The Difference Between Chicken Fleas and Poultry Lice (Important to Know!)

Hello there, fellow poultry farmers! How business doing? We hope your business will always be profitable every day, more, and long lasting. Lastly, we have talked about how to identify lice attack on your beloved poultry; it is indeed troublesome to any poultry farmer to have a lice attack on their farm, or simply for you who have ayamg kampung as a pet. We have talked about the treatment using ash and some soil mixture, also we have known that lice could be the cause that our business will lose its’ customers or some great margin of profit. Still though, lice is not a micro creature that can also burn your profit to the ground, as there are many micro creatures that are ready to infect you, heck even lice itself has different kind on species. However, today animallova would like to tell you the difference between chicken fleas and poultry lice as some of us might get some misunderstanding to distinguish the differences between them, and indeed because of that we probably taken a wrong action to prevent or to cure it. Which is why, it is important for you to check this article out thoroughly, check it out!

Why We Must Know Their Differences

We all know there are indeed similarities between them both which is the great itchiness that indeed would cause a great deal of suffering and even will stress your chicken out, then eventually if not treated properly, she might meet her maker in no time; however, still there are differences between them, and probably you guys might be wandering why we should know their differences? Is it just simply important how to cure them only?

Actually, you are correct if you think it is important to know only about the treatment of those two, however it is indeed greatly advised for you who has the knowledge to know the differences between them. If you managed to know the differences between them, you might choose the correct action of preventing or treating them if one infected your poultry of course; by choosing the correct action you will save a great deal of time and money as you put the problem effectively away and even will not ever to harm you again. Hence, it is recommended for you to understand the differences between them.

The Similarities


We indeed know that lice and fleas are capable enough to great a very awful itchiness towards our poultry. If this happens, indeed more troublesome obstacles will be waiting for them ahead. Thus, your chicken can’t spare just one minute to not scratch her body parts who has been infected by either lice or fleas.

Great Loss

If underestimated, both of them are capable that you are indeed wrong to underestimate them. These guys, although only caused itchiness; in the long run, they will cause a sever bruises or bleeding that will cause other complications which in the end either you will lose some profit margin, lose your customer’s trust, or even both of them happen to you.

Close Contact Infection

Both of them could only be infected towards other by a very close contact. So, it is a trouble if you let your poultry to have another contact with another avian, as a contact with wild avian could led your poultry into a great suffering of itchiness. Which is why, it is important for you to keep your poultry secure and isolated.

Same Treatment

Yup, you just need to either a dust or ash wood treatment to get these annoying parasites to be gone for good. It is indeed easy to got them out, but the tricky part would be identifying them.

The Differences

Lice does not suck out blood

Do you know what food does lice eat? Well, not blood, actually it is only eating the skin of the poor sods he’s living with. You might already know that fleas love to suck out blood, they don’t care whether its’ your blood or anybody as it only cares about a living being who has enough blood to satisfy itself. Well, this information indeed will give you the big differences between them as they do not share the same favourite food, as each own has its’ own preferable food; lice eat skins while fleas suck blood.

Flea could cause anaemia

Because this creature sucks blood from its victim that means there would be a lot of blood being sucked out of its victim’s body. Thus, the victim would suffer blood loss, and eventually the situation where the body does not have a required blood pressure; indeed, anaemia will come and stressing your poultry out even make them loss feathers, and eventually their meat would not be good enough even they could suddenly die before the harvesting day.

Lice cause skin’s irritation

Because this grade-A bastard eats skins and feathers, they usually cause skin’s irritation towards chicken’s body. Of course, such irritation would indeed attract another complication which usually be bruises, bleeding, and further infection. Also, because this guy is lies deep in the thick of feather, it might be difficult to notice it at the first sight whether these little bastards have infected your poor poultry or not.

Know you know the differences between fleas and lice. Yup, indeed they have their own unique differences. Still, they are annoying creature for our business as it might stressed out our poultry and risking our business profit, we recommend as always to put preventive action; just simply, do not let your poultry to have a contact from other avian and always isolate a new flock before letting them to blend in the ‘elder’ flock. However, if you fail to prevent it, do not worry to much about it, regardless the risks, as wiping both fleas and lice would be easy as cake as you just need a small pool of water, ash wood/dust, and some peat moss soil mixture would wipe those little bastards out! Good luck!