8 Effective Strategies To Cheer Up Your Sad Dog

Dog is a cheerful and friendly animal, and this is why people love dog. It can be a great companion, even become your family’s guardian angel. Dog is also an active pet, which needs to explore and know its neighborhood. This way, dog won’t feel anxious or afraid when it wanders around the area. Also, it helps him to stay happy and healthy. That’s why, when you don’t take your dog for an exploring time your dog gets sad. Dog also gets upset when you spend less time with it. And a sad dog can lead to unhappy household, which affect everyone’s emotions. So whenever you have a sad dog in your house, you need to cure it as soon as possible. Here, we will tell you about 8 effective strategies to cheer up your sad dog. After this article, you don’t have to worry about sad floof buddy. You know how to handle it just fine!

Why dog gets sad?

Dog gets sad due to various reasons. Mostly, it’s because it has less play time. Remember dog, is a very active pet. And toys is a tool to keep their active side managed. Or it’s because it has less time to explore its surroundings. Dog needs to know its territory, it’s in the blood. Dog will mark its territory and fight with any intruders. Or, it’s because you pay less attention to your dog. Dog loves attention, it lives with love and affection. When dog gets less love and affection, it will feel abandoned and gets sad. You can find out more about sad dog in How To Tell That Your Dog Is Truly Sad. Or you can also look in 7 Signs That A Dog Secretly Upset At You so you’ll able to notice if your dog gets sad.

How many effective strategies to cheer up your sad dog?

Dog is quite easy to handle if you know how to do it right. But to do it right, you will need the right guidance. These strategies below is quite easy to do by yourself, and don’t need much energy. Aside the strategies explained below, there are lots of ways to cheer up your sad dog. But this time, we will give you 8 ways to cheer up your sad dog.

1. Spend more time

As explained above, dog loves to spend time with its owner. It tightens the bond between the dog and the owner. It makes both can understand each other better. Dog will know what the owner wants and needs, meanwhile the owner knows how to handle the dog. Spending time can be done in many forms, from brushing its fur, cuddling on the couch, playing fetch, or even just fooling and goofing around. If you notice your dog is sad, try to spend more time with it.

2. Socialize your dog

Dog is a very sociable, it tends to sniff people and other pets to identify each other. Dog loves to meet new people and new dog friend, and it will gets sad when your dog doesn’t meet new friend. You can take your dog to a shelter or vet, and let your dog bond with other pets there. Though you will have to pay more attention to your dog since the introduction could go wrong. But as long as there’s expert to supervise the bonding, your dog will blend with the other just fine. You can see the benefits of the bonding here.

3. Go outdoor

Dog needs to know its surroundings, because it is a territorial animal. Dog will get stressed when it doesn’t know where it’s living in, or how it’s neighborhood looks like. And this is why experts will suggest you to have a routine walk with your dog. Either morning or evening, you can adjust the time with your daily schedule. Don’t make your dog feels strained because it will make your dog feels either sad or angry. Those two emotions are bad for your household, so make sure you introduce your neighborhood well to your dog. To make you aware better about outdoor activities with your dog, you can read more here.

4. Stay positive

A positive aura inside the household plays a big role in your dog’s emotions as well. Dog will stay happy as long as its owner also happy. Otherwise, dog will feel sad when you feels sad too. Make sure to keep yourself and everyone inside the house all happy. The positive energy inside the house will make your dog stay happy just like your family is. Whenever you or your family member feel sad, make sure to solve the sadness before you meet your dog.

5. Give rewards

Who don’t like rewards? Everyone loves rewards, including your dog! Whenever your dog gets over its sadness or done something good, give the reward! It doesn’t have to be something big, you can give a soothing pat on the head, or it’s favorite treat. This will keep away your dog from getting sad and encourage it to always stay happy. Because in it’s head, it will get a reward when it stays good and happy. Make sure you set your reward for your dog!

6. Give toys

Kids loves toys, but don’t forget your dog also loves it. Toys able to make your dog emerge the need to use its overflowing energy. So when your dog doesn’t have anything to play with, it will gets sad. Don’t wait until your dog shows its sadness! Give it its favorite toys to make sure it won’t get bored or sad. Or you can also buy its favorite treat as well. As long as your dog stays happy, you can buy it either food or toys.

7. Go for a ride

To make your dog knows the modern environment, you can take your dog for a ride together with you. No need to go somewhere spectacular. It can be just a ride around the complex, or a ride to the park and back. Let your dog to feel the breeze when the car runs on the street. Just make sure you ride in a safe speed, no need to rush anything. The point is you want to make your dog feels happy, so you can enjoy the ride with your dog all happy beside you!

8. Play music

Music is able to give a calm sensation to everyone, and dog is no exception. You can play your favorite music inside the house or the car. But note to not play a loud music since dog has sensitive ears. Play something easy to listen and have a happy or relaxing vibe. You will find your dog as happy as yourself soon after. Music is a very good media to keep away your dog and even yourself from sadness. Whenever you feels down, turn up the volume and enjoy the rhythm together with your floof buddy!

That’s 8 effective strategies to cheer up your sad dog, it’s really easy to do and cost minimum energy. But if you need more advice, you can check in this article . Just make sure that the household is all sunshine and rainbows, enough playtime and rewards, and good amount of love and attention. And you will able to say goodbye to a sad dog inside the house!