How to Help a Dog Suffering from Trauma


We have talked about healing an emotionally traumatized dog. But what if our dog become suffered because of it?. Trauma in dogs cause a lot of troubles and damages towards the dog. It could damage her body, her emotion, her psychology, and could create an excruciating pain and suffering. Your dog would moan about her suffering everyday it even break your heart as the owner and her friend. Seeing your precious cute dog suffering from trauma, of course you want to help her right?. We would give you a simple easy steps to help your dog from suffering that was caused by trauma.

Identifying Your Dog’s Suffering

As a good owner, you surely know what are the habits and behavior of your dog. Which she love to do and she does not love to do. If suddenly your dog has a sudden change of habit and whimpering a lot. It could means your dog is suffering from a trauma.

  • Sudden Change of Habit

Does your dog oftenly greet your after you are finally coming home? Does your dog usually excited when she found out that you will fill out her bowl?. Does your dog oftenly ask you to play with her?. Thus suddenly all of that joy habit change into gloomy, sad, bad temper, and aggressive behaviour? Even worse she become scared of you? Imagine your lifelong friend suddenly scared of you and even you did do nothing?. Well be careful though, your dog might suffering because of trauma.

  • Whimpering a Lot

If your dog often barks happily to you then suddenly hide under the table and whimpers a lot. Then you might be aware that your dog probably suffering from trauma. Whimpering is an expression commonly used to express pain and suffering, especially in dogs. While whimpers you could see your dog has this sad expression and she could not do anything about her pain and suffering, just cry and cry and whimpers to express she is hurt. What a poor thing.

  • Your Dog Might Suffering from a Trauma

According to Oxford dictionaries, trauma is a deeply distressing and disturbing experience. Which means something might happened on your dog or someone might abused your dog. If this occurs, your dog would stressed out, maybe physically injured, and even suffered from all the pain. Trauma could happened just recently or even from the past. If happened recently trauma could be healed quicker than a trauma that happened in the past as it quite difficult to identify.

Find out What Makes Your Dog Traumatized

To find the reason of your dog’s trauma you could simply check your dog body whether if there any scar or not. If there’s a scar or even more you might want to identify whether it’s a bite scar? Bruises? Broken Bones? or anything in particular.

If you find a bite scar then might be your dog has suffered a trauma from a fight with another dog or another animals. If this occurred your dog will become afraid to see another dog or even another animal such as cat.

If you find bruishes and broken bones. then might be your dog was hit by a car or passing vehicles or even worse abused by someone who is a heartless strew. This is the common reason why your dog suddenly become afraid of you.

If you can’t find any but suddenly your dog is afraid of something such as a car. Then might be in the past your dog was hit by a car. We often find a dog who is afraid of a car and does not want to enter it, when we checked out why the reason is when the dog still a puppy, she was hit by a car and got injured thus become traumatized to a car. This is quite difficult to identify however, as we must sadly, trigger our dog traumas by showing things that might make her suddenly changed her habit or emotions.

Helping our Dog

In order to help our dog’s suffering from trauma. We must know that we could not force our dog to just simply forget the trauma and move on. It’s not easy for them to forget such things. Which is why you must be patient if you want to help your dog to forget her trauma and move on. The steps of helping our dog suffering is quite simple really, which are :

  • Treat Her Injuries

If you found any injuries or scars around your dog’s body then you must quickly treat her injuries. Don’t delay this because it will cause more excruciating pain and suffering towards your dog. You could treat her by simply giving her a first aid help or just go straightly visit your trusted vet.

  • Pat Her

Dog love a pat from her owner. Which is why when you suddenly found your dog has a trauma then quickly pat your dog. She would become more secure, comfortbale, and feels safe when you pat her head with love and passion. Also try to pat her while hugging her as it proven to help to ease her pain and suffering and slowly feed her with her favorite biscuit so it could fasten up the healing proccess. Remember you mut do this patiently because it could take a long time for her to 100 percent forget the trauma. Also there are many reasons to cheer your dog up.

Remember, Prevention is Better than Treatment

After your dog has successfuly move on from her suffering and trauma. You must make sure she does not experience such a pain ever again. You must note this in mind, prevention is better than treatment. You could prevent your dog from trauma by simply :

  • Walk Her Everyday

Walking your dog is not only increases the bonds between you and your dog but also making her happy without risking her safety. If your dog wander alone solely, then there would be greater chance of her getting hit by a car, fight with another animal, or even worse abused by someone. With you accompany your dog you could prevent all of it to happen. Just don’t let your dog wandering alone.

  • Pat Your Dog Frequently

By patting your dog frequently it could make your dog more confident thus increases her bravery which make her more resistant to any kind of trauma. For your information, trauma is a something we could prevent if we have a great confidence. Remember pat your dog while complimenting her and giving her food. Also you could hug your dog thus patting her.

In the end, as a good owner we must help our friend to ease her suffering because of trauma. The  trauma is treatable and is indeed quite simple to cure however it needs a great deal of patient to treat your dog from suffering. So be patient, you are her best friend and good luck!.

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