5 Wild Animals that Only Lives in Amazon

Just like South Africa, Amazon was one of the most popular place and home for the variety of faunas and floras. The diversity of every single living creature united as one – created the absolute beauty that describe our wonderful, beloved planet – earth. This forest also caught all the attentions of adventurous people around the world, from naturalist, journalist, photographer, or just the explorer as a challenging traveling destination. Of course, the Amazon now days was different from the old days.

In the old days, Amazon was categorized as a forbidden place – almost rarely occupants (only untouched original tribal of Amazon), and a lot of dangerous wild animals that rampant this jungle. Consequently, it’s hard for anyone to search some help in needed time. But, now days that’s not the issues anymore. Amazon has been populated with people, and many villages you could found in it. So, it’s not as dangerous as it used to be – but, still you have to larger your knowledge of the creature who dwell in this jungle.

Basically, it’s all for your safety – to make you prevent or even face the scariest situation in the wildlife. Furthermore, same as other iconic nature places, Amazon also has their own distinguish creatures that become their brand. Example: the South Africa own the king of jungle – lions, rhinos, giraffes, hyenas, and other typical desert animals; the Arctic own icy animals such the polar bears, penguins, killer whales, walrus, and etc; Amazon, definitely own their own animals (rainforest typical animals). Here are 5 wild animals that only lives in Amazon.

Perhaps, you already know some of these iconic Amazon’s animals – some are dangerous, but some are not. Therefore, you need to be mindful whenever you place your feet and hands inside this magnificent forest. Here are 5 wild animals that only lives in Amazon.

1. The Green Anaconda

Perhaps, this animal would be our first thought whenever the Amazon name crossing our mind. But what can we do, anaconda has become the greatest icon of Amazon for a long time, plus the appearance of movie which also named Anaconda – circulate for public (which is a very popular movie). However, green anaconda apparently was the longest and heaviest snake species now days.

Green anaconda could reach 5 (17 feet) meters long and weight about 97 kg (215 lb), bur the common measures approximate about 4.6 meters (15.1 feet) for the females, and 3 meters (9.8 feet) for the males. Yes, apparently the female was larger than the male – but both genders could reach the same weight which approximate about 30 – 70 kg (66 – 154 lb). Anaconda killed their meal by suffocate them and then swallow it in whole pieces to its mouth. Mainly this animal eat a large animal such jaguar, pig, deer, etc – be careful, pals – we could become their meal if they want it.

2. Black Caiman

The black caiman is the largest species on the order Crocodillia and family Alligatoridae which mean confirm that the black caiman was the biggest reptile and very effective predators that you should keep away as far as you could. This alligator lived in the lakes and rivers of the Amazon basin. Their scaly skin’s was colored in dark – help them to camouflage for hunt or hide from any threatening parties.

Black caiman lower jaw was colored in grey banding (for a young one) and brown (for older one) – across the body’s flanks present white and yellow pale bands (these band look prominent in their juveniles). Furthermore, this creature commonly was sized around 2.2 meters to 4.3 meters, but an adult male black caiman could approach about 5 meters. The weight of body of common size is around 95 to 100 kg; but for a larger species, this animal could reach till 400 to 500 kg. Their mainly meals most likely was other river species or any animals that try to drink or near their habitat.

3. Capybara

Capybara which also been called chiguire or chiguiro in Venezuela and Columbia was a native South America mammal and the largest rodent on earth. Capybara is a short head animal and heavy shaped barrel body; their upper body was colored in reddish-brown and the underneath was yellowish-brown colored.

The body size of an adult capybara was about 1 to 1.3 meters in length, 52 to 62 cm tall, and weight approximate about 35 to 66 kg. The main menu of capybara’s meal is aquatic plants, common grasses, tree bark, and also some fruits.

4. The Pit Vipers

Apparently, green anaconda was not the only dangerous snake you could found in Amazon. The next list of snake that you should pay attention is pit viper or its real name was the crotaline snake. This snake has variety of size from 0.3 meters to 3.7 meters long (from heat to tail). Crotaline has a very beautiful skin that would amaze you – but, do not ever get closer with them – just like other American rattlesnake, this creature had enough venom to make you dying if not getting help immediately.

5. Amazon River Dolphin

Hey, do you know the famous the Amazon also had a beautiful, not harmful typical of animal inside it? Let me tell you, there are dolphins in Amazon! Isn’t that cute? Even more, this is not a regular dolphin you ever see in any platform (which is already melt your heart) – it’s a pink dolphin (although only in adult phase)! Apparently, Amazon didn’t satisfy if it didn’t own all the bizarre animal in its jungle – not only capybara, anaconda, and black caiman Amazon river dolphin was nominated as the largest river dolphin that still alive on earth.

Amazon river dolphin has a unique skin color transformation, their body’s color would change with age. The newborn dolphin and the young would have the same color as regular dolphin – the dark grey tint color; as they transform to adolescence, their color would turn into light grey; and the last phases, entering the adulthood their color would turn beautifully into pink. Apparently, these changes phases on Amazon river dolphin was caused by abrasion in the surface of the skin.

The size of male dolphin was about 2.5 meters length and their weight is about 186 kg, and female about 2.1 meters length and the weight is about 100 to 150 kg. This fact proved that this pink dolphin was a sexual dimorphism, which generally the males are larger than the female.

Well, these are 5 animals that only lives in Amazon. Make sure you keep your safety as the first priority when you visit this place. Keep away from any dangerous and venomous animals, but you could try to interact with the tame one – don’t be aggressive, though. That my best opinion for you, my dear friends.