4 Rainy Season Diseases That Might Attack Your Dog

Keeping the health of our dogs is one of few main priority that every owner should bear. Make sure you feed them with healthy food, keep an eye on their mental state, and also keep them safe from the seasonal disease. Seasonal disease is always become a thing that haunt us as an owner, make us aware every time.

One season that would always disturb and annoy, even for us – human – is the rainy season. Especially if you stay or live in tropical country. Rain will become the part of our life. It makes you stuck in the office, school, or another public places, and if you forget to bring an umbrella? Yeah, that’s a big deal. The worst is, sometime it just pour down in the big volume without any sign.

This particular season also carry and spread a lot of virus and disease which is bringing us so much problem – especially, if we are not take a good care with our body. Whether it is human or animal, none of us could escape. The only key to be spared is if we take a very good care to our physical body health.

What about our dog? Of course, we should aware, and prepare our dog to be ready to face the season. Learning what kind of disease such skins problem,  that will haunt them in the season would give us an opportunity to prepare our dog with the best preparation. Therefor, we are going to share 5 rainy season diseases that might attack your dog.

1. Pneumonia

Not only human, dog also can get pneumonia. If your dog expose in a wet place in cold weather for too long, their respiratory system might be inflamed, which is gonna lead them to pneumonia. No matter how old your dog is, older or younger, puppy or adult, they still can caught to it. It’s depends on how strong their immune to compromised the attack.

You have to keep them away from wet places, and keeping their fur dry. The pneumonia symptoms include cough, difficult to breath or wheezing, snuffles, also lethargy. Make a note, you can’t underestimate all of these symptoms, for pneumonia known can be taking the life of your dog. It is very danger if their not get any help as soon as possible.

To prevent it, you could buy them a raincoat, if they like to playing in the rain, to keep them from the rain. Immediately to dry their fur after they come to you from the rain. Also, give them a blanket to cover their body while they are relaxing, or cuddle with you, also when they sleep. If you have a fireplace in your house, you could invite them to sit in front of it for a while.

2. Diarrhea

Diarrhea known as the most common disease that could threaten your dog during the rain. This is happened due to undigested food in their intestine, it could cause the frequent loose motion to you dog. You should take it more serious if the symptom also accompanied with lose appetite and vomiting. That could be a sign that the disease getting worst and this could cause another infections.

To prevent the infection of bacteria attack, you could give your dog supplement, some plain yogurt every day that known contain a lot of beneficial bacteria. This good bacteria will help to kill the invasion other unknown bacteria that might be attack your beloved dog. You also can get some medicines like anti-diarrheal to be the first aid.

Also, you should keeping your dog from drinking the rainwater. All of us knows well, the rainwater comes with several contaminants and unknown chemicals, that could be dangerous. If the rainwater comes down from the rooftop of your house, the water can be contaminants with birds feces, and in that case, could cause your dog get Giardia – known as the number one cause of diarrhea in dog.

3. Fleas And Ticks

Fleas and ticks are small parasites that live by ingesting the host’s blood, usually on dog and cat. Even though they just a small creature, these parasites could cause some miserable times for your dog. Fleas and ticks is one of many parasites that mainly show up during this season. You could find these bloodsuckers in the pooch’s fur.

If you are not immediately kill these parasites, it could cause your dog’s skin to itch, and lead to severe skin rashes and fever. To prevent it, you have to make sure that your dog perform regular grooming, and you also can try to rub their skin with coconut oil. Or, you could try the treatments like:

  • Tropical Treatment

Tropical Treatment is the treatment that apply to the skin of your dog, that being infested by the bloodsuckers. This treatment will use kind of shampoos, powders, or spot-on treatment that already success.

  • Flea Pills

Or, you could make your dog to take a flea pills which is very effective to fighting those parasites. But to get these pills you should get the prescription from a vet because these pills might give your dog some side effect.

4. Parvovirus Disease

Parvovirus is commonly affects your dog in the rainy or dry season. It also could attack your dog at any time, because this disease is straight attack the immunity system in your dog’s body. So, every time their immune get weak, this disease could attack them.

You have to vaccinate your dog to prevent this type of disease once every year. You also have to balanced it with giving them extra nutrition and multivitamin during the rain to boost their immunity system. Prepared fresh healthy food and clean water, will effectively help to increase their immune.

With learn the 5 rainy seasons disease that might attack your dog will help you to prepared your dog’s need during the rain season. So, take a good care of your lovely dog!