. They love living freely. So mixed it all at the one place isn’t good for them. Moreover, chameleon mama can produce 40-80 eggs so if one chameleon have to place in one cage, you can count it out how many space and cage that you have to prepare it.

4. Short Cycle

Some kind of chameleons has short cycle like Madagascar Chameleon for example. Madagascar Chameleon only living for one year. That’s because their lifestyle which really brutal and hard. So is it for another chameleon too? Look by their sensitive characteristic, the answer is yes. You just know their feeling by look their color, isn’t it? But actually can you sure that their color changing is really effective to identify what’s they feel beside their also change their color not only they feel stressed? That’s you should be think. Pet chameleon is so complicated like playing in a maze. So it forced you to be more sensitive and understand them.

5. Complicated treatment

When you think to pet chameleon, you have to think about their sensitive side like stressed, pressed, cage placed, and the environment or interaction. That’s all will be support them to feel comfy and cozy in your home. Also don’t forget about temperature. They also sensitive with it. That’s why pet chameleon is so complicated. You have to prepared everything and feel so careful. You can’t enjoy when you pet them like another animal. That’s so really ironic when people usually pet something to feel happy and entertained but you will the opposite thing when you pet chameleon. That’s so sad, honestly.

All written above are totally subjective, and can be different with yours. So just don’t be argued about it. The main thing is how you can use all written above as your guide to find the easiest way for their treatment. Also, avoid your chameleon from what they hate.