How to Solve Aggressive Behavior In Your Rabbit

Rabbit is the most soft and amusing animal I have ever seen and cared. I believe everyone has the same perception about this. Raising rabbit is very entertaining and rewarding experience after all. A lot of funny and melt heartbreaking occasions you eventually found during your journey with your sweet companions at home. Whether you have your pet start from the beginning birth or just got him in his middle age, this experience will teach you how to grow up together with another God’s living creature that has the same life necessities to maintain a good quality life.

While we are complacent about the mainstream phenomenon that rabbits are the weak soft and vulnerable animal, nevertheless we better anticipate about another opponent behavior of these cute companions. Actually like other living animal which sometimes has a positive either negative side of behavior. So is the case of rabbit’s behavior. More over if you do not know what had happen to him before he is yours. He could had intimidation from other pets or even the last owner who with him before. So reading this how to solve aggressive behavior in your rabbit will peel out causes and the best treatment if you accidentally found this inevitable attitude in your loving bunny.

  • Some are the reasons why aggressive behavior in rabbits

Past experience

  1. Rabbit that being sold from the rabbit’s shop is likelihood has an experience being confined in a cage for long time before some body bought him. This condition makes him sensitive to the world out there. Any attempt toward him can be perceived as a massage of hostility. No wonder he becomes aggressive once you try to touch him. Especially if you do this action suddenly.
  2. Another reason is perhaps this rabbit has a bad experience connecting to other pets in his last home. Rabbit is a prey animal, so if the owner has another pet such as dog or cat also known as a predator animals in the same house, this occasion will produce insecurity and stress for the rabbit.
  3. A part from the two reasons above is that the rabbit is living in free space as a forest rabbit with no owner. Once you take him home, this new environment is absolutely overwhelming for him. New house, new guide basic rules, new friends, perhaps new feeding system, all of these things is stressful for him.

Health medical problems

If your bunny suffer from one of illness, his behavior will change unusual. Every time you approach him, seem like he does not like it. It probably you touch the tender area on his body. Make sure you do good observation for your pet in daily basis. You might need to check from head to toe to do examination of the entire body. It is not that hard, but makes sure do it gently and softly. Otherwise this adorable pet will nip and growl at you at time. Some of the normal condition will go this part of health problems including sexual desire usually after 4 months old.

Boredom rabbit

Just like human, doing the same activity can induce the boredom. Please continue reading, you will see what to do in solving this aggressive behavior in your rabbit.

Once you observe what is the most reason for this aggressive behavior in rabbit you have, you will determine which treatment are best fit to fix this problem.

Here some lists on how to solve aggressive behavior in your rabbits

  • Sterilization

Doing so, either neutering the male rabbit or spaying the female one can reduce the aggressiveness for both. This intervention is aim to control their hormone so this will minimize the aggressiveness triggered by sexual passion. Please remember when you neuter and spay your rabbits, give the time for them to recover by not disturbing or caring them, even holding will tend to hurt the section part of surgical operation.

  • Proper feeding and routine schedule

If your rabbit bite you while you handling their food, perhaps you do it too slow. Do not make them wait too long. A starving bunny will do anything to grab the food even he needs to nip your fingers. So make sure you review your meal schedule time and the amount of the food you give. Be generous, since most rabbits are the enthusiastic eaters so do not provoke anger just because of this trivial reason.

  • Know the right time to play

Many rabbit’s owner spends the time with their pet without knowing the mood and tension of them. This is not right in anyway. While you think that your action will attract the rabbit in harmony, but some time rabbit needs his own time. Sometimes he needs all alone. So when you approach them to play, they will assume you just a piece of rubbish need to be kicked off. They will nip and if they can say “leave me alone fellas “. This friendship is for both of you; make sure the two are in good mood, is it alright?

  • Use body protector yourself

When the first time you bring him home, you have to pay attention for the new environment he encounters. The move is already stressful for him. Moreover the new welcoming person or pet that might be the source of fear. Make sure you do not provoke with his aggressive behavior at all. Once you see these bad things happen in you, you better attend with soft and gentle care instead. Fear and stressful bunny will nip and bite your tender flesh. This is defending to protect himself. So never forget to wear the gloves, long sleeves and long pants while you try to feed or just open communication with him. Slightly movement from you can cause a big deal for him. Produce soft tones while you speak and call his name. Do not rush to touch or hand him if he does not trust you yet. Give him time and be patient.

  • NEVER hit the rabbit back

If your new companion shrink his teeth to you, nip and growl at you, do not do the same to him in return. Use your mature and logical instinct. One need to be plant in your soul, never hit the animal whatever the reasons are. As you decide to pet the rabbit, be gentle. Show him your only hands are just solely source of caring and affection. The hands are just handling and giving food. The hands are just caring and holding with warm love. By the time progress, you allow him to understand who you are. By means you are his guardian angel that in time he will love you back and show his endless obedient in return.

After all of this, send my love to your bunnies.