Warning Signs That Your Dog Might Get Fungal Infection On Skin

Fungal infection or yeast infection is the most common skin disease for dogs. This skin problems for a pet is mostly harmless, however, if you ignore the fungal infection on your lovely pets, it can grow into much more dangerous yeast or fungal infection. To prevent much more harm being done to your dogs, you will need to be well informed about the symptoms of fungal infection, what causes them, and how you can take care of them quickly before they are growing into much more dangerous skin problems.

Many dog owner doesn’t realize their dog is having a serious fungal infection on their dog, not until the fungal infection turn up into more severe skin diseases like a bacterial infection, inflammation, ringworm, and many more. The fungal infection is actually pretty easy to cure, and prevent but in order to effectively prevent your dog getting a fungal infection on their skin, you will need to know many warning signs that your dog might get fungal infection on skin.

We are here to help you to become much more responsible dog owner by giving you a useful piece of information. We hope that this article could help you prevent any fungal infection on your dog, help you identify it quickly, and cure it as quick as possible. Our pooch deserves our attention and love, and to take care of them is a responsibility for the dog owner. Now, without being delayed anymore, let’s check out for many warning signs of fungal infection on dog skin.

If you see one or more of these warning signs, take an immediate action

Take a not that yeast or fungal infection isn’t really a harmful skin disease however if ignored for quite a time, they can develop into the more serious condition and can harm your lovely canine companion. That’s why the key to preventing your dog to get a serious fungal infection is to identify the symptoms and warning signs as early as possible and take quick immediate action. If you notice the symptoms or warning signs that your dog might get a fungal infection on the skin, it is a wise choice to take quick action, getting your dog to vets, or try to cure them with simple fungal medication. Now, the first warning signs you should notice are.

1. Intense itchiness and scratching from your dog

Intense itchiness, or in veterinary terms pruritus is a term when dogs are having intense itchiness in a certain area, like belly, ear, neck, groin, legs, paws, back of the head, and many more. The intense scratching if you don’t take care of it quickly can lead to many problems like inflammation, bacterial infection and many more. It is also quite annoying to hear and see your poor pooch scratching vigorously. Intense itchiness can be caused by fungal infection, so if you see your dog scratching furiously non-stop, then you might need to check out your dog’s skin.

The itchiness caused by the fungal infection is the most common symptoms and also one of the earliest warning sign. However, you also need to check out for any other symptoms of fungal infection, as the intense itchiness can be diagnosed with any other disease than the fungal infection.

2. Greasy coat, followed by hair loss

Fungal or yeast infection can cause your dog skin to produce too much oil on their skin. This increasing oil production of dog’s skin will cause them to have a greasy coat around their fur. If you pet your dog, and you feel greasy feelings, like too much oil and liquid on your dog’s fur, then this might be the case. Your dogs might not feel annoyed by a greasy coat, however, if you ignore it, it will cause a severe and more dangerous fungal infestation.

If you choose to ignore the greasy coat, it can result in hair loss of your dog. You might notice it after a few days, your dog will get some hair loss. The hair loss sometimes is on the back, paws, legs, and heads.

3. Foul-smelling and rancid skin

If your dog is scratching its ear constantly, you might want to check your dog’s ear. It might be that your dog had a fungal infestation on its ear. You must take the fungal infection on your dog’s ear seriously because it can lead to many other serious and annoying problems.

If you neglect your dog’s fungal infection on its ear, in a few days it can develop into some foul smelling and rancid skin on your dog’s ear. This foul smell can also develop on other body parts, however, the ear is one of the most susceptible body parts. If your dog is developing a rancid odor, then consider seeking out veterinary help as soon as possible. It can also be the sign that fungal or yeast infestation is already spreading, and become quite dangerous for your pooch.

4. Yellowish green colored skin from fungal infection

If you notice that there are some yellowish green colored skin on your dog’s skin (especially on the ear) it is mostly because of fungal infection. Ear is one of the most susceptible dog’s bodies part for fungal infestation, as it is warm, and it is the safe haven for fungal to grow there. You might want to check out your dog’s hygiene routinely, and pay attention to the cleanliness of your dog’s ear.

The yellowish green colored skin might be the easiest, and the most common sign if your dog is getting a fungal infection. Check your dog’s ear regularly, clean out routinely, and make sure to visit your vets routinely every one to three months.

So, in conclusion, there are many easy ways and warning signs that your dog might get fungal infection on skin If you pay good attention to your dog’s health and hygiene. If you want to be a responsible dog owner, then taking good care of your dog is a must, and you don’t want to neglect one of these warning signs of fungal infection on your dog skin before it is too late.