Signs of Traumatized Dog You Must Surely Know


“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Josh Billings. Dog is a precious and the most loyal pet you will find in the entire world, one and only. Even sometimes dog can be more faithful than your own girlfriend/boyfriend. “There’s a saying. If you want someone to love you forever buy a dog, feed it, and keep it around.” Dick Dale . Overall dog is the best solution avalaible for a pet which is also can be your friend. Dog could understand the owner’s feeling and even sympathize about it.

However, as loyal and as best as dog could be. Of course there is limitation of having a dog. Do you know that dog is also a fragile creature that could be scared thus traumatized just like us?. Dog has a great empathy towards anything and so fragile towards something distressing. If your dog face something that might distress her such as getting hit by a car, get abused by someone, or even fighting with another dog, she would become so much depressed and even got injured hence become traumatized because of the incident. Therefore as an owner and as a friend of your dog, you must and surely know the signs of a traumatized dog so you could treat her as quick as possible. There are many signs that you can identify which are :

  • Disgestive Issue

A trauma could effect not only your dog emotions and psychology, but also could deeply damage the dog’s body even her digestive system. The stress surely giving a bad signal towards the dog’s body, hence every body of the dog would crumble thus fell ill, especially the digestive system. Dog who has been traumatized usually fell ill to digestive issue such as diarrhea and constipation. This sign is easy to identify but remember you need to check another sign to make sure your dog has a trauma issue or not, because sometimes it’s just your dog’s eating habit that caused the issue.

  • Lost Appetite

The stress and excruciating pain from the trauma surely affect your dog emotions. It even depleted all of your dog’s appetite. You dog will never touch her bowl again if she feel so traumatized. Just like us sometimes we could not eat when a great deppression visiting our brain, same goes with dog. The stress of trauma could affect your dog’s appetite, makin her condition even worse. If this going on your dog might got thinner, even got anorexia, or worse got more complicated disease and thus death has come upon your dog. So be vigilance if suddenly your dog has lost her appetite.

  • Lost Confidence

Dog is a confident animal who love to move and jump from there to there everyday. Which is why most experts recommend you to walk your dog everyday right?. Dog feel so active because they are a confidence animal who love to showing the world they are existed. When trauma hits them, they would become stress and lose confidence. If you your dog does not want to walk with your or even does not want to climb a stairs it could means she already lost her confidence.

  • Isolation

As we said before, dog is an active animal. If suddenly she become lethargic and then isolate herself, it could be she might have a trauma. Dog usually isolating herself from literally anything and even would avoid contact even to her own owner. She then would prefer to hide under the table, sofa, or bed, being afraid and whimpering a lot because of trauma.

  •  Overslept or Insomnia

Just like us human, when we feel stressed sometimes we just wanna sleep through it and hope it goes away quickly or even we can’t even get a sleep. Same does with a dog. If your dog having sleep issue lately such as she overslept or has insomnia then there’s a greater chance of your dog having a trauma.

  • Become Aggressive

Again, just like us human, sometimes we channel our stress through anger and rage to release it even the one we love must pay for them. Same does with a dog. If your friendly love caring dog suddenly turns into a feral dog then probably she’s stressed because of trauma and channel all of her stress even pain through anger and rage thus you must pay for it. It is better to not directly help her if she become aggressive unless if you want to get a bite in your arm.

  • Too Scared to Even See You

Dog is one of the happiest person to see you come home. She would greet you and bark happily in front of you asking you to pet her after coming home. Then suddenly she does not greet you, does not want to meet you, and she does not want you to touch you. In other words, she is scared of you. If your dog has become scared of you, she might been traumatized and obviously the one who made her traumatized is a heartless strew who abused her. She knew that a human who abused her thus making her afraid become more vigilance and afraid to any human she ecounters hence become afraid of you.

  • What Should I do?

If your dog has shown many signs above then your dog surely has a trauma. It could damage her body, her emotions, and her psychology. In that case you must able to heal her emotions. Help her to ease her pain. Tend her carefully and patiently. Try to comfort her using your words as dog in truth could understand what we said. Remember she is your friend and she would appreciate what you did to her.

Helping a dog from a trauma is not an easy task. It could not be done in matter of minutes even days. It might take some time which is why you must be patient and frequently help her. Be patient, don’t give up, and good luck!.

*Barks away