Let’s Understand the 6 Reasons Why Parrots Pluck their Feathers

Parrots are popular pets in some countries, including America. They are known to have very long lifespan, which is around 30 to 80 years. Most inexperienced owners might have a lot of questions to ask when they start keeping parrots at home. Most of the time, parrots don’t give much trouble as they are easy […]

4 Proper Guide In Taking Care Baby Doves: Promise To Be Gentle, OK?

No matter what species it is, baby birds are fragile and super dependent on their parents. Baby birds’ first living consists of some stages of life until they learn how to take care of themselves and especially to learn how to flap their wings. Including baby dove. Just like how a good family pictured, both […]

7 Ways To Encourage Magpie Vocalisation

Magpies (Copsychus Sularis) have become a growing favourite of bird enthusiasts everywhere. They’re spunky personalities and doll-size figures makes them the more irresistible to not love. Despite being uncommon to catch from the wild in Asian countries, these long tailed black and white birds are independent and relatively low maintenance to care. One of the […]

Find the Right Lighting Settings For Your Lovebirds

When raising Lovebirds, it is crucial that every owner install lights in their living spaces – particularly lights that are used for full spectrum breeding. These lights mimic natural sunlight and is helpful to maintain their overall health. On average, full spectrum lights for Lovebirds consists of 5500 kelvin (or 20 degrees celcius) in shade […]

The Health Benefits Broccoli Carries for Canaries

One of the many vegetables you could feed Canaries are broccolis. Aside from being packed with nutritions, Canaries are generally keen to their tastes as well. With such benefits, its no wonder that these tiny green bushes has become a popular option for these animal lovers to feed their animal companions! So, if you’re raising […]

How To Treat Bird’s Broken Legs

Broken leg is a serious problem that caused some reasons such crash. It is a problem which needs emergency aid to repair and back the bone on its first position. Not only on human, that’s problem also become serious to bird. As we know bird using their foot to perch, hanging, and grab the prey […]

7 major causes of broken leg in birds

Leg is a crucial of our body part. It used to be walk, run, and stand. It supported our activity especially like move. So does bird, leg also used to support their activity such like move, perch, grab the prey, or to build the nest. They should be ruined if the legs disfunction such like […]